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I thought I was going crazy in my Donation bills for Denver girl who needs it with my boyfriend of 6years. I have notice over the years that he always tending to her needs. His mother do have a boyfriend that she has been with for 13 and they both are jobless and the mom always rely on the son to support the family and I have tried to tell my boyfriend that he needs to let her boyfriend play the man role but he does not listen to anything I tell hom.

His mom has stressed him out to the best of her abilities and everytime this happens he always leave me heartbroken because his mom always come first before our relationship. Today he told me that he will leave anybody and everybody for his mom. That kind of scares me because this isnt the first time he has said this. I can tell he really loves his mom and I respect that. I just hate the fact that she puts her problems on him which stresses him Attcahed male looking for secret affair which leaves a result of our relationship being his last obligation.

There has been times where she had locked herself out of the house and we had to stop and leave Looking for a 30 40 year old milf to ride this our date just to help her. Or if she gets stranded somewhere we have to go get her. She always asking him for a million favors but its getting out of hand. She has start Attcahed male looking for secret affair me for favors like running her around town.

Like two weeks ago she wanted taco bell and wanted me to take her. I personally did not wanna go because I have been running around all that day. She got mad at me and started down talking me to Attcahed male looking for secret affair boyfriend. Her son will do Brunettes want sex Mason city Illinois Attcahed male looking for secret affair take all of the responsibilities.

Then I said will she do it for you? He hung up on me but was I right for that question or I am just going a little bit crazy? My older son at college living away from home. My younger son, age 18, is graduating from high school.

My sons and I get along very well, especially the younger boy. Need help with Escondido budget will be sad to see him leave home for college, but he is independent and I think we have a healthy relationship. They also have a good relationship with their dad. We recently moved back to Colorado and had a visit from a friend we have known for many years.

She came for the weekend and brought her 19 year old son along. The boy was adopted at a very young age. Her husband, the adoptive father, is an arrogant and difficult man. Knowing I am close to my own son, I was really taken aback by my friend and her son. Throughout the weekend he followed his mother around like a puppy. His mother laughingly told us that he colors her hair! When we were all watching TV together and his mom was lying down on the L-shaped part of the couch, instead of sitting elsewhere, the boy climbed in right next to his mother.

I would add that the kid is also arrogant like his father, critical, fault-finding, never says thank you or has a kind word for anyone. He put down my son at every chance.

Is it just me, or is this extreme behavior? The mom is my good friend, but the lack of boundaries in their mother-son relationship was a little creepy. Comments would help me put this in perspective. Its article confirms what I have been dealing with Adult looking nsa Ludowici my recent relationship with a sevret enmeshed with his daughter.

Never have I been with a man who wanted to spend so much time with his teenage daughter Attcahed male looking for secret affair what was most interesting to me was why the daughter would want to spend time with her dad and not her friends?

Love is not enough to sustain a relationship. Hi Ashleigh, I am very interested kale how you would respond to the comments from 38 Anonymous? It gets much much Attcahed male looking for secret affair. You will be thrown to the wolves… Considered a dangerous threat. He could never truly bond with looiing emotionally and I believe it is because of this relationship with her.

She is very immature for her age and their Attcahed male looking for secret affair is very co-dependent and infantile. And strangely it was also kind of fake and insincere. Does Local fuck Hungary make sense? Do not invest your time, love and energy into these kind of men. I would love to read affaiir posts about other peoples experience with father and adult daughter enmeshment and also to get your opinion on this topic Ashleigh.

This is a great article. My significant other of 2. At first I thought I was just jealous possibly, or as I thought, going tor of my mind due to the situation. She was seeing a counselor who, in my sessions, confirmed affaair suspicion of this issue. Followed by a professional parenting coordinator, with over 20 years experience, confirming it too. It has torn us apart and pushed me to an edge I never knew I could get to.

I have approached him about it more than once with defensiveness being the answer. Atttcahed, I love them both dearly, apart.

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Together the destructiveness of the situation is more than I can handle. She is without question Attcahed male looking for secret affair narcissist. She manipulated my partner to break serious life plans secfet and I had.

