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In any case, you can call to play the board when the 5th card board kicker is 3rd nut. If there are trips on board, the calling requirements of your hand is only 4th nut kicker.

Looking for holdem players tonight

You can play the board when its kicker is 3rd nut there are only 2 kickers the dealer can win with. In the following examples, Looking for holdem players tonight see the power of the kicker.

When we have 4th nut kicker, calling gains us 2 — 1. The following examples show the numbers behind the decision.

Click on the screenshot below to play the game. Or, you can play my older Java game. You must have Java 1. Subscribe to comments with RSS. After the flop, you are four to a flush, Naughty woman want sex tonight Wildwood board is suited. You have a bet strategy for 2nd nut, 3rd nut, and 5th nut plus 3rd nut kicker. What about 4th nut? Your third example shows a hand of 3h 6h, and you check because yuo are holding a 3.

What is the rule here. What is the minimum to bet? I have played this game 6 or 7 times… Have won once… Very suspicious of dealing machine… Seems to know how to set the cards against you. Dealer has two full houses back to back. Dealer has to straights back to back. It seems like everytime i have a pair they always beat me.

Try going in with an A or K you get crushed every time. They always seem to have a pair against you. Makes you wonder… What u say? It should only be a. I might contact the company if I get killed a few more times. Are you talking about a video machine version of UTH? I heard they exist …. I have played this game many many many times…and he is absolutely correct…they deal out really good hands. UTH not the video machine. To bet your 4th, 5th, and 6th nut flush draws, your kicker must be at least 3rd nut to bet.

Allow me Looking for holdem players tonight ask a basic question. For the river bet, with two pairs on the board, the strategy would play the board when its kicker is 3rd nut. If the board was showing a pair of aces and a pair of kings, would you bet the board with a queen 5th card or would you also play a jack or a ten on the board?

You would call to play the board on all these cases. You actually should call this case too, even though my basic strategy card says fold. The trips and quads on board are as I described on this page. I live in Vegas and spend alot of the time in the casinos.

I just discovered this game. Although the house edge is only 1. Besides, the Blind bet gets paid Do you have any insiights as to how this game Looking for holdem players tonight being rated for comps. I have heard that the house take on this game is huge.

With Looking for holdem players tonight thrown in, it could be very interesting. A few of us have commented on receiving good cashback rates for this game. I have no idea what comps are like in Vegas. I contacted Shufflemaster asking for more locations to play. Bellagio, Mirage, Luxor Downtown: I suggest calling ahead. I told a friend who reported back that he could not find it there, and no one at the casino ever heard of it.

I am headed bach to Las Vegas next week to really play this and would be glad to give a trip report. BTW, how do you enter a trip report on this site.

It would be interesting to see how you get rated. The house edge is 1. I know for a fact Wynn has the 10x version and Mirage has the 3x. Plus, it is more of a challenge as opposed to the pure luck game that is craps. This is a similar percentage to Spanish 21, Looking for holdem players tonight poker, and Let It Ride.

Look me up on Lasvegasadvisor. I am by no means a gambler, and have only been through casinos a few times. Have fun and teach others! Commit the 4x raising hands to memory, and the rest is easy! Did you say you never log a win? This is such a fun game that I love it so much. I have visisted casino so freguently in the past 6 months, just to play this game.

Its dealrs just kept having impossible hands and killed me and everyone. I do not place more wager on trip than ante. I also use 3x bet on certain hole cards such as pair 4,5 6. I always found it difficult to gamble but I found this game two weeks ago and played it twice and really enjoyed it. Trying to follow your rules seemed to work, sat at table for 4 plus hours holding my own. A lot longer than I ever did playing Black Jack.

Did see a number of other players getting burned pretty bad. They seemed to be placing too much value on trips bet and I lead on the 4X betting. I find it manageable with players, and if I sit on an end, its easy for me to flash my cards.

Missed you at the table. Kept the cheat sheet in my pocket for reference on preflop bets. Spent a total of 24 hors at the table and won a few bucks. I finally got there yesterday Sun afternoonand the dealer Suei told me you played with the Basic Strategy card all day and night, and did fine.

I ended up perfectly even after about 4 hours of play myself. Especially in games like let it ride where an inordinate number of low cards are dealt while the face cards are buried at Looking for holdem players tonight bottom, and what other posters have said about the hold em games setting you up. The starting deal for the cards in the hold em game should vary everytime by a roll of the dice, not with the player in 1st base every time.

I tend to trust the games, but I wish every casino would simply cut the Looking for holdem players tonight out of the shuffling machine, and deal out hands one card at a time. They really need to cut the deck. Geez, even a magician will do it. If there was any engineered-in ability to arrange the cards, it would be practically impossible to keep secret somebody along the line would leak it, or blackmail over it, or exploit it. Still, I think the casino just needs to cut the deck out of the shuffler.

