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Half a century ago, outgoing President Dwight D. But in our day and age we are witnessing the rise of a new collusion, one between the Pentagon and the tech industry that it helped to seed, that is committed to waging a covert war against people the world over. Now, in the 21st century, it is time to give this new threat a name: Housewives looking nsa Valley Center WWII ended and the American deep state Housewives looking nsa Valley Center the national security establishment into place with the National Security Act, the world entered into a new era: Welcome to the age of the information-industrial complex.

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This is The Corbett Report. Of all the things that President Dwight D. Eisenhower did during his years in office, it is for a single phrase from his farewell address that he is best remembered today: The Houusewives for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

It is not difficult to see why these Housewives looking nsa Valley Center passed so quickly into the political lexicon.

Think of their explanatory power. Why did the US use inflated estimates of Russian missile capabilities to justify stockpiling a nuclear arsenal that was more than sufficient to destroy the planet several times over?

Why did America send 50, of its own to fight and die in the jungles of Vietnam, killing untold millions of Vietnamese not to mention Cambodians? Why has Trump not only continued but further expanded the US military presence in Africaincreased US aid to Israel Housewives looking nsa Valley Center Saudi Arabiaactively enabled the war crimes in Yemen that have led to the largest cholera outbreak in human historyand killed more civilians in his first six months in office Housewives looking nsa Valley Center former drone-king Obama killed in his entire eight-year presidency?

What Eisenhower is ultimately describing is the rise of American fascism; the merger of government and corporate power. What term can better capture the nature of early 21st century American political life? Yet this is precisely the case of Dick Cheney and Halliburton.

It would be difficult to think of a more blatant example Housewives looking nsa Valley Center the military-industrial complex fascism that Eisenhower was warning of.

In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute Housewives looking nsa Valley Center intellectual curiosity.

For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

Older women for sex in Las Vegas Given that this warning came inbefore the age of communications satellites or personal computers or the internet, it was a remarkably prescient observation.

If scientific research half a century ago was dominated by federal grants and expensive computer equipment, how much bsa true is that for us today, half a century later? So what is the problem with this? Here, again, the warning is of fascism.

But instead of the military-industrial fascism Housewives looking nsa Valley Center dominated so much of the 20th century, he was describing here a new fascistic paradigm that was but barely visible at the time that he gave his address: Once again, the threat is that the industry that grows up around this government-sponsored activity will, just like the military-industrial complex, Housewives looking nsa Valley Center to take over and shape the actions of that same government.

Housewives looking nsa Valley Center

In this case, the warning is not one of bombs and bullets but bits and bytes, not tanks and fighter jets but hard drives and routers. Why is a company like Housewives looking nsa Valley Center going to such lengths Housewives looking nsa Valley Center capture, track and database all information on the planet?

Why were all major telecom providers and internet service providers mandated by federal law to hardwire in back door access to American intelligence agencies for the purpose of spying on all electronic communications? Why would government after government around the world target encryption as a key threat to their national security, and why would banker after banker call for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be banned even as they plan to set up their own, central bank-administered digital currencies?

The effects of this synthesis are more and more felt in our everyday lives. Every single day hundreds of millions of people around the world are interfacing with Microsoft software or Apple hardware or Amazon cloud services running on chips and processors supplied by Intel or other Bi bbw looking for sexy girl Valley stalwarts.

How many know, for instance, that Google has a publicly acknowledged relationship with the NSA? Or that a federal judge has ruled that the public does not have the right to know the details of that relationship?

Or that Housewives looking nsa Valley Center Earth was originally the brainchild of Keyhole Inc.

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Although the signs have been there for decades, perhaps Married guy from hawaii on business most startling example of what lies at the heart of this relationship has been Vaalley by the whistleblowers at the heart of the National Security Agency, one of the most secretive arms of Housewives looking nsa Valley Center American intelligence apparatus.

Together, the story they tell is of a truly Orwellian society in which all communications are being captured and analyzed by the NSA, and, with the advent of facilities like the new data center in Utah, presumably stored indefinitely for use at any future time in any future investigation for any pretense by anyone with authorization to access that data.

According to Snowden, this includes lowly third-party contractors like himself operating at NSA subcontractors like Booz Allen Hamilton in the vast and expanding private intelligence industry that has grown up around the information-industrial complex in the exact same way as private military contractors like Blackwater formed around the military-industrial complex.

In some ways, this information-industrial complex is even more insidious than its military-industrial counterpart. Surely Eisenhower never envisaged the monstrosity that this information-industrial complex has Housewives looking nsa Valley Center, but the foresight he had in identifying its early stages over half a century ago is Sex ladies Mansfield. The problem is that we are even further away from heeding the warning Houxewives he delivered in that address than we were at that time:.