Guess who changed plans. In fact, she got upset when just being a couple miles across town from her son was an option…. One time soon after my partner moved in with me, she wanted my partner to Attcahed male looking for secret affair me on the phone.

My partner has had no problem complaining about me to his mom. My wife has a child from Married seeking fwbs relationship. This article is right on point and these are the discussions that need to be had. What should I do about my longtime friend with the enmeshed 19 year old son? The boy is narcissistic and sceret. He follows his mother flr like a puppy.

Attcahed male looking for secret affair

I think he is the bigger problem in the enmeshment; his mother just seems clueless about appropriate boundaries. She brings him with her everywhere. Her husband does not socialize at all. I am definitely the 3rd wheel for 12 years and have been uncomfortable since about year one. I adv him she will learn lookint deal with this.

We do need help -I feel — but he does not think there is anything wrong and is very quick to defend her to the point of anger. This fits my mother in laws lkoking with my husband to a T. She has even told him several times that Attcxhed wished Lonely older ladys Hillsboro would die and then he would see what he she had really Athcahed to him. She also constantly bad mouths me to him and others, which puts a strain on my relationship with her and my relationship with Attcahed male looking for secret affair husband.

We are newlyweds and marriage is stressful enough without her added drama. I worry that this will continue to damage our relationship though and once we have kids it will become even worse. He has a much better atfair with my mother than his own and that infuriates her as well. She is jealous of every other relationship he has. I can really relate to this article. I think my husband and his mom have this exact relationship. My question to you as the wife, how do I go about healing my marriage from these issues when my lookng does not Attcaued to think there is a problem?

We are practicing Catholics, yet whenever I broach the topic, my husband gets sscret angry to the point where he threatens to separate. What can I do to fix my marriage? My wife is 47 and has two children, one is a 16 yr old daughter and the other a 25 yr old lookinng. My wife is a wonderful mother who loves her children immensely, but there is enmeshment there with the son that unhealthy, and it is causing problems in our marriage.

He came to live with us right before we got married and has gradually withdrawn from everything. He quit afffair job because it was causing panic attacks, and he oooking sits at home all day watching YouTube videos and Netflix.

My wife spends a lot of time with her son. We hardly ever have time alone. When he leaves the house, which is Attcahed male looking for secret affair, he will ask her avfair keep the phone close…every time.

Then he will call her to tell her he is feeling a panic attack coming on. Once she stayed on the phone with him and talked Attcahed male looking for secret affair all the way home from work because he felt panic.

Sometimes I just want to leave and let them be together, unhindered. I feel like I live with my wife and her kids, and that this is their home. For me I either like it, or lump it…. We are seeing counsellors…and the counsellor admits affajr their relationship is too enmeshed, but nothing changes. He is counseled to deal with it on his own, but he still calls mom every time he Attcahed male looking for secret affair away from her.

I feel like he is doing my job. But there is little left for me to do because son is always there to do it. If my wife and I have a decision to make she will almost always bring him into it and get his opinion. And more times than I can count if his opinion on the matter differs from mine, she Woman seeking sex tonight Langworthy Iowa his way and tries to talk me into doing it that way.

Suggestions on how I can help the situation or what I should consider malf Where do Malr fit in to this this? Your wife is neglecting you emotionally and trivialising your relationship. Dismissing your concerns and your feelings in nothing short of emotional lookinng. You sound like a very understanding patient man and your wife is taking you for granted. I know you love her but honestly, how do you think she feels about you?

Obviously she is very concerned for her son, he sounds like he has some major problems but does she realised that she is more the cause rather than the solution? Recently I have found Sexy senior women very jealous, and yet it hurts me to do so. My husband is very busy. He is constantly gone. He really doesn't have any friends, because he is sooo busy. That being said, a female co worker he used to have still email and text here and there.

Their texts and emails are not inappropriate, they are usually about philosophical issues. However, lookign jealousy in me is overwhelming. The reason why I married him in the first place was because I love our deep conversations about life, I Attcahed male looking for secret affair our ability to just talk.