I guess they think they can get a few more hands per hour if the dealer just places cards, instead of actually dealing them. Called my casino host and was told to ask before leaving the table what they have me down for. I think it happens like this…. For rating you, they only care about your average Looking for holdem players tonight.

So they are forced to account for all that leave the table. I know they look at me like a freak when I attempt to make sure they put it every one of my buy ins. I also try to hide as much as I can. You are only supposed to keep your own detailed records with things like date, location, table if possible, game, who you were with, etc.

You would need to report ALL the wins and loss from all locations. I just played this game the other night and it kept me going for a very long time. I am so glad that I found this table game! Steve, Spent Sun and Mon at Harrahs. Looked for you but you must have taken time off. Played for quite a while and did pretty good.

Is there any combination which would suggest to bet just 3x? A lot of times I Looking for holdem players tonight people miss their 4x bets, then miss their 2x bets, then finally 1x bet their monsters.

I discovered this game last Spring while in Vegas for a trade show. I left some friends about As you recommend above, I skipped the trips bet and instead Looking for holdem players tonight very aggressive at the open. Kelly does not apply here because it is a negative E. There is no optimal Kelly number for the game unless you are playing with an advantage, which is nigh-impossible in this game. Raising 4X does introduce tremendous variance but remember you are only betting it when you have the advantage.

In that way it is similar to doubling down in blackjack. Fuck buddy Huntsville Alabama pa address Looking for holdem players tonight issue in my latest post on session outcomes given bankroll, goals, and time. A respected Looking for holdem players tonight play author has Looking for holdem players tonight the following flop bet strategy: The board is paired and you hold a Jack or better, and there is a flush draw 4 to a flush or four to an open ended straight.

What is the effect on the house edge using this for the flop bet as opposed to your more detailed flop strategy? IMHO Stephen has done outstanding work. The difficulty has been in quickly implementing these rules at the table. While the In need of a photographer strategy shows a low house edge, I suspect the cost of errors is quite high.

I had to rearrange the information in a format that fits my own decision process while in the heat Sexy lady looking sex tonight Caguas battle.

I created four or five strategy cards, that suited me, and my way of thinking about poker strategy. Simpler than it sounds. If this then do that…. I think this actually comes out to a positive expectation when counting comps. Not even a discounted rate on a room.

Look me up on Las Vegas advisor if you want to compare notes. I searched the obvious names in iTunes and came up empty. Looking for some practice on the flight from Mpls to Vegas on March 25th. The iPhone game is here: My question is, has anyone seen an different stragy for UTHif u can see other cards Looking for holdem players tonight are in play, do oither readjust how they play or when they play if theri outs are alreay in play?

I kow I foudn a website that talked about it, but I Looking for holdem players tonight to try out the system first see how it goes get good atit b4 I tried to accoutn for other cards in play, but now I cant seem to find the site that talks about that. Anyone that can help woudl be great…. Practical Collusion for UTH. I had studied your work all week long leading up to my trip of destiny. The dealer was wiping me out. Ad, 7c, 10d…No way!? The Kd came on the river and I went absolutely banannas!

I discovered this game a Looking for holdem players tonight over a year ago and I love it despite the frequent frustrations I experience playing it. I mean how many hands can that damn machine possibly rig? After the flop if I double down [2x] on anything less than TOP PAIR I seem to lose but staying in after the river with a 10high and a pair showing on the board works more often than one might think.

Hmmmm Not knocking your strategy — actually I am glad to have found this site. From there it was downhill fast…. In about the first hours of play I had two straight flushes and many four a kinds. I have also one the Royal once last summer.

Last year I saw lots of great pay-outs with straigh flushes and even Royals to others.

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In Jan I played for about 18 hours straight and won 5 four of Married bi female Ludlow and several boats I agree that was Lookin lucky. I was playing mostly green after I had momentum and was cleaning up there that day.

At the time Looking for holdem players tonight had a couple of machines with new ShuffleMaster hightech machines and many with the old fashioned Shufflemasters. I was on a table with the old shufflemaster. There was some scandal on the new type tester machine … I was told a few Royals were given out in one night on that machine so they shut it down or switched it out obviously a malfunctioning machine.

When I came back after the big win, all tables have the new hightech shufflemaster. I was told it can take a mixed holxem and put it uoldem order. It has some type of imaging system and I have read there may be a wireless text messageing feature to be malipulated by the house.

It is to the point, the odds cannot be right. Although I cannot prove it, I am convinced the new shuffle machines are rigged. If you play enough hands you should see some winning hands in a row since on the 2x or 4x bet regardless of you doing a trips betbut I can predict no traction at UTH for any length of time moving foward at Winstar.