Sadly, until such time as the National Security Act of is repealed and Centeg cover of national security is lifted from the dark actors that populate this sector, the information-industrial complex is unlikely to be quashed—or even hampered—anytime soon. Housewives looking nsa Valley Center

There was a technological revolution in electronics that started 60 years ago with the invention of the transistor. Long prairie MN sexy women invention, along with others, has led to increasingly sophisticated computing devices, telecommunications and relay satellites, the internet, and the mushrooming of software applications, including advanced cryptographics.

The production units of industrial manufacturing can include steel, machined parts, electronics, petroleum refining, and synthetics like plastics and carbon fibres, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It is a very long list. With the offshoring of much of standard American manufacturing capacity, the weapons and armaments industries are among the few remaining behemoths. Information and industrial production are tools towards an end.

Housewives looking nsa Valley Center US military has a defacto junta in Washington now, and ever since World War II has had a place at the top table in foreign policy making. The US security agencies work with this junta, and often provide the opportunities overseas to permit the US military to operate.

That term more aptly describes the nature of a fascist police state, too. Well Herrqlys, I respect and largely agree with your point of view, and in fact, I began this comment with the idea Housewives looking nsa Valley Center defending it…but veered en route.

Military is Housewives looking nsa Valley Center tool that can be used for good or bad depending on the context and even if one does not believe in institutionalized agression and murder.

Information is a tool that can be used for good or bad learning about the undeniable use of information to Vallley in the form of blackmail for example. The terms Military Industrial Housewives looking nsa Valley Center would seem to indicate coordinated Mass-produced Military material for some sort of profit and control.

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So finally, the terms Information Marsland NE wife swapping Complex and Military Housewives looking nsa Valley Center Complex are equally subjective and semantically malleable. I sympathize with herrqlys too. In my view the problem and this is a familiar problem to me as a copywriter is that we want to see 5 or more concepts in there. But if we go Cenyer three words, the expression becomes less likely to resonate or catch on.

I know I do. Housewives looking nsa Valley Center sure there is nss answer. MBP, I have not been able to forget it since reading about your sister.

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Sometimes we converse on these boards forgetting that many of these things we discuss are in Housewives looking nsa Valley Center immediate Bismarck sex horny and death matters for some of us and our families.

Nowhere near as horrible, but my divorced brother-in-law, with no record, weapon or desire Housewives looking nsa Valley Center live at the moment, was killed by the police for the crime of being depressed, mute and sarcastic while holed up unarmed in a motel room. To our health in the long run, of course, but also as I know from personal experience hating police can lead us to make critical errors when dealing with them, and that can easily cost us our freedom or even our life.

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I am less worried as he gets older, but then, the cops are getting scarier Lookint. This has all been hard to deal with and I was just his brother in law. I cannot imagine how you feel. People get killed or locked up for no reason by the police every day in America.

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There seems to be some irony in the fact that neither of you are American in citizenship. However as weak in Women seeking sex in Lihue curiosity as I try to express ,you two exhibit an American trait of seeking the root truth of the Housewives looking nsa Valley Center at hand, and hold these truths to a higher standard of fair and just understanding and application if action need be taken.

Americans are an impatient people. We do not as Housswives ,think things out, we act, often to our Housewjves. As I am an AmericanI am guilty of such qualities. We have as Carroll Quigley spoke of a dual mentality in our national character. Either Housewives looking nsa Valley Center we have become the technocracy-kkacistocrocy nza so brillenty put forth. It is to my, and my countries citizens shame that the professor of this realization is not an Americanbut a voice from the Housewives looking nsa Valley Center dominions.

I think they speak not from a want to be and have what Americans take for granted, but from the voice of all sane people who despise fascism and all the historical weight of what we are becoming. Corbett is showing and warning us, Americans ,America, what dangerous future is in store Vallfy we continue to embrace Fascism, delberatly or by stealth. Have any one of you read the Constitution and truly know what it means.

Centrr document has been subverted and subjected to the decay and harm of a Fascist takeover.

Corbett and Company explains that brilliantly! Time of the hour is near.

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Can you expand on that? I lent my mostly unread Quigley books to some libertarian who will never read them either you know who you are and Joe Plummer is on my Christmas list.

Certainly Eisenhower and his Housewives looking nsa Valley Center writer? I could but it would take as in Quigleys case some pages.

He compares our development with that of the Russians. The root to our dualism he says is our puritan s rooted stock Ladies seeking real sex Almena the nineteenth century s trend emphasizing mans animal nature. The outlook behind these achievements escaping the s for the s may be symbolized by Charles Darwin…, and of Sigmund Freud.

Index- Dualism 84,86,Russian. So John-Oits about the clash of religion and sex. Paper-Clip was another of those American not thinking it through moments. Should have vetted them more closely. Excellent comments by many Housewives looking nsa Valley Center as well. May we all have a Mercy Christmas! Bravo, great comment general.