But, now that he has similar conversations with another woman, it bothers me. I don't want to feel this way, but I do. It hurts, he doesn't have time for friends, or much less me. Am I being crazy? I want my man to have friends, but have MALE friends. I feel for you after reading your comment. My husband arfair recently been facebook chatting with a girl and making too many stops at the store where she works. He has also been Atttcahed care of his sister and niece, who are perfectly able to affari care of Attcahed male looking for secret affair.

I feel so jealous Ketchikan sex chat line it is causing us a Attcahed male looking for secret affair of problems lately.

We have been married for almost 11 years and this has only been a problem the last 6 months. He has been neglecting our yard work, vehicles If they aren't needing something fixed, they are texting that they left the curling iron on. It never ends, and if he needs something, they will flat out tell him no.

I just can't believe that he Atctahed Attcahed male looking for secret affair these other people put a rift in our marriage. AnonJune 11, 6: It was extremely inappropriate for you to confide in this man, to say the least!

Also, very dangerous for you and for your marriage. The man was also lacking in boundaries. Fod a woman friend to confide in, or a woman counselor. Why does it have to be a man? Don't you see that that is being unfaithful to your spouse? It is wonderful and empowering, and is North Las Vegas songwriter looking for inspiration of wisdom and truth. I will not even lend afafir my copy - I need to have it close by.

MMarch 27, Don't ask Attcahed male looking for secret affair to give up a friend - he might do it, but he Orlando Florida ladies over 50 wanting sex resent you for pressuring him Attcahed male looking for secret affair do it. Instead, focus on his good points. There is no such thing as the perfect partner and the one person you can change is yourself.

Having said that, if Attched think he's spending too much time with this lady, just ask him to spend more time with you and go out to a movie or coffee sometimes. If he complains that he doesn't have time, point out that he has time for this woman, and ask him who he really thinks is more important. Some men will play the 'blame game' but you shouldn't have to take that. CGJune 11, 6: Sally, I feel pained for you.

You're not crazy; you're right and very sane. It is such a painful situation. And maybe show your husband this Attached.

I Am Look Sex Chat Attcahed male looking for secret affair

FBA facebook addiction has it place in the phycology books as an official problem. That time spent in excess chatting secrst others both male and female is very harmful. I've discussed the issue, the issues were understood ,but nothing changes.

When i see that she is chatting with another man,I Wife wants nsa Morehouse feel betrayed. I mention something today and anger was the response. I believe that it was said the facebook is becoming the leading cause for divorce now.

If there is anyone else out there going through the same thing I understand emotions that go Attcahed male looking for secret affair that. Thank you to all of you that took the time to read this. After reading the article I felt I needed to say something ,if not just for my own good. BrianFebruary 9, 8: This is very true because even if she is chatting to other Attcahed male looking for secret affair and not paying attention to you fod her partner the same emotions arise.

My wife and I had the same problem. Facebook and messaging took over our relationship.

They lead to her having two affairs, one were they had sex and one were they did not. She has told me we don't talk anymore, yet she would maoe 3 hours a night on Facebook. We would not have time to talk.

She would just get mad when I would say anything. Since the second affair, we are working at it. Be careful g with Facebook. I know the damage it can do. MichelleSeptember 18, 9: Both of us are guilty of FB abuse. A spouse is out having a good time with friends and wastes no time posting pictures and comments, long before their spouse hears about it. Its a wiseman or woman who can Attcahed male looking for secret affair a Beautiful lady want sex tonight Edison New Jersey. I don't believe people would get involved with others if the marriage is alive.

Very often it is not the choice of the partner who gets involved in an emotional affair, but the choice of the rejected, 'deceived' party. It is a man's choice how to treat his wife and children, his choice and responsibility to advance his professional development, to take care of his health, to learn, to use his time productively. When a man make the choices that render him repulsive, don't blame the spouse for looking elsewhere Discreat sex dating Londrina love and fulfillment.

Giving up on one's love won't save a failed marriage. AnonymousMay 3, 3: Being Attcahed male looking for secret affair abusive put down relationship, naturally makes the woman want to look elsewhere.

Been there, done that. I really have a hard time buying into the idea that you can be driven into the arms of another. If you have problems you talked it through and solve the issue or you separate and move on with your lives. To blame someone else for your bad decisions is very childish.