I have watched my poker friends which were regulars there Looking for holdem players tonight last year, stop going because they are all losing on a regular basis…including myself. It is one thing to have a bad night or even a few in a row but hours and hours everytime of playerrs cards and the machines have ppayers be rigged and not just me — I the whole table loses.

I believe Looking for holdem players tonight casino is not regulated and they have somehow tweaked or tech modified Single mature want porno dating sensual ladies new fo to put Loking odds way into their favor.

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I have decided to go to Vegas this weekend to pay UTH there to see if there is a difference in my expericence of late. If anyone has played UTH at Winstar and Vegas, please tell me if you experienced a difference besides the.

At one local card room in Yakima Wa. Only place I know of that does that. I know they are called random shufflers, but Looking for holdem players tonight is what I am unsure about.

A-K in each suit. Will the shuffler shuffle them identically each time. What I am getting at is, if one saw the bottom card when the dealer loads the Woman looking sex Pomaria South Carolina will it come out at the same place each time during the play?

Also, some dealers where I live do not slide the cards low to the table and if I am sitting back a bit in my chair I can sometimes see the bottom cards being put onto the felt. As long as I am not lowering my head to try to take advantage, is this considered cheating?

Since using your strategy card, I have not lost in 4 sessions. Thanks for doing the grunt work. In my latest trip Exeland WI wife swapping the Green Valley Ranch, I ran into a dealer who said your strategy would spell my certain demise.

Looking for holdem players tonight claimed she had been dealing UTH since the day they installed it and that I would certainly lose following the strategy card. She really tried to make me feel uncomfortable, but I just kept 4-betting the borderline plays and was Looking for holdem players tonight them with uncommon regularity.

The table was Looking for holdem players tonight lucky enough to share 4 queens on the board. The collusion thing definitely helps as well. I think certain betting patterns during certain swings you are in. I plan on traveling to Winstar in Oklahoma 4 UTHE tables and unfortunately due to an agreement the tribe signed with the state or something they have to drop. Goes to the state or the tribe but not a dropped jackpot of any kind from what I have read.

Just how negatively does this affect Lonely horny wives in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, 17044 effective odds?

But not if I am getting robbed. Never had the nerve to play the 4x that aggressively, but it worked well this past weekend Riverside, Iowa. The dealers were aghast at my play and shocked to see it work. I never thought that playing that aggressively would actually payoff.

I was wondering if Looking for holdem players tonight ever did any semi-martingale bet 5, lose, bet 10, lose, bet 15? Just came back from Vegas. Gotta admit it has Looking for holdem players tonight.

Key is Looking for holdem players tonight walk with you triple your bank roll unless you like to watch the stack go up and Adult personals Concrete Skagit WA. Hit quads 2 times. Always bet the min. I repeat — have a goal and walk when you reach it.

So How does the dealer have an advantage? The Play bet 4x preflop, 2x flop, 1x river is heads up poker with the dealer. The house advantage comes from the Blind bet In total, these three bets sum to a 2.

Alan Just look to the right side of the page and select practice game. Stephan wrote a program for thi and Mississippi stud. I was wondering how common this mistake is and also what is the expected value of the game with this extra payout? And 10high means a hole card? Fold kickers against scare board.

Hi, love your site and it informative, just start to play UTH and use strategy on this Looking for holdem players tonight. Please have glossary that let newbies know what you are talking about. Really appreciated your help. I think i found a hand in the UTH practice game that gives mistaken advice.

I have 74o, and the board is KJ, of which 4 are diamonds. This is a scare board, but I have two pair. I think I should bet 1x, but Looking for holdem players tonight advice is to fold to scare board.

At first glance, they appear to offer the same game as a live table would. However, after playing a few hands I noticed that the Blind bet does NOT pay out on a winning straight! It starts paying at 3: So be aware of this if you come across a virtual UTH machine. Dunno how that makes up for the Blind though. On Horny swinger milfs Kearney Nebraska side note, only three casinos in Reno have the game on a real table that I saw—Nugget, Peppermill, and Silver Legacy.

I also like to play it for low stakes, and for practice. Thanks for the heads up about the short-pay on the straight. Is there ever a time to bet only 3 times? And if so, why do these strategy tables not reflect this? For example, 3c 3d in hand 7h 7d Th This is really confusing….

If you raise pre-flop, always raise 4x, never 3x. Similarly, if you checked A2 preflop because you were scared, playerd your neighbor had a deuceand the flop is KKQ, then you should bet your A2 because of the nut kicker. I took the basics with me to Viejas with a bankroll and walked away at Other laughed at my 4x betting, and I will admit to 3x betting when others had similar cards.

I also played trips each time, which payed out quite well. One lucky sould was playing the Looking for holdem players tonight and hit the Full house on the flop, trip queens for the rest Sexy Women in Hull GA Adult Dating us.

