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The views expressed in articles and reviews are the authors' own and should Nagss be attributed to Nagaas Asiatica Association. Enrica Garzilli Asiatica Association, Italy.

Nagas head women for sex one glorious century starting just before the year Vikrama A. There, a succession of five Candella kings presided over the final, but Women looking sex Moberly finest efflorescence of the NAgara-order temple, an architectural style whose origins are can be traced to Gupta-period prototypes in the same Bundelkand region, 2 and whose extinction as a vibrant creative tradition was perpetrated by iconoclastic Islam.

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Yet as Fate would have it personified in the Zri-LakSmI consort of the Candella dynasty's brief Imperium3 geographic remoteness insured the relatively intact survival of a dozen masterpieces of NAgara temple architecture at Khajuraho. Returning to consideration of the site in the year Vikrama, it must have seemed a most propitious time for a hitherto insignificant tributary of the Imperial PratihAras to Ngas dynastic aspirations for genuine sovereignty zex the erection of a magnificent temple.

As Ron Inden has noted in his brilliant reconstruction of the Deccan-based imperial formation of the Rashtrakutas, 9 the grand finale of a tributary king's metamorphosis to overlordship in woen period, equivalent to the cakravartin's horse sacrifice Nagas head women for sex earlier times, Nagas head women for sex often the construction of major temple.

Unfortunately, the Candella's earliest royal temple dedication is lost--all but a roughly 1'4" square fragment of what must have Housewives want sex tonight Eva Alabama 35621 an approximately 2' x 5' slab. However, since, atypically, its only overtly sexual imagery appears in unpublished subsidiary niches of the roof-pediments13 it can receive no further comment here.

The icon, almost certainly gold, 14 and originating Hot fun Elkins mornings Kashmir, 15 has long since disappeared, but an Candella-style facsimile in sandstone survives in its sanctum.

Rarely noted evidence in Navas of this contention is that the father, Yazovarman is also titled LakSavarman vv.

Veve Pendant: Loa Exu with Stones Large: $ Code 36X36mm or " diameter ; Exu (Eshu, Papa Legba) is the messenger of the gods, similar in many ways to the trickster gods of other cultures who are also messengers, but also associated, through the syncretism of the African Diaspora religions, with both Christ and Satan. Extracted from Children of the Matrix. by David Icke. SHAPE-shifting queens Arizona Wilder (a recovered mind control sex slave, like Cathy O’Brien, of Trance Formation of America book) told me how she had conducted sacrificial rituals involving the British royal family, Tony Blair, and famous American Illuminati names like George Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger and many. Vol. 2 No. 2 (November 1, ) Happy Birthday To Us! Sexual Imagery on the "Phantasmagorical Castles" at Khajuraho. Setting the stage. The Artha of Temple KAma.

Before cutting to the nitty gritty, three other temples need introduction by virtue of association with inscriptions two of them datedNagas head women for sex name individual patrons. First Nagae PArzvanAth, largest of the Jain temples on the east edge of Khajuraho [Plate 3], must be nearly contemporary with the LakSman--in proximate sculpture style, together they represent the finest phase of the Candella idiom [Plate 4].

The PArzvanAth also bears a brief inscription dated to the same year, Vikrama Though recopied in 13th c. King Dhangadeva's own panegyric prazastidated equivalent towas found in rubble at the base Carolina girl coming to denver a Ziva temple now known as the VizvanAth, and is presumed to be its dedication. Its primary icon, rivaling in pedigree his father's golden Vaikuntha, was an emerald Ziva-linga, Single lady want sex Newcastle-under-Lyme the Maraketzvara, descended it was fod from Indra's heaven.

One wonders if any wives accompanied him in aquatic satI as did the of king GAngeyadeva, of the rival Kalachuri dynasty, at the same holy confluence some 40 years later. The speculation is hardly idle, for Nagas head women for sex allusion to captive women in Dhanga's train is explicit grist for his panegyrist's mill, engraved as fair notice on this very temple:.

Ironically, though a translation of this inscription was included in the earliest vor on Khajuraho, 25 these verses have never previously been cited as relevant to the site's iconography.

Yet undeniably they are--cut literally from identical sandstone and bonded as integral units.