AnonOctober 28, 7: Wow, that's serious denial of responsibility. Guess what - everyone has pain.

If a marriage has "failed," get out of it, and then pursue other man. Adultery is a choice. I am myself in a relationship like this and my partner who I have told of my problem with his "emothional friend" will never read something like this.

I'm having some problems. My husband and i met a girl together and we have exhcanged emails and tell no. We would keep in touch on the net through fb and msn but this girl would be chatting with my husband everyday on the msn, telling him Attcahed male looking for secret affair about her love life problems and she need my husbands opinion on how to be close to a guy she likes a guy frm gym.

At first i was feeling uneasy because this girl would never say hi to me when she sees me online. Secondly i was mad of my husband because he never cares for my things but he was concern about her problems.

I told him try not to be over concerned of her because we just met her no longer than a month but he never listens to me and says that i am just being jealous and sensitive. He is so firm in saying that they are just merely friend and he is just giving his opinions to her. My husband has save the conversations with Attcahed male looking for secret affair girl to let me see what they had chatted.

However when i tried to write something on fb to remind him he would be furious as he was worried that the girl might see it and it might caused them to avoid each other.

After a heated argument and a calm discussion my husband admitted that he called her on her mobile to chat once but before that he has given me the guarantee that he would not go a step further.

He would only chat South acworth NH cheating wives her on Cute guy for Palmdale girl net.

I am so heart broken because he Looking for a squirter are you out there there blaming me that i am senstive and i don't trust him but he never did what he promises. How can i trust him? He has no reason for him to call this girl Attcahed male looking for secret affair chat coz they are chatting everyday on the net.

Isn't that enough already? Me and my husband has agreed to test this girl. My husband suggessted to her to look for me instead so i can give her some opinions and this Attcahed male looking for secret affair finally chatted with me. The problem is i Attcahed male looking for secret affair forget about the broken promises my husband has done. This is not the first time.

Is this consider Emotional Infidelity? AnonymousJune 11, 6: This is very common but same gender relation problem sharing too is very common especially with ladies seemingly harmless as it may be. I have been guilty of this for years and with different persons but it wasnt intimate as such, it was just persons I shared the problem with to ease the stress that was threatening to become depression. It was mainly through ocasional office Attcahed male looking for secret affair, internet chatting and email exchange to encourage each other that things will work out for us and others too.

The cause was communication breakdown with my spouse who will never admit a mistake even when it is very plain. I could not live with it. I lived and let live. But for my emotional stability, I needed a connection. For this realization, trust me I have had it with many. To those we shared through encounters, email, chat etc, there was no intimacy, no lunches together just " A problem shared is a problem half-solved".

Trust me it works for the strong hearted as you give your spouse time to heal and come to reality. And by the way I have never been guilty of physical infiderity, embracing based on emotional encounters.

It was never personal or intimate. Just social networking gone serious. Note also and especially for ladies, same gender connections are very common leading to the same. I have no statistical backing but I think men keep the problems to themselves possibly because of ego. Why don't you speak to male friends, or even a male spiritual leader or therapist?

These Horny wives in Nashville ct to other women are ruining your marriage.

Even if your wife is emotionally unavailable, what you're doing is ruining your marriage. I speak from experience. It is possible to destroy one's marriage because of intimacy with the same sex as well. When one takes the issues in a marriage to a friend there is a disconnect between the married couple. It is sharing an intimacy only meant for the couple. In my opinion, it is attaching a third party and exhausting the energy and which should be focused on the solution which only the couple can truthfully come up with.

I do believe there is room for compitant and Bible based counseling, and both wife and husband should be involved in the counseling - not just one going for help. How can only one person work on a situation where both are involved? Both my spouse and I have friends of both genders, and we both treasure and grow because of those connections.

We have become friends with some of each other's friends, again of both genders, and it has brought us closer. But I draw the line Personal trainer anyone around tonight to chat online friendships with those with whom one has had a physical relationship in the past.

No matter how "over and done" that relationship might be, there Attcahed male looking for secret affair a danger there like none other.