In anycase, thanks again for the help, and maybe we can plan an outing one time. Just started playing this game two weeks ago and have used the info from this site and WoO from the start. I have yet to complete a flush at Pechanga while holding two suited cards, but i understand i have not logged substantial time at the tables yet for it to be unusual.

I played at Harrahs Monday from Am until Tu. Heard a lot of remarks about my 4 times bets and saw a lot of Looking for holdem players tonight lose a chance to cash in on them. One person next to me actually called me crazy. Funny part is he Looking for holdem players tonight never even look at his cards until after the flop.

I did ok on holdem but went to Mississippi Stud and lost it. What Looikng you, nuts? Usually fo at Pechanga closer. Went to Rincon Friday night due to reading the differences holsem the game play here.

Played from 5pm — 10pm and Looking for holdem players tonight my starting bank. What was especially nice was no raising of rent by the house. I liked the single card dealing vice the pre-packed hands from the shufflemasters. Three sets of quads on my table Qs — me, Ks — 1st base, As — dealer. Three sets on table next to me dealer gots 6s, the other two went to players.

No straight flushes on either table though. Saw a lot of money left on the table by players around me. ShuffleMaster dealt tables are my nemesis!

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When were you at Rincon on friday? Is it possible to have an edge against the house with this game, following your strategy in this article? Even using a collusion strategy with a playes table, you can only reduce the house edge to about One thing i have noticed lately is that the dealers at Rincon seem to be used to our way of playing now.

They are certain that this style betting will make one go broke quick. Here in Berlin, Germany, they introduced the game a week ago. I was wondering about the following: Is that the correct rule? Because I never Looking for holdem players tonight that in the Java-game above where I always lost the total ante-,Play- and blind-bets… Regards, Jules. People are startled that I bet the A-4 unsuited, or the K-7 suited.

Nice Adult seeking casual sex Syracuse NewYork 13208 Looking for holdem players tonight glad to find it. Most people who play this game are playing to win the trips Looking for holdem players tonight and not really caring about maximizing the play bets.

They are there to try to hit a big multiplier hand. Hey guys, went to Viejas last night and had a great session. There were 2 of us playing and we alternated straights and flushes throughout the night.

We were also lucky enough to get several full houses and I even got quads!! Once the table filled though no one else shared information and we started getting some bad hands so we left.

I went from 50 to in about 3 hours of play. Also it should be noted that Viejas no Looking for holdem players tonight offers progressive jackpots.

Get in around noon be there until late night. Has anyone played at Viejas lately? Since they took away the progressive jackpot and changed the table, AND the shuffler, the table has become nearly unwinnable. I played numerous sessions with the old shuffler and Looking for holdem players tonight ups and downs throughout a session, but had success more often than not when using the proper betting techniques.

Now, you can sit for an hour and not win a trips bet. Wives looking nsa Manorville one the Lookjng is winning. holdfm

I disagree with you Steve on that a casino would never rig a shuffler. IDK, maybe its just luck of the draw in the seats. The machine HAS to give the house an advantage, or else it wouldnt be widely used. I wish Wives seeking nsa IA Van meter 50261 machine would break so they could deal by hand.

Hi, I went to Harrahs a few days ago. Finally got my wife off the slots and she did Looking for holdem players tonight well on UTH. Hi to Allen if you come here. I recently starting playing this game in the Chicago Area Looking for holdem players tonight finding it on my last day on a Vegas trip.

Then I looked at wizardofodds. My friends had to drag me away from the table at Mandalay Bay in order for us to make our flight. Fast forward 2 months. I went to Ameristar and had terrible luck. I thought this was the norm. Then I went to Potawatomi and played, and the trips odds were better, but on Looking for holdem players tonight of my last hands, the board was TK and I had 2 rags, so I went to throw them in and the dealer and everyone else at the table said that I was crazy and that I needed to bet the play bet, even though I was going to lose, in order to win the trips fof.

Everywhere has confirmed it Looking for holdem players tonight me. The pit boss told me the Free phone sex Newfield Hamlet same thing. I feel like they are screwing everyone on Looking for holdem players tonight.

Holdfm all acted like I was crazy including all the players. There are slight variances in the play between them, but the payout tables are the same across the board. Three of them pull Looking for holdem players tonight 5 community cards from the shuffler, then distribute already paired cards to each player Looking for holdem players tonight the dealer. One takes the entire deck out, cuts it tonignt deals one card at a time to each player and the dealer twice for 2 cards eachburns a card, turns three, burns a card, turns two.

One place gets downright ugly if you touch your cards before the unused deck is in the discard box while the rest will let you look before the deck is discarded. The other two are sort of in between.

The licensing agreement probably says something to that effect. Definitely try to straighten them out the next time it comes up. Rincon is the one that has the cards hand dealt.

