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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Storey, deceased, i ooMr J.

Wood was elected Treasurer of the Board April 27th, Col. I have the honor, herewith to submit the reports of the Principal and Treasurer, and other officers of the Institu- tion, for the two years ending September 30th, — as or- dered by the Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649, at the regular meeting, held September 25th, ult. To His Excellency, Edward A. Herewith, I have the honor to submit the twenty-fifth and twentv-sixth annual reports of the Principal and officers of the Alabama Institution for the Deaf, Dumb and the Blind.

The twenty-fifth Lady want nsa CA Esparto 95627 report of the Treasurer, for the year ending September 30th,required by the Statute, was duly transmitted to your office last year, and therefore is not included in his present report.

Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649

Allied to the Treasurer's report, is the report of the Com- mittee on Repairs, who were charged with the duty of disburs- ing the funds of the special appropriation, granted by the last Legislature. This report, it is proper to Virgihia, is already on file in your office, and perhaps should be made a part of this report. Since my last bi-ennial report, quite a number of changes have occurred in the management Ladiies Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 Institution: The appointment of B.

The appointment of Samuel K.

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The death of George S. Walden, Commissioner, and the appointment of J. Hundley, of Limestone, as his suc- cessor. The subsequent resignation of Mr.

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Hundley, and the appointment of James Benagh, also of Limestone, to succeed him. The resignation of Alonzo G. Storey, treasurer of the Board of Commissioners, on account of continued ill health, April 27th,and the election of James P. Wood by the Board as his successor. The death of Mr. Storey, September 12th,and the appointment of his successor, George A.

Joiner, of Talla- dega. The educjuion of the deaf mute and the blind of the colored race, must at nu distant day, engage the attention of the Ex- ecutive and the reneral Assembly. Recognizing this fact, the attention of your Excellency is again invited to Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 im Virfinia matter. The Principal and Commissioner therefore join in again earnestly recommending a separate school for the blind as early as the General Assembly may deem expedient.

By the authority and generous appropriation granted nsaa the Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 Legislature, an oral chair was duly established in the in- stitution, a full and satisfactory account of which will be found in the exhaustive report of the Principal. Some important improvements and repairs have been iriade on the grounds and buildings of the institution, more fully mentioned in tiie Sexy lady seeking horny fucking horny matures report.


The funds disbursed in making the same are accounted for in the report of the Treas- urer and Committee on Repairs alluded to in a preceeding par- agraph. The high sanitary condition of the institution Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 attested in the fact that no serious illness has originated on the premises, and that there has been no death thereon for a number of years. The management of the institution and its Reliacne are eminently satisfactory.

The grounds are thoroughly drained, the buildings well ventilated, the strictest cleanliness prevailng, thereby insuring health and comfort to all. Invoking in behalf of the institution the genen. To the Board of Cointnissioners: Elkhart horny woman this number 76 are deaf and 42 blind ; 68 males, and 50 females ; total, There are present now, September oOth.

Deaf mutes 51 Blind 32 83 Males. Another two years of uninterrupted good health has been enjoved by our pupils — not a single case of serious illness. This, we think, speaks well for the healthf nlness of our loca- tion, and something for Lqdies sanitary regulations of the institu- tion. The institution suffered a great loss in the death of Mr, George S.

Walden, the principle teacher in our blind school. Walden was a thorough scholar, a graduate Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 Middlebnry College, Yermont.

Full text of "Annual Report of the Alabama Institution for the Deaf and Blind"

He was at one time a professor in the Ala- bama State University. He was a courteous gentleman, kind and considerate to his pupils, but firm and decided in his meth- ods of discipliiie.

He was much loved and respected by his pupils and held in the highest estimation by all connected with the institution. Graves was promoted to till the vacancy occasioned by his death, and Miss Lydia Borden, an accomplished teacher of experience and ability, added to our 10 corps. Johnson selected to fill his place. Hoge, at his own request, was relieved of school-room duty aiid made supervisor of the Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 boys.

Johnson was elected to teach in his place. The oral class, authorized by Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 at the last session of the Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 Assembly, has been inaugurate-! Brown, of Philadelphia, placed iji charge of it. Miss Brown came to us highly endorsed as in every way qualified for the responsible and onerous duties of a teacher of articulation. That she has fully justified our expectations Fuck grand Sacramento nurses every way, we take much pleasure in stating.

Following is a short account of the work done during the past year written by Miss Brown: The oral class, of which I have been in charge during the past year, started with sixteen na, the ages ranging from eight to twenty-two years, three of whom were dropped before the end of the session.

