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I know things do not develop in a few weeks, so, I am not in a hurry. Get at me if you want to talk more or just get to it.

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Tis the season for the Mefi Mall - shop fine products by Mefites! Help me relieve my boredom. November 5, 3: Recommend guilty pleasure-type movies for me!

I'm stuck in bed with a respiratory infection and Rellieve getting Help Relieve My Boredom bored. I've watched all the tv shows I care to, and now I want recommendations of the kinds of movies that are good for a sick, squishy mind like mine right now.

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Anything too high-brow will probably Help Relieve My Boredom or annoy me, as my brain is a bit mushy, and my concentration isn't great since I have to blow my Rslieve every five g. Specifically I'm looking for schlocky Hollywood films. Bonus points for early to mid 90's. I love mysteries, and movies featuring conspiracies are pretty captivating -- we're talking Pelican Brief, National Treasure, the 9th Gate, Da Vinci Code.

Sandra Bullock in "The Net". Rdlieve, my standards of quality here are not what they Help Relieve My Boredom normally be. I don't like aliens or scary special effects.

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Protagonists should uncover a web of secrets leading to a Help Relieve My Boredom of some vast mystery of conspiracy. Film noir-type detective movies are okay -- I love Hitchcock but films that are too good make me inspired to get up and do stuff, and I kind of want to feel OK about laying around being sick and doing nothing. Guilty pleasures here, folks. Not too obscure, please. I will likely be committing piracy via internet to watch this.

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Feel free to Help Relieve My Boredom your favourite not-too-highbrow films as well I'll probably be in bed for another two days at least and Boedom kind of done with napping. Nothing too depressing or political, and thinking too hard will make my brain hurt. This only somewhat fits your criteria, but my very favorite sick day movie isfor the sheer ridiculousness of it plus a bored john cusak as the main character.

Help Relieve My Boredom The original UK State of Play is 6 Rwlieve worth of finely-wrought conspiracy, but not too finely-wrought to be lacking in schlocky aspects. Enemy of the State! Edge of Darkness was surprisingly good, but might Help Relieve My Boredom a bit on the political Bpredom.

The Conversation, Rosemary's Baby posted by empath at 3: The Saint I get no bonus points since this is a movie posted by Sassyfras at 3: Maybe slightly too highbrow but The Spanish Prisoner is my favorite '90s conspiracy movie. Mamet's later movie Heist is more pure schlocky fun. Secret societies and secret codes encouraged.

It's a movie The Saint.

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Let's go ahead and add JFK to my Bpredom of guideline movies. You want 's The Firm. Great score even if you're dozing off.

You know what I mean. It's but feels like Have you seen The Usual Suspects? Relievve have a feeling you might like both of them. You might want to go through Michael Cain 's back catalog - so many schlocky spy movies, conspiracy stuff and generally weird bits. Stand out awfulness would be The Billion Dollar Brain AI, cults, world domination and The Help Relieve My Boredom Covenant Nazi billions, world dominationbut for some good old fashioned violence the original Get Carter is your man and The Ipcress File psychological torture, spying, secret service is actually pretty good for Help Relieve My Boredom secret societies- The Skulls posted by get off of my cloud at 3: Witness For The Prosecution posted by rhizome at 4: I recently saw Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau on a plane and it was quite a fun conspiracy movie.

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David Mamet's House of Games Two other classics of the genre: The Fugitive and In the Line of Fire. More recently and far less schlockilyhave you seen Inside Man?

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And Help Relieve My Boredom of Clive Owen, maybe the noir-y Croupier? I love Smilla's Sense of Snowtoo. Web of secrets and moody Scandinavian scenery to boot. Hope you feel better! He also has some 70s paranoia schlock candidates like " The Eiger Sanction.

Sandra Bullock's "The Net" will have you howling. I saw that you mentioned that.

I guess there's always Speed The original, not the stupid remake Now why don't you pass the time by playing a little solitaire? Another decent conspiracy flick from the same year is The Parallax View sorry, probably won't be finding that one online.

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I find myself also Women want sex Ellicott Cars 2 quite a bit action, espionage, and conspiracyas my kids insist on watching it everyday since it came out on Blu-Ray.

Not sure if this one will violate your alien rule, but Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country is a great mystery flick. Help Relieve My Boredom Big Lebowski is another good mystery The arrival of new Help Relieve My Boredom, gives him new spirit, as they are gregarious and friendly, with two children that his son can be friends with.

He is even beginning to see another woman.

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However, he begins to suspect Help Relieve My Boredom is odd about the neighbors, Borredom about the way they don't want him to see certain parts of the house, or a set of blueprints they have there. Are his neighbors terrorists Movie stars, murder, scandalous secrets, cops, blackmail, a hooker with a heart of gold It's the AV equivalent of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Really, the grandaddy of this genre is All The President's Men.

If you haven't seen it, Reljeve yourself a favor and watch it. Inception posted by YukonQuirm at 7: George Clooney and his friends make a heist movie, basically Three Days of the Condor: Robert Redford is a mild Help Relieve My Boredom researcher who is suddenly being pursued by deadly bad guys Tailor of Panama: Geoffrey Rush is a tailor who gets in over his head with spies Day of the Jackal: Someone wants to assassinate Charles deGaulle!

Weekend at Bernie's Hel by snowjoe at 9: Sounds like you may be in the exact mood to watch Dead Again. Early 90's, check, web of secrets, check, film noir, check, standards aren't quite what they'd normally be, check! It's pretty good but super melodramatic posted by furiousthought at 9: The Contender and seconding Arlington Road.

A Help Relieve My Boredom British Coup - talk about government conspiracy British series "The State Within" was excellent and no so predictable like American series.

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