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Lesbian Sexuality, Censorship, and the Queer Press in Weimar-era Germany Laurie Marhoefer In Germany in the Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one and early s, stories in the lesbian press suggested that women became lesbians by reading about lesbianism. Oral histories confirm that reading was central to the formation of lesbian identities, the recognition of lesbian desires, and the building of lesbian subcultures. Alone in her house that night, Loni reads it. As she reads, she feels a new physical sensation: A personal and intimate feeling grew in her.


Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one

This was the first time that Loni had been able to read such a magazine. This new experience awakened in her all the tender and warm feelings that had slumbered within her. The book arrives in aell mail with another free copy of the magazine. In this period, Germany was also home to a robust pro-censorship movement.

Censorship advocates took this to be a self-evident fact. The argument that portrayals of homosexuality in the public sphere can actually make a person queer Hookers of Great Falls historically supported the suppression and censorship of media about lesbians and gay men, as well as lesbian and Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one male public cultures, in many countries.

Founded in the Tallahxssee nineteenth century, homosexual emancipation sought the repeal of the law against sex between men and greater social toleration of male and female homosexuals and transvestites. Rather, in this literature, women transition into lesbianism as Loni does, through a process of becoming, a process made possible by reading.

The women who wrote for lesbian magazines believed that their work made lesbianism, and there- fore happiness, possible for thousands of German women. Writing in the lesbian magazine Girlfriend Die Freundin inHelene Stock described the production and distribution of the magazines as a political and even humanitarian act: Spread Girlfriend in factories and businesses.

This was not a purely German phenomenon.

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During subsequent decades in the United States, access to media proved crucial to the development of male and female homosexual identities and movements. Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one, when the queer press was confronted by censorship advocates in trials and board hearings, it survived by denying that it had any role in coynty people become homosexual.

A third section argues that this queer reading was a gendered practice, important particularly for Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one in Germany in the years after the First World War. The Rise of the Lesbian Press under the Weimar Republic Although German censors had been remarkably tolerant of print Lady looking sex NJ Livingston 7039 dia that discussed homosexuality well before the First World War, the early s saw a boom in such publications, including lesbian magazines.

Before the war, Imperial Germany allowed sexuality to be depicted in print media so long as the publication in question had scientific or artistic merit.

Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one Searching Real Sex

This standard allowed for the publication of hundreds of wepl, pamphlets, and journals on homosexuality in the final years of the nineteenth century. He was tried for obscenity three times in, and and convicted twice.

In court, he therefore had to prove that it had artistic merit, which was relatively tough to do. Weell troubles were compounded because he published works that had male homoerotic content, however minimal. When military authorities abruptly withdrew, the police divisions responsible for enforcing the obscenity law were caught unprepared.

We must use it! This was the trial for obscenity of the publishers San Diego California penis suckers Friendship Freundschaftone of the most important of the new homosexual emanci- Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one magazines. The stakes were high for censorship proponents. They believed that the magazines were actually creating more homosexuals.

This was not a fringe opinion.

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Experts including the leading psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin and the nationally prominent sexologist Albert Moll agreed. Homosexuality, the move- ment argued, lesbisns biological and immutable. He based this on the experience of nearly thirty years of research on sexuality. The inducements in favor of normal sexual relations run through a thousand channels, and yet their influence is supposedly overcome by the printed word of a small newspaper, a newspaper written by a persecuted.

The high court emphasized that articles in the magazine that thematized homosexuality were not necessarily obscene. However, it was a frank rejection of the principles that had animated lezbians censor- ship during the First World War. The decision also gave the homosexual press more leeway than Local milfs in Pembroke had enjoyed in Imperial Wel, prior to This ban was restrictive: Much Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one the material that the high court found obscene in the Friendship case only suggested same-sex sex.

Before the war, Tallahassee relatively small homosexual emancipation organizations existed, the Scientific Humanitar- ian Committee and the GdE. The more influential of the two, the Scientific Humanitarian Committee, pursued a decidedly elite form of activism, marshaling science and the voices of influential people against the sodomy law.

Even afterthe Scientific Humanitarian Committee did not seek a mass membership. Lesbian organizations had some precedent in the pre-war years. Women wrote for its magazine and spoke on lesbianism at its conventions. But the Scientific Humanitarian Committee focused on getting the sodomy law repealed, and since the sod- omy law applied only to men, the group gave little attention to lesbianism. It neither attracted nor sought a significant female membership, and only a very small portion of people in the organization coounty women.

This situation changed dramatically after the First World War. Female-run groups for lesbians with connections to the friendship league movement formed; so did groups for transvestites. Laxer censorship together with female participation in new organiza- tions laid the foundations for a relatively extensive lesbian press in Weimar- era Germany.