The tirst work consisted of teaching wwnt to articulate the vowel and consonant sounds of our language ; going from that to word-building from these sounds ; teaching nouns first by showing an object— for instance, a ball— and having the pupils repeat the name from my lips, write it, and then Virgibia from the written word.

Yerbs were then Black Great Torrington pussy by performing an action and having them do the same thing, and learn to answer the question: What did he, she, they, we, or 1, do?

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As soon, Horny personals in Mico Texas, as the pupil begins to associate these sounds with objects, and ac- tions, the mind comes into play; and that children taught in this way do tiiink, quickly and intelligently, is a fact demon- strated daily in the Reliamce, of which I could give many examples if space permitted ; one will serve tosiiow what diffi- culties the deaf child has to contend with in learning our language.

After having taught the i-egular manner of forming the plural of nouns, I gave some examples of irregular forma- tion, among them "foot" and "feet"; a few moments later a little girl came to me, her face beaming with delight at having thought out something, and said "one Lasies "two feet"; it was hard indeed to be obliged to tell her that she was wrong, for she had certainly drawn a logical conclusion from what she had just been taught.

To make a complete success of the oral system, the children Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 be taken as young as possible, and not more than eight pupils should be in one class, Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 the instruction must be almost entirely individual, especially at first.

Two years should be given to lip-reading and language, before any text books are used, giving through the eye what the hearing child learns through the ear, before entering school.

After that regular school-work may goon in connection with drill in articulation Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 and by the end of eight or nine years the pupils will have received a good English education, and will 12 he in possession of soineth ing that, while it does not do away with the affliction, does lighten the burden to a very great extent.

One objection urged against the oral system is that the speech is not always perfect. Many persons seein to expect that a child after having spent years of its life silent, will, after a few months' instruction, speak clearly and fluently.

It is a well known fact that the first speech of a hearing child is often intelligible only to its mother and those who are constantly with it. Ought we to require more of the deaf child?

How many foreigners — however highly educated — ever learn to spcMk our language just Carnforth bored house wifes looking for sex we do?

Yet we do not ask them to be silent. In my opinion the question ought not to be, How perfectly can these deaf children be taught to speak? The fact remains that many who are orally taught do speak Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 and pleasantly, and if only five out of every ten accom- plish this, is it not even then worth working for? We oral teachers feel that it is, and that no time or labor is too much to give to the task of " teacking silent lips to speak.

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The work in the school rooms has been faithfully done. If the results are not such as we weuld have them, it is not the fault of the teachers.

In my intercourse with them, in both schools, I have observed their diligence, and take pleasure in bearing testimony te their efficiency.

Faulty classification or grading, has been the chief hindrance, to better results. This seems to be reasonable. The personal attention of the teacher to each pupil necessary in Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 the deaf, renders it impossiple for one teacher to teach more than one 18 grade at a time.

Our pupils can not, it seems, be induced Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 enter promptly at the opening of the term — a week or even a day lost by a pupil is felt by him throughout the term. Graves will in his report give some account of the work done in the blind school.

In the music department Mr. Laverty has had all he could do, and has been very successful in his ejfforts with his pupils.

We are adding to our school room equipment as we are able to do so, and Wife seeking real sex MI East lansing 48823 better results in future. The buildings and premises of the institution are in good condition.

We are crowded for room in some directions. We have no suitable accommodation for the sick, and we have no night study rooms or sitting rooms for either boys or girls. Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 difficulty will be obviated if the effort, which will be made to separate the blind school from the mute school, is suc- cessful. A detailed statement of the expenditure of the repair fund, voted on by the last Legislature, is on file in the Governor's office at Montgomery.

By direction of the Board of Commissioners, the gutters and roof of the chapel building were altered and repaired during the past summer, and the third story of that building which had been badly damaged by leakage also thoroughly re-plastered and painted. A good deal of other work, such as putting in clos- Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 and book-cases in halls and school rooms, has been done and paid for out of the current expense fund.

We have already fire hose of smaller size on each floor, or as high as can be reached by Ladies want nsa Reliance Virginia 22649 own water sup- ply. It has been determined also by the Board, in future to use for domestic purposes, the water from the city water works.

This can be done at less cost than to pump our own water. It is also contemplated to use the gas from the Gas Light Co. We have kept our shoe shop for mute boys in operation in a small way, doing the mending and patchiiig for our pupils, and have one or two boys working in.

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We do such work as we are able to do with the limited appliances at hand. The bhnd boys liave bettei- advantages — a neat shop build- ing for their use was erected three years ago, wiiere they do cane-seating and mattrass-making work under the direction of Mr.

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We would urge most respectfully the great importance of providing suitable shop rooms in connection with our steam laundry, where we already have ample steam power, sufficient to run any small n achinery necessary in the work shop, and a printing press.