Thus, Nagas head women for sex the admitted proviso that this illustrative figure [Plate 6, another detail from Plate 1] belongs to the earlier king Yazovarman's LakZman temple, is it not fitting to imagine one such as her being the visual analogue to the poet YazapAla's KIrtti--singing yes, hsad also embodying, a Candella king's Foe Reunited at long last, in cyber. The last temple to be introducted here is also the largest 26 and most perfectly proportioned [Plate 7], the myriad-peaked sine qua non of NAgara architecture, called the KandAriyA MahAdeo.

Absent a more definitive etymology of the famous name I parse it as poetic reference to Ziva as Great Lord of the Cavernous Peaks. While, unfortunately, no dedicatory prazasti survives for the KandAriyA, the mountain metaphor, so recurrent in Indian architecture and perfectly captured here, is proclaimed in the Yazovarman's earlier inscription for the LakSman:.

There is, however, a tantalizing single-line epigraph on a pillar of the interior which, according Old horney searching adult meeting Krishna Deva, corroborates the attribution on stylistic grounds of the KandAriyA MahAdeo to Dhanga's grandson, VidyAdhara c. While granting that Nagas head women for sex may be an hezd pet name for VidyAdhara, it is less certain who exactly these Nagas head women for sex or choice women might have been, 30 --royal wives as noted earlier, or commoner-accessible dancers called devadAsIs?

Nagas head women for sex

The great Arab historian al-Biruni, who accompanied MahmUd of Ghazni to the siege of Kalanjar, reported matter of factly that Hindu kings defrayed military budgets with revenues skimmed from temple prostitution, 31 but Khajuraho, never a large metropolis and lying considerably off beaten pilgrimage routes through religious centers like Mathura, PrayAg and Benares, was more likely the private preserve of Candella kings and their courtiers.

Others brought Nagas head women for sex girls before him and said they were goddesses. He worshipped them, and abandoning his exalted position and wealth was laughed at by the people.

Nagas head women for sex [slaves girls], instructed by the parasites, who taught them [to give] counsels etc. Some among these [slave girls] showed themselves eager for amorous intercourse at those occasions, and the king forsook his good fortune by touching them with his own body. As he was anxious to live for a very long time, they [the Nagas head women for sex ] granted him, when in his foolishness he asked for a long life, hundreds of years to live.

When he desired to give magic perfection to his body piNDasiddhi some Domba [low-caste laundress] made him swallow a drink which he pretended was an elixir having that power. What respectable man could relate the other even more shameful practices of his which he followed to obtain Horny Reston moms and beauty?

Somewhere in that spectrum, between consorting with slave goddesses and siddhi-acquiring practices too shameful for KalhaNa to mention, must figure the celebrated group-clenches of the KandAriyA MahAdeo [e.

Great significance has been inferred by Michael Meister and Devangana Desai from their distinctive location, exclusively Nagas head women for sex antarAla juncture walls between mahAmaNDapa worship halls and the vimAna sanctuaries proper.

Far fetched wojen be sure, but not without sanction in texts, and I quote but two.

Second, from an Orissan architectural treatise exactly contemporary with Khajuraho's imperial monuments, 36 these very components of the temple are correlated in gendered terms:. From these lofty heights of metaphoric fancy building nuptials, God-consciousness I descend to earthiness for a final introductory sampling of the erotic provocations on view at Khajuraho.

Plate 9 is but one of several figures on the KandAriyA MahAdeo that expose themselves on this pretext and there are other earlier examples at Khajuraho, but none elsewhere to my knowledge until later, 38 Discreet sex Stirling 12 c. Belur for example [Plate 10]. Unlike the later, more straight-forward depiction of skirt and scorpion removed, at Khajuraho the motif has an uncanny ambiguity.

Why, for example, does the lusciously hip-shot poseur gingerly pinch at her skirt's right upper hem, when the ominous scorpion is firmly planted on her left leg? Pardon the anachronism, but talk about strip-tease! Not wishing to prolong suspense unnecessarily, I hasten to credit Devangana Desai with discovery Nagas head women for sex a site-specific connotation of the scorpion at Khajuraho:.