But the novels of the Weimar era differed in their high circulation numbers and their Wlw availability through advertise- ments in the lesbian magazines. They were part of a larger wave of novels by women about women, often on themes involving the New Woman.

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It made same-sex desire possible in conceptual and material ways for many women. Censorship coutny ignored stories like that of Loni, with which this article began, because they did not overtly depict same-sex sex. Eighteen-year-old Hilde Radusch moved to Berlin by herself. She found work as a telephone operator.

She joined the Com- munist Party. For me the book was a revelation, I recognized myself in it. Of course, for many women, experiencing same-sex desire or seeking out Taklahassee communities entailed lesbian identity. In the lesbian magazines, the content of identity categories was hotly debated. In addition, these narratives about resolving an epistemological prob- lem do not exactly match the seduction thesis.

Rather, women described the interplay Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one reading and sexuality as a process of becoming. Change moved in stages, of which reading might be one, but counnty the only one. For many women, a conceptual apprehension of lesbianism, arriving in the form of a moment of self-recognition, was an important part of becoming queer. Magazines made queer subcultures possible in practical ways as well.

They gave information about how to dress and about how gender functioned nno the subcultures.

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Yet for some people, and particularly for women, magazines performed a conceptual function that existed independent of material concerns like where to find a bar or how to dress. With their narrow mental horizons, most small town women and girls have absolutely Woq concept [Begriff] of lesbian love [lesbische Liebe], and so it can easily happen that the lesbian checks out [nachschaut] an attractive woman on the street, and that woman is totally confused or thinks that the lesbian is crazy because the woman does not know what she wants from her.

And the magazine does more than con- nect Facefuck exchange for green woman to lesbian communities in logistical ways, although it does Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one too.

In this other kind of narra- tive, queer people, including some lesbians, recognize their sexuality by reading or through contact with others.

But in these stories, the subject does not suddenly feel or apprehend something that was effectively absent before. Rather, she finally correctly names something that she had already noticed about herself.

Elvira Karstens, a self-identified male-to-female transvestite, described lesbiajs sort of experience in an article for The Transvestite Der Transvestita magazine that ran as an appendix to Girlfriend. But it served to explain something she was already aware of, something that had been worrying her for many years. These lesbian narratives did not emphasize childhood, discuss family medical history, or Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one on biology as a justification for sexuality; rather, the emphasis was on reading.

Loni had never experienced the physical sensation and yearning for love that reading awakened in her. Her story makes no mention of a prior sense that she was not like other girls.

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This suggests that some people experienced queer feelings only upon Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one about queerness. The rise of a queer press in Germany fol- lowing the First World War was a more significant break with the past for lesbians than it was for gay men.

Obe the mids, women had Franca needs friends opportunities to convey their understandings of female-female eroticism to a reading audience than homosexual men did. This was also true of transvestites. These publications infrequently represented female-female eroticism.

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In addition, though a good deal of material on homosexuality was published in Germany prior to coutny mids, most of it was squarely situated within the field of sexology, the scientific study of sex. The sexological literature paid less attention to lesbianism than it did to male homosexuality.

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The overwhelming majority of German sexologists were men, and they defined their science as one governed by masculine rationality. Some did, but others viewed sexology as enormously valuable to their projects of self-fashioning and emancipa- tion, and made use of it despite its anti-feminist themes.

This was not only because sexology could be misogynistic, but also because women were less likely to be in a position to enter the debate on the science of homosexuality as self-proclaimed experts, as Hirschfeld did. Gender discrimination excluded most German women from the medical profession and from universities until the early twentieth century. The considerable number of fictional pieces in which women engaged with and re-wrote sexology is a dramatic contrast to the small number of sexological studies by women, at least in the German language.

Men seem to have found the science of sexuality more directly af- firming of their homosexual identities than women: Critics of the genre of the novel had long claimed that it was feminine and that it made young women vulnerable to sexual seduction.

According to the library records of people living in Leipzig in the mids, women borrowed more novels and men borrowed more non-fiction. The lesbian press made the opportunity to narrate female-female eroticism available to Springfield Massachusetts singles fucking Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one. The experience of reaching self-awareness through reading was Wow no lesbians in Tallahassee county well one important for women than Married wives wants nsa Monticello men for an additional reason.

Bymost German sexologists still agreed that a lack of sexual desire in women was the norm, although a contrasting view that women could in fact enjoy sex was gaining ground and would be widespread by the s. In Germany, the notion of a female homosexual identity caught on amongst the general public only well aftercomparatively later than did the concept of a male homosexual identity.