For that reason, I prefer first base if its open just so my cards never change. Pauma has only one table. They were the place that shushed us for discussing our hands. Their stools are uncomfortable anyway sort of forward leaning so you have to continually keep yourself braced into the seat. Talked to a player that played with you playets Pauma a few days ago.

Thanks Mike, do you know if Paris has it? We changed our reservation to there yesterday. Aria is pretty much right across the street in City Center, so you can go there if Paris ends up not having it. BTW, I went to Ameristar against yesterday and the Innerleithen hotwife couple for trips is definitely less, only 7: I just found this site; hildem information. Here are some observations:. I raise to 4x whenever it makes sense 3.

Session management is key to leaving with more than you brought. The cards will change 8. Regarding this last question, I do have a question about this. A friend and I tonightt together frequently, holsem split all Looking for holdem players tonight our winnings or losses. In other words, would you expect more of a variance or holddm when playing 2 spots. Stephen, I definitely agree with that collusion aspect.

But what would you expect on the impact on the variance without colluding? Right, playing twice the hands cuts the variance in half: If both hands are playing the same dealer, there is a correlation between the results in the 2 hands. Of course I always call the river and lose anyway. Has anyone come up with a good progression strategy Looking for holdem players tonight the ante and play bet. A positive or negatve progression could be interesting. I bump it up with either a trips bet win, or a 4x win.

The dealers all know Steves method of play. They miss you Steve. I saw so many players with great cards waiting for the river. If I could only have played their cards. It seems significantly different not to mention more complicated than yours:.

Same thing people waiting with good cards until the flop. He hit Looking for lady close to my age or 50 to 85 full house. Bottom line is he went broke on trip bets and I walked a winner. Not so sure about the randomness of your UTH practice game.

Within ten minutes of play, the dealer was Looking for holdem players tonight two straight flushes, a four of a kind and numerous full houses and straights. I use the java. See you at the Aria! Good luck at Aria…i love that casino…long but easy layout. Your employer which casino is it? I had never played this game before, saw the Wizard of Odds site, which linked to this one, and saw the strategy.

It was all very convincing about all the computer work etc. It was a continuous downwared spiral spread out over two different tables. For the most part, no matter what I had, the dealer had a Looking for holdem players tonight hand.

For instance, my best pre-flop hand was JJ. I flopped a J yippee! Four clubs came and the dealer had 82 offsuit with the 2 clubs. I lost a couple of other sets to straights. If I had a big A, I would hit nothing and the dealer would pair up with their junk hand. At least three times I Looking for holdem players tonight a small pair either pre-flop or on the Looking for holdem players tonight that made two pair, and the turn and river was 55 or 77, etc.

Dealer wins with J high or whatever. The few decent hands I had were when I tripped up with a T2, or made a straight because I had a 5 in my hand or something. This game is horrible, and the strategy is worthless. I saw where the casinos are making a killing on this game, and now I know why. That does sound like a rough time. Were you able to get info from the other players on their hands?

That helps shift the odds. The math is right. If you look at my post on possible session outcomesyour probability of losing 80 antes in hands approx. Integrate the area under the green curve from the left to the ante point. But the sample size is, um, quite a bit more than your 3 hour jaunt through a bad run of cards. But it is very near break even, math-wise.

At the end of the day it is still called gambling for a reason. Hung in and got it all back plus a few. I still see players losing money on bets I would have made preflop. So if you get a lot of pushes and a few losses your not winning are you. So, should I bet the Trips bet? Thanx in advance for Looking for holdem players tonight responses. Heading to Vegas next week and look forward to partaking this game! Example — Community cards — ten, ten, ten, king, queen My hand — four, five. Should I play Trips?

I wish I played Naked women Bayamon Puerto Rico Trips on my last hand. Love this site as I play UTH very often at my casino. Looking for holdem players tonight use to play online poker, but fell in love Looking for holdem players tonight UTH and just play that non stop. I just have a few questions that need to be clarified.

Also my new years resolution was to quit playing trips and I did that yesterday. I won in about 1. Shipping every all in I had. Not sure if I am doing the percentages right or not.

Any help would be appreciated. The returns are always stated in terms of an Ante, not the total amount of action bet. Thanks so really for a sucker bet…. Had a ten dollar table heads up and had two different guys who had no clueabout the game come sit down, and play.

When two tables over is a 5 dollar minimum yet they find me. Three out of the four hands I had all ins, and because they jumped in dealer had trips 3 out of 4 times. I could of had a bigger winning session if they didnt jump Hot black single girl, or if I stayed but Looking for holdem players tonight all know if you stay Looking for holdem players tonight they win eventually.

I agree this site is awesome with wizard of ods by far Fuck Warren girl tonight is the best game in the casino, especially with these resources. Just to add Ladies looking nsa Saint michaels Maryland 21663 to your house edge by dealer screw ups. So I won a quick just off that hand alone!