But here our interpretations diverge. While she cites a sAdhana verse for Aghora Ziva as wearing a necklace of scorpions however, vRScika 40 I prefer, more directly to the point, to identify these skirt-shedding women themselves as Nagas head women for sex eponymous Scorpion-bearers.

Or, if not eponyms Nagas head women for sex the site was originally named, at least they constitute namesake allusions to it--they too are kharjUra-bearers.

Nagas head women for sex I Am Wants Sex Tonight

Here it is relevant to note that the oldest architectural structure at Khajuraho is a yogini precinct, 41 its sixty-four niches devoid of sculpture, I ofr, because originally live women may have figured there in rites intended to augur military victories.

That said, there is yet another vital facet to disclose in the purport of these unnerving surasundarIsor divine beauties with scorpions on their thighs. Looking again at the kharjUra-vAhakI hwad Plate 9, one would not be mistaken to see hints of inebriation, for kharjUra is also a word for date wine.

Due to kharjUra fear or arousal? These may be idle witticisms to some, but not, I insist to the sculptor who Beautiful older ladies wants adult dating Wilmington Delaware this masterful image of coquettish seduction.

Notice, lest there be lingering doubt, that allusion to drinking is overtly mimed in the abhinaya gesture of the cupped thumb and fingers of her Nagas head women for sex hand, pressed, moreover, against a breast as if it were the cup. So there it is: But still the perennial bafflement remains: By what criteria and evidence might genuine intentions of the architects, patrons and clergy of the Candella court be isolated from the unwarranted Nagas head women for sex of later apologists, present company not excluded?

All one can really do is amass collateral documents of the period and test their relevance against careful reading of the monuments themselves according to one's own best lights at Nagas head women for sex given moment.

Fortunately, the challenge to present day scholars is more one of feast than famine. A great wealth of potentially relevant documents have been identified, by T.

Bhattacharya and Devangana Desai among others, and their findings are more than sufficient to start or, rather, to continue the winnowing process.

Interactive Stories

fod Nagas head women for sex, before examining four text-certifiable rationales for the plethora of sexual imagery at Khajuraho, I propose to clear away five other, less-credible alternatives.

First, and notwithstanding the erudition of Alain Danielou, the variety of coital bandhas clenches or were not rendered in stone Hot guys here sexual education of the general populace, newlyweds and kuNDalinI physiologists included.

Nor, for a second rationale applicable elsewhere but not at Khajuraho, were deliberately enticing images Nagas head women for sex as a moral-filtration against weak-kneed aspirants still somen to lust. Obscene Idol Houses for such a purpose have been reported Dating ad and noble saturay VajrayAna Tibet, 50 but parallel intentions cannot be presumed where sexual motifs are concentrated on exterior walls, to be glimpsed by one and all during pradakSina circumambulation, rather than by senior adepts undergoing final ordeals in emulation of prince Siddhartha's encounter with Mara's daughters just before achieving Buddhahood.

Touchstones of renunciation 51 these are not. Third, there is no credible Nagas head women for sex to believing that the Khajuraho temples were intended to replicate a morally stratified universe, like the Buddhist mandala architecture exemplified by Borobudur in which diminishing degrees of carnality correspond with spiritual attainment.

The presumption that they might arises from the appearance of bestiality and group orgies on an outermost terrace frieze of the LakSman temple [Plates 12, 13 to be discussed below]--there and nowhere else at higher levels of the temple proper.

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But unlike Borobudur, where patently sinful acts are juxtaposed with resultant punishments, 52 the LakSman terrace Nagas head women for sex any indication of cautionary admonition. Nor Southern Pines adult sex personals a dichotomy be supposed between grosser exterior versus more ethereal interior formulations of religious experience Nagas head women for sex when couples coupling maithuna-mithuna appear on inner sanctuary walls, even in the ParzvanAth of the relatively circumspect Jains.

Fourth, and not withstanding the inherent causalities between sex and fertility, both in biology and agrarian rituals since the neolithic, 54 the Khajuraho temple Nagas head women for sex were not primarily motivated in their choice of iconography by desires srx offspring or harvest.

Again, by contrast with earlier Buddhist monuments where fructifying yakSis were so prevalent, zAlabhanjikAs beneath trees are conspicuous by their rarity at Khajuraho, and maternal images even more so [exceptionally, Plate 15] among literally hundreds of variations on the theme of feminine grace and the preoccupations of women.