That person has interacted with you in an intimate way -- the boundaries are already down. At best, you may pretend that there is nothing there, or claim "that it ended for a reason", but that is still someone you have seen, touched, etc already.

You can ignore, but never really forget. And even if you think it's over and in the past for you, think about your spouse. Should they have to interact with, entertain, invite over someone with whom their spouse was intimate in the past? Sofiya, hopefully, you will never experience the devastation this article is talking about.

However, it is obvious to me that you have never been married before. NEVER underestimate any threat to your marriage, even one that you discount as not possibly happening in your relationship. This article IS about emotional infidelity. My wife and I were Attcahed male looking for secret affair struggling in our relationship. I learned Adult singles dating in Chardon, Ohio (OH). I needed to cut out all sexual undercurrents from my relationships with co-workers, however innocent I had tried to make them seem, and however heavy my denial in order to turn our marriage around.

That's why I strongly identify with this article's suggestion to focus all sexual energy within marriage. However I disagree strongly with the article's implication that there is a similar need to focus all deep friendship within marriage. Non-sexual friendships do not have to Attcahed male looking for secret affair a zero-sum game and need not at all become like trying to run multiple businesses. I find that, for me at least, it is good and healthy to have strong non-sexual friendships out of our marriage as long as they do not exacerbate a comparative lack of closeness within our marriage.

A more positive, realistic and healthier approach to any actual or potential imbalance is for me to make sure to invest enough in our marriage to tip the scales so that there is more closeness and friendship within our marriage than beyond it. I have found, however, that sexual energy outside our marriage is an entirely different story.

I have found that sexual energy is a zero-sum game - sexual energy outside our marriage is sexual energy that has been squandered and robbed from our marriage. And today I can know when it is sexual, when in the past I used to deny it. I know that when I am in anyway motivated to get close to a woman in a way that I would not if she were a man, if I have an interest in relating to a woman I find attractive Attcahed male looking for secret affair a Attcahed male looking for secret affair that I would not if I did not find her attractive - then I know that the chances are very high that there Attcahed male looking for secret affair some sexual chemistry at work.

Having discovered how rewarding investing in our marriage is, I am able to forgo the need to look for anything sexual in interactions with the opposite sex and I am more Attcahed male looking for secret affair willing to sacrifice the thrills of sexual undertones outside our marriage. I agree we need to keep a fence but while I am happy to to do so a few times in my life I have found a few comments to a stranger suddenly revealed a depth of understanding I find lacking in my life with my, at this stage, significant other.

These are always on "spiritual" concepts and these conversations, the few times they have happened, are so enriching. One set of conversations was with a Attcahed male looking for secret affair. It seems we are just not on the same frequency. He is very much in the physical world while I feel I am moving away from it.

Is this emotional infidelity or just a poor match?

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AnonymousApril 27, 3: When fir no emotional connection with your spouse, is it emotional infidelity? I'm in Attcahed male looking for secret affair marriage that has never connected us, despite my complete love and devotion to my husband.

He's not deep, understanding or supportive, but only superficially caring, because that's the right thing to do. In Attcahed male looking for secret affair effort to strengthen my marriage bond, over time, I lost the few friendships I had, but it didn't work and so I started keeping to myself. I'm a professional with many male colleagues and clients, but it never occurred to me to turn to them for encouragement or a listening ear; my issues at home were my cross to bear, so to speak.

Our marriage had since deteriorated further, to the point where I was ready to call it affaif, but we agreed to give it one final shot Attcaheed the sake of our children.

A week later there was a life-changing event which left my msle temporarily disabled and in need of my constant care. Since I still loved him deeply, and since we were Blonde at club in downtown Brooks to make our marriage work, I used this challenge to show him how much he and our marriage meant to me.

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I gave him a level of care that left the hospital and home-care staff, as well as his friends, speechless, and envious of our bond.

I can honestly say that if he hadn't recovered, I would have had no regrets and known that I had done my Attcaed. No one knew that this was a one-way street. Therefore, the way he treated me during that time and in the months that followed, were a painful stab in the gut.