I see mis-pays quite often. It depends on the dealer and the other players if any at the table if I correct the payout. Most of the time its due to the dealer either not reading their hand right missing a second pair or a straight Looking for holdem players tonight going down to six cards instead of stopping at five on a push. Some dealers really have a problem reading two pair hands when the kicker on the board plays.

Tonite, the players convinced the dealer they pushed with an inferior two pair hand. Unbelievable, and very awkward. All the players hold their breath until the dealer mucks the hand. Stephen, one more follow up question, which way do you go about attacking the game? Or do you just randomly play trips here and there? Hitting trips like 3 out of every 10 hands.

Of course he told me that is where the money is at. I am all about discount gambling. He finnally hit a big hand but was way down still. Housewives seeking real sex Girard Texas 79518 a royal at seat six yesterday. Played Pala for an hour and a half on Sunday. I saw a sick hand today Viejas. He pairs his 8 on the turn to make KKK The river is a low blank.

He used some expletives for a while. The local casinos are definitely better than the Strip casinos for comps and player rewards. Here in the greater San Diego region, we have a dozen or so casinos. Maybe you can look into some off-the-strip casinos like the Silverton.

They are pretty liberal. They started out asking us but now I ask them after I have played a few hours. You really have to watch the dealers close. I saw too Naughty wives want sex tonight Aberdeen South Dakota pushes being raked the other day. Almost as if it was a new house strategy. I honestly played Looking for holdem players tonight then 20 hands.

I won 3 hands. Lost about every all in, and Looking for holdem players tonight I only won 2 hands but dealer paid out a a hand she had me beat. It was as bad as I ever ran in that game in a long time. If you are getting annoyed with other players ridiculing your play at UTH, ask them if they have ever played heads up poker, or made it to the final table.

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Do it with your best game face, and watch how they react. I was pleasantly surprised that, unlike the machines I described in my earlier post, the Blind bet was full-pay even money on a winning straightmaking the game identical to a real table. Unfortunately, the Trips paytable was also the worst possible one 7: Some very suspicious bad beats throughout the night. The worst one actually happened twice…I bet 4x on K6 suited.

Another player has pocket sixes the cards are all face up on the machine. The dealer…just happens to have the last remaining six with an Ace kicker. What are the odds? But it was still very disheartening.

The best possible Trips paytable 9: Dealer shuffles by hand after each Looking for holdem players tonight. Just a good atmosphere in general: I will be playing there March th for March Madness. Hey guys, a heads up for those in San Diego. I just got an mailer from Barona and inside it me said due to popular demand, Ultimate Texas Hold-em will be added to the chipless roster.

Not sure when it Looking for holdem players tonight be, but I will Looking for holdem players tonight sure keep an eye out. Now there really in a reason for me to Sexting with cougars to Viejas, Looking for holdem players tonight than the buster Blackjack bet. Looking for holdem players tonight went to Looking for holdem players tonight for the first time this week.

I have never seen such conservative players and it was all encouraged Looking for holdem players tonight this smarmy little twit dealer. I had players sit down next to me and ask me to give guidance on what hands to be betting. The entire table would roll their eyes at me and basically call me crazy for playing hands pre-flop like K-J os, A-J, and even A-K. I kept telling him he was wrong, but unfortunately every damned time I would bet with Women want sex Chapman nice pre-flop betting hand I would get cracked.

Seriously, some of these dealers need to shut their mouths sometimes. There are several traits I hate in a dealer, but the worst is fishing for tips.

Otherwise known as slow-rolling which would get you a punch in the mouth at some cash games. And an example of a trait that is excellent for a dealer. At Pala, there was one dealer who was very sloppy pulling the board cards, players cards and her own cards out. Several times I could see the first card of the board as well as at least one of her cards which is kind of important since at Pala all cards are out before you even look at your hand and make a decision.

What do they think? That people reads Looking for holdem players tonight as poorly as they do? Its my decision to expose my cards to the table, not the dealers. The tables above say you Looking for holdem players tonight call a paired scare board with nut kicker, but on an unpaired scare board, you need at least bottom pair with 4th nut kicker. I just finished training as a dealer, and will do my best to not do any of these oddities. Some of the dealers are starting to recognize that I last a lot longer on a buy in than most even if I do lose it.

Lately some have even told newbies to ask me to help them. I shrug my shoulders whether I win or lose. Just wondering if anyone knows the odds for these three hands Looking for holdem players tonight all 5 cards being shown plus your two cards…. The odds to make these not be put on the board. Royal Flush Straight Flush Quads. You were 2nd seat and I was playing 1st seat two asian guys. We were talking about playing x4 preflop strategy from this blog and you told us you were Stephen and is the blogger.

Love this game, but usually lose until last September after reading Looking for holdem players tonight on the strategy. The dealer had straight flush with 9h. Of course I remember you guys!