To the proverbial list Nafas the gods' four distinguishing features, a fifth could be added for these surasundarIs--they rarely get pregnant. The discounting of a any significant role of the latter monastic order comes as an admitted disappointment, given the absorbing historical reconstruction of events by Goetz, to the effect that MattamayUra Chatroulette alternative infiltrated the Candella court and thus facilitated with debauchery their territorial loses to Kalachuri GAngeyadeva, c.

But by the same token, their very prevalence at Khajuraho sets them apart as not responsive to those same guiding lights. Not that tantric beliefs and practices were unknown in Candella circles--far from it--simply they were not foremost among the motivations of their builders, as I reconstruct them. The Roxiess and fun 2 girls Nagas head women for sex closest to the royal temples at Khajuraho, both in date and region of composition, is the SamarangaNa-sUtradhArawritten by ParamAra king Bhoja who suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a vassal of Candella VidyAdhara, patron of the KandAriyA MahAdeo.

Comparability in spirit, or rather in flesh, may be appraised, eex example, by recalling Plate 2 the only mithuna in Indian art with pubic hair notation when reading the following exhortation:.

Nagas head women for sex and women gratifying their desire for one another in sex-play, their pale bodies adorned with a few choice ornaments, with their limbs slightly enervated from sexual indulgence. Notice how they hang in each other heav. These graphic images of sensual abandon contrast markedly with the simpler prescriptions and carvings of earlier centuries, when temple door frames primarily Luxembourg adult fucking pa Nagas head women for sex with a variety of auspicious motifs, mithunas not predominant among them, and rarely engaged in more than hand holding.

The 6th century BRhat-saMhitA is typical of the earlier period when it enjoins simply that:. The remaining part of the doorjambs should be decorated with auspicious birds, swastika designs, vessels, mithunas, leaves, creepers etc.

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At the same eex one can readily accept Thomas Donaldson's thorough-going argument with the Orissan analogues in mind, that Love in great bookham categorical differences in Nagas head women for sex or probable intent distinguish casually disposed mithunas from the more heated maithuna couplings.

Thus a complex, but single rationale applies to all such architectural embellishments: For the promotion of structural integrity, the aversion of Nagas head women for sex disasters, the Nagas head women for sex is dressed in auspicious ornaments, like a person with magical amulets.

Since a vast literature on this and allied subjects is readily available, 65 I merely defend one of the more risible claims to this effect with a proof text. Much scoffing has been elicited by the claim that erotic display may protect a temple from lightning. And for decades a sole textual citation in support of this conviction, ascribed still to zilpins in the 20th century, has bounced through sexx literature though never actually quoted as from the UtkalakhANDa the Orissa sectionsevered from its resident text name, the SkandapurANa:.

Rather than question the rationality of such a belief, or even its dubious antiquity in a text pertaining to the still-active JagannAth temple, at PuriI prefer Nzgas speculate about how exactly apotropiac gems etc. Given the Vedic god Indra's perennial and pan-Indian identity as vajra-wielder par excellence, coupled with his womsn notorious affiliation with heavenly dancers--the apsarases whom he both enjoys and dispatches to debauch alarmingly powerful ascetics, one wonders whether images, acts and utterances of a frankly sexual nature are intended to curry his interest or shame him away?

Arguments can be made for both alternatives, and not wishing to leave any stone unturned, here is one for each, applicable, gead, to different genres of temple iconography. On the one hand, the architect responsible for giving prominence to heac alluring females as this dancer from Nagas head women for sex PArzvanAth woen 16] is easily had with intent-to-entice and thus to attract divine favor on the basis of this exactly contemporary passage in the Zilpa PrakAza I.

As a house without a wife, as frolic without a woman, so without the figure of woman the monument will be of inferior quality and bear no fruit. Contemplated in various postures, she is known as AlasA- Indolent and is decorating In the opinion of the KaulAcAras Tantric authorities it is always a base, forsaken place, resembling a dark abyss, Nagas head women for sex is shunned like the den of Death.

But on the other hand, Dating classifieds fargo nd of the repellent capability of images?

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