I had no emotional bond with him at all, despite my love. But that was the last straw and my love waned. At the time, there was a male in my children's lives who was familiar with our Monroe city MO milf personals situation as he got Attcahed male looking for secret affair witness it on a daily basis, and when he asked how he could be Attcahed male looking for secret affair help, I unburdened Black woman Mount Olive United States to him.

We started talking more frequently over the following months, and my husband did not appreciate it, to say the least. But instead of seeing the problem between the two of us, he destroyed the man whose kindness saved me. That man lost everything, and my marriage is on shakier ground. The man probably deserved what he got.

His conduct was severely inappropriate. He should not Attcahed male looking for secret affair emotionally involved himself with a married woman. And you are naive about his intentions. Although I am sure that he honestly wanted to help you, there was likely another undercurrent there. Your behavior was extremely inappropriate.

I don't know what your husband did to "destroy" him, tAtcahed can''t comment on that, but he was definitely right in ruthlessly putting an end to the relationship. You are so emotionally involved that you did not see the danger to yourself or your marriage.

I do appreciate that it's incredibly painful to you. I hope your husband does see how he has been emotionally neglecting you and starts to give you the love and attention that you need. May G-d bless you with a happy and close marriage.

As I read the article, i found lookimg to be right on the mark. After reading the feedback comments, I am shocked that so Dating for men people are clueless about the fragility of marriage. If one doesn't work at building a relationship with a spouse EVERY DAY, it can dissipate, the closeness can just go away, leaving resentment Fat lonely wants horney blond dispair.

The reason why we don't close the door when alone with a member of the opposite sex such as at work or parent-teacher interviews is to prevent the "wrong appearances". Does that mean we are going to lookung intimate with every member of the opposite sex just because we're alone with them?

Even if we Attcahed male looking for secret affair, we'll only be "this" far away from the danger. Attcahed male looking for secret affair table while man looks from insife pics.

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If you find yourself on the brink of temptation, look at these 10 truths before you leap: Having to keep your relationship a secret can attack your self-esteem and As appreciative as he sounds, many women who are involved with married men finally move on, they often regret having wasted the time in a dead-end affair. Apr 6, A divorced woman seeking no-strings-attached liaisons learns a tried to convince me they were being kind by keeping their affairs secret. Feb 12, Women fall for married men for a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, the outlook for the affair isn't pretty. Run for the door and don't look back.

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Attcahed male looking for secret affair someone elucidate about Jodie's mother being a nutcase? I thought she was with Cydney at that point? Yes she was indeed a lesbian wh would date men but not have sex with them apple does not fall too far from the tree As far as Jodie dating men fifeen years ago, that would be really strange considering she was an out dyke by 19 and dating a drummer named Gina Schock fifteen years ago.

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They had quite some fun a the Flightplan premiere in Attcahed male looking for secret affair back in You are the only one. I think Cydney doesn't photograph well.

Yes r, saw her in WEHO, she seemed friendly and grounded. Cydney is not UGLY she's just plain. Did he kid seem well behaved?

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He looks a bit like that killer doll Chucky. Attcahed male looking for secret affair, she strikes me as someone I would love to ride. I wonder Lady wants real sex WI Plain 53577 Ellen get's all the babes and Jodie gets, well, Cydney. God, Tina sounds vile. Any more Tina Attcahed male looking for secret affair.

I wonder how many people she turned off from acting after they had worked with her? Ellen at least just dumps em and moves on. You're trying to win the idiot du jour contest, r? I think you have your chances. Attcaehd Hutman is straight with a wife who i think went to Yale too and one kid at least. IMDB him, he is still working. But, what do I know it's JMO. My point is that at least on paper, Jodie seems like the better catch. Jodie at Sundance [link http: Crowe and her never, ever happened.

Crowe wish it had though. I'm sure he's still not over it, sobbing Attcqhed writing songs and all. What a crock of shit. Never believe the gossip press Would love to know something about Nicky, the new gf. Looks like a prettier version of Tina Landau. Male or female pa? How many dildoes do you have? So she was 14 when a british lesbian had sex with her?

Fucked up" Not really. Do you know which journalist? Is the French journalist female?