Keep teaching them how to play up there in Seattle! Are we taking nominations for the most annoying UTH dealer? If so, mine is an Frankfort Kentucky mo bc black pussy male at Encore who opens the hands of every player once they play or fold, and offers commentary—usually wrong, by the way—about their decisions.

I played about 10 minutes before giving up and walking over to Wynn. They dummy up and hand out the cards. My vote would Looking for holdem players tonight to a dealer at the Showboat in AC who openly scolded me for following the strategy. I want you to win, my friend! Dummy up and deal needs to be the standard for all dealers. Chatty dealers may get new idiots to play the game, but they drive away the players who would play for much longer. Casinos need to tell their dealers to shut the hell up unless the player is actively speaking to them.

As you mentioned above, many of the dealers feel they know they game better than the players because they deal it, when in fact they only know how to pay it and scoop it. But you could see their interest was piqued as I ground out more wins than Looking for holdem players tonight with those.

People were slow to catch on to sharing info, but I found a few and, as usual, it helped avoid disasters like avoiding 4x pocket QQ because the players to either side of me each had a Q—that got a double-take from the dealer! You are correct in hindsight. It is a strong enough hand that it would be worth the bet without the chance to improve.

But I was in one of those slow patches and feeling a little over conservative. As always used the optimal betting method nearly all of the time and was rocking it when I did. I lost count, but at one point, I had won 18 of 23 hands where I bet max pre-flop.

Did run into one annoying situation there though. The floor manager started taking notice of my success and became almost harassing. He decided he was going to stand directly over my shoulder since I was in the first spot and never take his eyes off of me.

When he took breaks, he would whisper to the other floor managers and point at me…and sure enough they did the same thing.

It was obnoxious, harassing and unwarranted. Just to piss them off I try to grab my entire stack and head to the cashier without coloring up. You should really go ten miles down the road to Harrahs. Looking for holdem players tonight all the dealers and table game supervisors are very friendly. They WANT you to win. If your not winning they are not getting tokes. Seriously, you definitely need to check out Pauma.

They actually have reasonable salads back there. The 2-for-1 prime rib is a great deal, and the mini-pizzas are really good. And Tom, you can drink there too. Usually, they have a few dealers standing dead in the mornings. Having a fantastic last week and a half. I have never seen such pissed off floor managers in my life.

Eat it you two-faced dregs. I found your website through the Wizard of Naughty grannies web site. It paid off as a Royal. I have a screen shot I could send you. Since purple is my largest chip, the payoff went off the screen. Stephen, I may be wrong, but I think he was pointing out a mistake in your game, not Hot sexey gibsonia woman about his score.

He said he got a K-9 straight Looking for holdem players tonight and it paid like a Royal. Thanks, easy to check out. The Blind paytable also pays out 50 correctly. If you still Seeking Chester boy who massages the screenshot, please send it to me.

I played UTH for the first time last week at a casino and I must say I fell in love with this game very quickly. So how the heck does she have time for all of these hobbies? What else can we say—we like her! The physical fitness part is, ummm, pretty darn obvious. Singer and actress Beyonce Knowles has to keep in shape somehow.

So swimming, dancing—and of course shopping! She also apparently enjoys reading. Not just a hot body, but maybe some brains too? English soccer player or, more appropriately, footballer David Beckham is apparently a fan of both fencing and getting tattoos.

We suspect being married to fashionista Victoria Bekham may have something to do with the shopping thing. Actor Johnny Depp has found the inherent joy of sharing tea time with Barbie and Ken. What else can we say? We love Johnny Depp, weird hobbies and all. He can do no wrong in our eyes. Rapper Jay-Z has a lot more going for him Looking for holdem players tonight that rapping career of his. And he even has time to rack up a few criminal charges—busy man!

To be specific, Copeland is the polo, cycling, rollerskating, and filmmaking fan. Birds of a feather…or something like that…. Rowling is one of the lucky ones. He also collects metal art. Deep down we always knew Justin Timberlake was a video game nerd. He also famously enjoys putting his dick in a box. We knew Cameron Diaz was bad ass.

She claims to love the speed and adrenaline of snowboarding and even had plastic surgery on her nose to repair damage done while snowboarding. Finally, a unique reason for celebs to get plastic surgery.

Girls that want sex in Grand rapids, everybody needs a collection. Pro basketball player Lebron James has our stamp of approval. Of course, she has to come inside sometime. And when she does, well, apparently she goes on the internet. We can only assume she spends most of her time surfing notsoboringlife.

Looking for holdem players tonight

But he was a great basketball player. Besides being a successful basketball player, Kobe Bryant is a major soccer fan. Looking for holdem players tonight, we assume he spends most of his time golfing and, you know, winning championships. Roger Federer is a tennis champ, but even tennis Sexy girls sex Brazil need to unwind, ya know? But hey, if it was, he and Johnny Depp could have a good time together.

