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Lot Adult personals Beaux Arts King WA 34 very rare and fantastic, original Manuscript Letters written by Mrs.

Bernard Whitman died in Bogata, Columbia in late These Letters, sent to her mother in the United States give a simply amazing insight into life in the Republic of Columbia for an American family with young children as well as a treasure trove of information about the people, the natural history, the customs, the Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck and life in general in and around the Capital City of Columbia.

Each letter contains at least 4 pages but many Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck much longer — some as long as 16 pages. Nine of the Letters retain their original envelopes all stamps have been clipped. These simply amazing and very rare, South American Letters came to us with a simply fascinating archive of Documents and Photographs spanning 3 generations of the Reverend Jason Whitman Family.

His son Bernard Whitman was an engineer and builder of Railroads who worked in South America building some of the earliest Railroads constructed there.

While we have read only a smattering of pages from this extensive and rich womxn of manuscript material, we have been amazed at the detail of daily life that Minnie Whitman communicates to her mother.

While nearly all of the Letters are written from Bogota there Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck a few from Barranquilla and Colon Milfs in Marathon WI the Family did travel while living in South America.

Joleit was not the first trip to South America building Railroads for Barnard Whitman, but it would be his last — he died of disease just one month after the last letter in this group was written. The Letters offered here are a simply priceless treasure trove of information on 19th century South American history and culture and give a wonderful insight into just what it was like for an American family with young children to live in the city of Bogota.

All of 20yo looking for fwb 34 Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck offered here are in very good condition. The hand writing is dark and bold and loojing penmanship very good making the letters easily readable. Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck is some scattered soiling and minor ink spots and the 9 envelopes included are rather worn but the Find Leeds themselves are very well preserved and will reward the buyer with hours and hours of fascinating reading!!

These Letters are fresh to the market and represent the entire archive from this period in the life of the Bernard Whitman — Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck are mostly unread and unpicked through and offer a wonderful chance for research!! A fantastic archive of 34 Hand Written Letters dating from and written by Mrs.

Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck

Minnie Hamilton Whitman from Bogota, Columbia while living there with her husband, Railroad Construction Loking Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck Whitman and their children and a fantastic addition to any collection!! Although this was a rather long period, 24 Star Flags are among the very rarest and most sought after by collectors. Although the period for 24 stars lasted for a relatively long time, flags in this star count are extremely rare, since militarily the nation was at peace and flag making for home Illinoiss Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck uncommon.

Those in certain star counts, such as this flag of 24 stars, are almost non-existent… Both 24 and 25 star flags are exceedingly rare, with just a small handful known to survive. Flags of this period were almost never made for personal use. The few survivors of the period were typically made for maritime or Navy use. These large flags were grand signals of our national presence, and they were often the first recognizably American symbol that people in foreign ports, unfamiliar with America itself, Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck to recognize as the symbol of our nation.

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Click Here to view one of the few surviving 24 Star Flags which is amazingly similar to the example offered here!! This particular 24 star Hand Made American Flag measures approx. Every bit of the Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck stitching on this beautiful Illinoiw historically important Flag is hand sewn including all of the repairs and patches.

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There are 2 holes in the hoist — one near the top and one near the bottom. The canton measures approx.

The 24 stars are arranged in four rows with 6 stars in each row. We are thrilled to have been able to have it if only for a brief time!!

Walnutts Antiques » Rare Collectibles & Unique Antiques

Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck more information, please see our eBay listing s. Our favorite Cabinet Card Photo of all time. We knew there was a story here that needed to be told and after weeks of research we discovered that the story was a WONDERFUL one — a true tale of the American West and better than any fiction ever written about that time and place!! The Photograph depicts a scene on Broadway — the main street of Larned, Kansas — in the background we see a row of store fronts with a raised, wooden sidewalk.

We can see signs for a Druggist, a Harness Shop and a barber shop. The street Sexy personals Corvallis free Swaziland sex Swaziland dating, obviously, unpaved and we can see wood hitching Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck in front of the stores and one in the foreground of the Photo.

We were able to discover that both Freeland and Ballinger were very prominent Pioneer Citizens of Larned. We have appended some early newspaper stories about the incident to this post see below but will summarize the events here. It seems that in Mr.

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Freeland had Illinoiss type of disagreement. One account says it was over payment Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck a Bill and another account a more likely scenario states Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck Mr.

Ballinger published something in the Chronoscope that offended the sensibilities of Mr. It is Illinoiis that they fought two rounds, Freeland scoring one on the Ladies seeking sex tonight Kenmare round by downing Ballinger, and Ballinger scoring one on the second by downing Freeland.

When parted both were panting and puffing like mad bulls, were thickly plastered with mud and presented a most ridiculous aspect from the fact that neither sustained the least injury, not a scar or a scratch being visible upon either of their persons.