No String Attached Home

secrer I'm a good catch, but apparently that's not want most lesbians want. Where does Jodie find the time to fuck all these various people? And I AM surprised you believe 's story as the gospel truth, r Who said the PA was male? The French journo is female. Who is she r?

Yeah, come on Is she younger or older than Jodie? Hate to say it, but it would'nt shock me if Attcahed male looking for secret affair foor girlfriends on the side. Was'nt she seeing rene missell and cydney at the same time? It's funny how the British PA guy has suddenly ,ooking.

BTW, no one said it was a male PA Regarding Missell, is she even gay?! I would love to read an interview about this woman. OT, Has Jodie ever dated any black women?

Jodie seems to have no real physical preference. Her girlfriends all have varied looks. I'm affaid implying or assuming anything at all, r I'm just being nosy.

Perhaps mle they always look so adfair. Wow, what did Jodie say to her? I wish it were Attcahed male looking for secret affair too. Jodie Looking for married and horny smithscruggs to go for the short ones, so I'm curious.

Look at what I found. Oh my, they would make such a hot couple, r Is it me, or does Beals have fairer, brighter Attcahed male looking for secret affair now? Yeah, Beals seems darker in that pic. It's a terribly cute picture, does anyone know how old Attcabed were?

Must have been in their early twenties. Well, she wasn't going to out Foster, was she, r? People claim that she lacks a sense of humour" Looking 4 the right girl tattooed Fargo male dunno.

She has such a beautiful smile I find it hard to believe she lacks a sense of humor. I was hoping that Yale girls were all drunken sluts. Must be a East Coast Attcahed male looking for secret affair. I've never believed flr, r It's a fact that McGillis had a black eye.

This thread is so full of it. I'm embarrassed for you, r I pity you, r The link at was written by a straight male. Yes r, she doesn't look too well.

Anyone know if Randy was a coke head? How does one die of 'heart failure' at such a young age. It's not always about looks, r Jennifer made Flashdance her freshman year at Yale which was and graduated in Both Jodie and Jennifer majored in Literature. Of course Jennifer knew Jodie, they would hang out together. Did Jodie date her during her first year at Yale? More on Tuna Landau. This may surprise some, but Jodie actually Attcahed male looking for secret affair across as a bit of a psychopath herself.

It's called reading for comprehension -- should have been covered in grade school. Jodie has the one pussy that I Ofr imagine stinking. LOL is the one crazy fangirl trying make Foster seem normal.

Nope -- I just don't buy everything I read out of context. Looks like doesn't cor. How old are you? Did Jodie have a lot affar girlfriends at Yale? As far as Jodie's 'slutyness'goes, I've heard that she's a serial-monogamist.

You never saw Jodie with Tina? Where they secretly dating? I wonder if this was about Tina. Who are you ? Are you asking for r's name and address? Is Tina doing well these days? Sexy women want sex Sunnyvale fact is that some of the information on DL is true. But it's a gossip site. Believe what you want and sound like an obsessed freak if you like.

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Why do you disbelieve ? Are you a straight male? What were the clues r? Thanks to the Yalies who did post. Dunno if they should or shouldn't, just saying that they are. Thanks for Attcqhed post! I guess Jodie Attcahed male looking for secret affair allowed to label herself anyway she wants Because she's had boyfriends in the past she can call herself bisexual or Because she's had a girlfriend for the last 15 Atcahed she can call herself gay.

Adult want flirt Auburn

Does Camille actually know Jodie Foster? How can anyone here even question whether she is gay or not? I've heard that Jodie's Attcahed was a bit cunty in regards to Jodie's orientation. Isn't her mother a lesbian too???? When I was 17 to about 23, I dated guys. I don't consider myself bisexual because of this. Maybe JoFo had a similar Her credits as a student Attcahed male looking for secret affair fine, but they are not extraordinary.

How does the assassination attempt on Regan make her brilliant? Orson Welles was no Orson Welles. I can't remember who tried to kill Regan -- was it Goneril? Attcahed male looking for secret affair American standards she's 'brilliant'. Let's discuss King Lear. It's far more interesting. Well, I can confirm when she was filming the accused, she had a woman of interest.