While he may not be original, this comedian all-star has, by our estimation, picked an excellent taste in hobbies. Rapper 50 Cent began boxing when he was just a kid. Kanye West is not only a Grammy Award winning rapper, record producer, and singer—he has tons of additional hobbies. Before becoming a rapper, West attended the American Academy of Art but eventually dropped out to pursue his music career.

Dr Phil was a football player in High School and continued on to pursue swimming throughout college. He reportedly built a room in his house for fencing, where Will Smith and David Beckham go to attempt defeating him.

He only talks about it every other show. So the master of fiction has what may be the most boring hobby ever! There are, of course, worse ways to spend your time. Looking for holdem players tonight is a professional basketball player duhrapper, and actor—but his favorite hobbies are target shooting and riding motorcycles.

Controversial comedian and radio host Howard Stern does more Looking for holdem players tonight talk about sex and feces. Inhe even ran for the Governor of New York as a libertarian. While Stern dropped out shortly after, his interest in politics has remained. Rowling, Tyler Perry was lucky enough to turn his favorite hobby into a job. We knew there was a way he was winning those World Championships. Leonardo Dicaprio is a talented award-winning actor.

Can we blame him? Of course, unlike most golfing hobbyists, Trump literally owns the course he plays on. Someone send Looking for holdem players tonight a link to NotSoBoringLife! However, when she does find time, she enjoys watching film, going to the cinema, and spending time with family and friends—preferably all at once. Bruckheimer may be a successful film and television producer, but he Fetish water sm Local horny Girls his start with the art of photography.

Bruckheimer claims he was always interested in film, but began taking photographs as a side project. And of course, we all know what happened after that. Nicolas Cage is a talented actor with a penchant for buying houses. He Looking for holdem players tonight a ton of interesting and unusual houses, including the medeval castle Schloss Neidstein and the Midford Castle in Somerset, England.

Sure sounds like fun Bon Jovi. To his credit, he also enjoys spending time with his family and working out. Like Madonna, singer Jennifer Lopez absolutely depends on yoga to keep her fit and looking fine and of course relaxed Looking for holdem players tonight.

We knew he was a nerd—and we love it!

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How Old Is Your Brain? Bestselling author James Patterson loves giving away his cash—and we love that about him.

Looking for holdem players tonight I Looking Couples

Lookimg Patterson started the James Patterson PageTurner Awards Beautiful couples wants horny sex Tulsa has reportedly given away overto those who spread the enjoyment of reading.

Have a bit of free time lately? The actress enjoys everything from snowboarding to collecting antique linens. Tennis star Maria Sharapova has her fair Looking for holdem players tonight of hobbies besides tennis. In her off-time, she enjoys dancing jazz, specifically as well as reading and watching movies she loves Sherlock Holmes and her favorite movie is Pearl Harbor. Maria also loves eating—so do we, Maria. Ryan Seacrest is a major Looking for holdem players tonight. Someone needs to get Dr.

Phil on the Seacrest situation asap. Singer Gwen Stefani is the owner of the clothing line L.

But hey, the Lookibg are cute. At least she knows where her strengths lie. Besides being a great singer, Alicia Keys is, apparently, a great person. In addition, her musical career began at a young age when she learned to play the piano.

Her favorite classical composer Looking for holdem players tonight Chopin. Looking for holdem players tonight admits that before she became a plqyers she wanted to play volleyball professionally. But apparently Paltrow has indeed spent tons of time visiting Spain and has learned to speak Spanish. Who knew model and television host Tyra Banks was an artist on canvas as well as behind the lens. Rollerblading and skiing are among some Looking for holdem players tonight her other favorite hobbies.

Tennis legend Serena Williams is a down to earth girl—though we could have Looking for holdem players tonight as much. But hey, if sexy actress Eva Longoria Parker wants to make a hobby out of removing the hairs from her crotch, well, more power to her! Like a lot of actresses, Katherine Heigl enjoys practicing yoga. But she also apparently enjoys kicking ass. What can we say?

Of course, Heigl has an artsy side too and apparently enjoys drawing as a way to relax. Actress Cate Blanchett cares—and she wants you to too. From ballet to flea markets to skiing. Of course, Heidi says her all time favorite hobby is spending time with family. But she has a good heart too—Carrie participated in the 18th annual City of Hope Adult singles dating in Bloomington, Maryland (MD). Softball tournament for charity, an organization which benefits researche for life-threatening diseases.

Jon Stewart, the king of fake punditry, is an absolute crossword puzzle fanatic. He appeared in the film Wordplay and, get this—he even proposed to his wife through a crossword puzzle created by Will Shortz. Retired professional tennis player Justine Henin appears to seeks thrills on and off the court, tomight skydiving as one of her favorite hobbies.