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Ok, this is fiction and not based on any real event or Meeh person - these things don't happen in real life! If you are underage go find your fun elsewhere Meet real cheating wives don't read this story. I'd love to have some feedback on this story, I'm not sure if I have been too slow in the start and too explicit in the end.

Any criticism or suggestion is welcome. This wivves about big dicks started early for me, when my best friend Vivian had sex for the first time.

Meet real cheating wives was with a boy two years older. We shared all our secrets and it was no surprise when Viv told how she lost her cherry But then, she has always been the wild of the duo. I'm the 'goody goody two shoes' girl and she is the 'popular slut'. We are comfortable with that and we don't let our differences get in the way of our friendship. Vivian is a tall tanned brunette with long straight hair and a cover girl face.

Her body is very slim and fit but with a rather large pair of Meet real cheating wives for her thin frame 32 C cups - we have seen each other's bras dozens of times chheating a round and tight butt.

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She could be a model if she chose it. I am average in height a little on the short sidewith shoulder long blonde Meet real cheating wives, brown eyes and a pale skin. I know my face is very cute and I have a curvy body.

My specific someone could be called 'pleasantly plump' or 'a big titted hottie', depending on the guy's taste. Over the next two years Vivian fucked more than twenty different guys, from Meet real cheating wives our age to older guys - even the father of one cheatting our friends! She told me every little detail and she made sure to tell me that the guys with big cocks were better. Even if they were not all that good at 'doing it', their big poles were able Meet real cheating wives reach deeper and make her feel like no small dicked boy could.

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My friend always Meet me why I was still a virgin. Meet real cheating wives wanted me to join the fun. But I was too romantic. I wanted to do it with the right guy and I was too scared to ruin my good girl reputation too. When I finally decided to try it I told Vivian.

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She got all excited and eager to help me. Viv actually made a list of her Meet real cheating wives fucks' and told me she'd set Meet real cheating wives a date with anyone I chose. But, before I did actually choose one of her 'options', I met my school sweetheart. He was a boy in our classes who joined our school because his parents moved to our home town.

He was cute and very nice to me. When Vivian chexting me her 'best choice' for me to lose my cherry, I told her I'd not do it because I was dating Brad and could not cheat on him. She was pissed off and told me I was a fool not to try the best thing in the world: But I resisted it.

A month after we started dating him, Brad took my cherry.

It was not very good. He was as inexperienced as me and when I showed Meet real cheating wives the size of his member with my hands, she frowned and told me it was just average. Even so he has been my boyfriend all through Naughty ladies want sex tonight Norfolk school and, as much as Vivian tempted me with offers of setting me up with one of her 'studs', I kept myself for him.

But I did masturbate at least once a week thinking of the guys Viv talked about and imagining if I could feel different with them. Sex with Brad wasn't all that good. When we Meet real cheating wives to college Brad had to attend a different institution and we broke up a month later. Vivian visited me from Meet real cheating wives to time. We still were best friends, but now she was living far from me.

Still she had the wildest wkves to tell me. She joined a cheatign of popular girls and had all kind of parties in her campus.

She did threesomes, orgies and once a gangbang. Vivian still made sure to wived me everything and never stopped trying to set me up with some man who would 'teach me what sex really was', as she would put it.

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In the middle of my first semester I met my husband. He was a very smart and fun guy in one of my classes and soon we were chatting and studying together. A week before I Meet real cheating wives visiting Meet real cheating wives in her cheatign I kissed him and two days before the travel we had sex.

George was much better than Brad, he was great at oral sex and knew rea to move. But still, he had a small cock.

I mean, Viv showed Meet real cheating wives what her 'average dates' had in their pants, and my new boyfriend had a 5 inches member. When I arrived at Vivan's sorority house she had tons of plans for me.

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They ranged from dating the cutest - and best endowed - guys cheatong knew to taking part in one of her sororities special 'closed party nights' - orgies in fact. She couldn't believe I had started a romance two days before I could have the time of my life!

I spent the weekend with her and she introduced Meet real cheating wives to dozens of handsome studs, all of them with large packages, as she'd put it. But I didn't cheat on my boyfriend. She was utterly disappointed. I confess Cute stud looking for a date kept dreaming about several of the hottest Meet real cheating wives for years. I was masturbating thinking about a hot large dicked man fucking me, just like I did when I was younger.

After we graduated, George and I married.

FIND A CHEATING WIFE Use the extensive search engine to sort from thousands of profiles of Cheating Wives.. You select the age, geographical location, physical characteristics and lifestyle of the "married women who cheat" that you're looking for. Emotional Cheating - The Real Betrayal of Trust by Jackie Castro, MA, MFT. He has a 'buddy' at work who turns out to be a hot blonde. They go to lunch everyday and out to drinks at night. Ok, this is fiction and not based on any real event or real person - these things don't happen in real life! If you are underage go find your fun elsewhere and don't read this story.

Vivian was my maid of honor and she still tried to set me up Houston dating cams a well endowed stripper in my bachelorette Meet real cheating wives. I refused, but it was not easy! I almost said 'yes' that time. I was going reall marry and I never had a man with a cock larger than Brad's five inches! Still my life was cool. My hubby and I went back to my home town and he found a great job. I didn't do too bad myself and got a nice job too.

My sex life was ok, I rarely had an orgasm but sex was neat. Vivian also returned home.

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Viv, unlike me, was again having all the fun she could get from this world! She had two or three boyfriends at once and a different date every week. Still we shared secrets and she told me all about rreal lovers. Cheatkng was actually nice to George, treated him well and never mentioned anything sexual when he was around. I think it was out of respect for me and, well, he was a nice guy and she didn't really hate him.

Vivian just thought he wasn't good enough for me, sexually, and I needed some 'extra Meet real cheating wives in my life. My best friend told me my love life was boring and that she could spice it up. I never agreed to that cheatinh told Meet real cheating wives I'd not cheat on my hubby. But, again, I couldn't stop thinking about what would have happened if I ever had met a man with a Single housewives want porno Athens cock Meet real cheating wives I dated George.

My curiosity only grew and Vivian fueled it whenever she could.

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My husband was away in a business trip and there was this 'girls night out' I was invited to. Vivian and some of Meet real cheating wives friends were going to meet at a bar, to have some drinks and gossip.

My hubby told me it was ok for me to go too. It is usually no big deal, just me and my friends drinking before going home. But this time we drank a little more than we intended and we started to talk about our rdal and boyfriends. I told them my hubby had a little cock and Meet real cheating wives wasn't exactly happy with that. I confessed Wivs wanted to try a big cock for a change.

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Vivian kept telling me I should try 'new flavors' and that we cheatiny have some Meet real cheating wives now that hubby wasn't around. The girls kept teasing me about my big cock curiosity, all of them agreeing I should try a large member for a change.

This night I arrived home with Vivian, we still had a lot to chat about. I talked to my hubby on the phone until he went to sleep.

I disliked the idea of lying to my husband and not telling him I cheeating going out with Vivian, but then, I was excited with all the 'big cock talk' and booze I drunk. I ended up rationalizing it was just Meet real cheating wives little 'white lie' China sex personals went with her, not telling my hubby.

The place was cool and we started drinking again.

Then two guys started to stare at us, with Meet real cheating wives rewl on their faces. Vivian was having a lot of fun, but I was uncomfortable with the flirting. I was a married woman. That was all that crossed my mind. Well, not exactly 'all', I also wondered if they had big cocks Viv's wild tales and the alcohol had their effect on my libido.

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