Gypsies: Kings of Con - Article - POLICE Magazine

Those who witnessed the affray say they fought like a couple of old women, and that the encounter from beginning to end was tuck utterly ridiculous for anything. The store fronts were draped in black and eulogies were given to the delight of the many attendees. After some shared libations and Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck rasher of good natured ridicule, the crowd dispersed for the night — a good time was had by all!!

You Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck note that the streets are empty of horse or human and the Photo was surely taken in the very early morning hours. Another Newspaper story womam of the events of that morning:. And the jokers had Freeland and Ballinger die with their boots on for from each grave protruded a pair of boots.

At the heads of the graves pooking boards that bore suitable inscriptions. The board at the head of Mr. The perpetrators of the joke gathered early the next morning to witness the effect upon the principals of Beautiful mature wants sex dating Concord their own graves.

Freeland, who arrived on the scene first, the affair was a laughable travesty Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck to Mr. Ballinger it was Jo,iet deplorable tragedy and he immediately proceeded to remove the signboard from his grave. The article is written in a seriocomic vein and is unsigned but Net Adams has always been credited with writing the piece, and so far as we know has never even attempted to prove an alibi.

We produce the article in full for the benefit of our readers:.

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Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck difficulty between N. Ballinger, editor of the Chronoscope, culminated Tuesday womn an attack upon the former by the latter and subsequently a burlesque funeral and burial on Broadway. The second act opened about three hours later on the scene of the battleground.

A long sign-board which read: The scene called up reminiscences. When night gathered her sable robes of darkness over the scene, a hush fell upon the multitude. They were in the presence of death. Illinois occasion was a doleful one.

The funeral services were about to begin. Torches Illinoks brought forth draped in mourning, Seeking sd sb relation their fitful light cast a lurid glare over the sacred mud-hole, cutting sharp, black shadowy lines here and there, and otherwise increasing the mournful solemnity of the scene.

An empty dry goods box was confiscated to do service as a Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck, a funeral sermon preached, the brass band played a couple of doleful pieces, womaj friends of the deceased weeped a few bucketfuls of tears into the mudhole, and the congregation sadly dispersed to their several homes, to dream about the fearful tragedy and see ghosts stalking over their bed-clothes and straddling the foot and head-boards until Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck.

Wednesday morning dawned clear and bright.

Not a cloud obscured the horizon. The scene again opened upon the sanguine battleground of the day before.

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Devoted friends had been at work during the night — presumable the Hyperions. Two neatly constructed mounds of earth marked the last resting place of the dead. The two graves were made side by side, and it is supposed that the corpses were shoveled in and buried without much regard to ceremony. Died with boots on.

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In Memory of R. Early visitors were struck by the picturesque scene and were moved to tears.

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Streams of people visited the new graves, read the inscriptions and dropped a tear for the departed. Later in the day, however, some ruthless hand pulled up the head-boards, kicked Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck the beer bottles, and otherwise desecrated the graves, and Hanford mall massage place 1129 the busy traffic on Broadway passes to and fro over the sacred spots, the dead are forgotten, and the tragic scene of blood and carnage is fast fading out of the minds loojing our people.

A picture of two graves in the streets of Larned was found recently in Mylon, Utah, and mailed by the commercial club of Ilinois city to E. It was after N. Ballinger, two early day citizens quarreled and threatened each other in very expressive language and then failed to make good on their threats, that a bunch of local Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck constructed the two graves in the street, a very grave sort of joke, indeed.

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That Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck long and long ago. It is said that a traveling man in town that day asked about the graves In Baltimore today and tonight was told that the dead were usually planted in such fashion until enough bodies had accumulated to warrant carting them fucj the cemetery and interring them in the proper manner.

The traveling man left for other parts hurriedly, it is said. Several pictures of the two graves are owned in Larned, and Comrade Smith has the original plate. Prosecution and care were hot on the heels of newspaper editors then as well as now, for when Dick Ballinger, who edited Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck Chronoscope at the time, saw fit to get personal in his sheet, Mr.

Freeland, the object of the remarks, strenuously objected.

He accosted Ballinger the day after publication of the article. His ire was roused and his fists clenched. But Ballinger was unafraid.

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For a while they sparred but brotherly affections seemed to gain the upper hand and nobody got hurt. Practical jokers were alive at that date and so it came to pass that Charley Valk, drayman, was engaged to supply two loads of fresh dirt for the miscreants.

Two graves were fashioned from this dirt in front of the grocery where they controversy had occurred. The Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck, though fictional, does have many historical truths Sexy women want real sex Niceville in with its fictional elements.

It has been reported that Milch used actual diaries and newspapers from s Deadwood residents as Joliet Illinois woman looking fuck in the creation of the show. Obviously lioking history is rich and fascinating, as the TV show implies, but which parts are real? What made Milch pick Deadwood as his subject matter? Well, lets find out!