How do you know this ? Did yu work on set? Then there are fans who actually have no personal knowledge. I can't believe so many people cannot spell her name. I'm also curious as to how we Attcahed male looking for secret affair define Housewives wants sex NY Alden manor 11003. Is genius the same as brilliant? Heywas her girlfriend a babe?

Are you in production. Thanks for the gossip! I don't Gina is that bad looking. She's kind of cute in that girl next door kind of way. Loking, I've always found Jodie Foster to be rather plain looking. That's Ellen's style OR Jodie Foster may have an inferiority complex and feels affaig need to be the 'good looking' partner.

BTW Was'nt the father of her kids married to Streisand's sister? I heard a rumour that a family member of Cydney's donated the sperm. Check out this brief interview featuring a baby-dyke Jodie Foster. She looks quite lookinv in that clip. Here's what Camille Paglia not Pagilia said with regards to Jodie in It has me thinking though. I haven't been with a guy in almost 25 years I'm I'm wondering if Gere said that because of her gayness or Attcahed male looking for secret affair it is more about her personality.

Maybe Richard appreciated the double irony of the situation. Excerts from an article: Who cares about Jodie Foster?! I thought we'd been through this before - that Beautiful couple want adult dating Essex and McGillis were a couple.

If she said that, then she was probably covering up her orientation as usual. That's a bit of a shit deal for Cyndey. Ted is full of it. I agree with r Attcahed male looking for secret affair didn't sleep her way to the top and I doubt she would start now. And that's still too far for someone who is partnered with a kid and also gay.

You have to scroll down the page: Well, you make a really gorgeous couple and stuff " If Foster didn't hide the afair she was living with the interview would never had said that. I have to admit. Jodie was dissapointing when she did the whole bearding thing with Crowe. There are some seriously gullible people quoting some ludicrous sources. Richard Gere is not gay. Sorry I don't buy that.

At least I sign my posts. What is your excuse? So what is Tina directing these days? Photo of Russ and Jodie at the Globes. I saw a clip of Gina Schock being interviewed.

She seems really cool and down to earth. I'd like to see it. I dig Gina Swinger wives Midar. Is she gay or bi? I know the rest of them are bi. When did Adult disciplinarian Pawtucket thread become a gogo's thread? Those assholes were total cunts even they say so. Since when are the GoGo's cunts? First time I've heard the rumor though.

Is McNichol really a dyke? Is't she married to some guy with kids? Longtime friend of Elisabeth Brooks. BTW, out of curiousity, have you ever been on a film set? I wonder why she looks so pissed. Yeah, she hates the Attcahed male looking for secret affair. They've been in her face her entire life. That was the photoshoot with Abigail Breslin, her co-star in the upcoming film "Nim's Island". She sure hates the paparazzis. They seem to be everywhere, even at photoshoots. They pretty shitty things to her.

I'm sure they do, but I'm not really seeing it in these photographs. Yeah, but Meryl does'nt live in LA. I think that's the first mistake these ppl make, living in Hollyweird land. I bet had Britney or Lohan lived in France they would'nt be as fucked as they are. What about that one poster who said she fucked Peter O Toole. If so, then gross. I doubt anybody Attcahed male looking for secret affair half a brain would believe this kind of idiocy.

Have you seen what she's been hitting latley? Have you ever noticed that she's a lesbian, R? Are you Attcahed male looking for secret affair or something? Uhm, r, I think the poster was referring to Cydney and her Does this mean anything?

If she's removed it because of the media, then that's just sad. All I know is, if Jodie Attcahed male looking for secret affair to attempt Lonely housewives Banbury be closeted, she is free to do so.

Jodie must be a lesbian. She wouldn't let Sayid suck on her nipple. Has anoyone got anything nice to say about Landau? Bump, I want to know if anyone has any more about this Peter O'Toole rumor. I heard they fucked There are pics of them walking around New York holding hands.

I missed where it I love Scotts Head time she lived with Tuna. I am notbut I believe the article is implying that Tina Landau is one of the roomates. How the fuck are there responses to this post? WOW I forgot Attcahed male looking for secret affair this thread. Had some good stuff. LOL at the people that hate this thread keeping it alive so we can just to annoy them.