Sunday, May 31, 2015

Giveaway: Leatherhead Moustache Co Father's Day Giveaway

Father's Day is just around the corner. It sneaks up on me EVERY year. I always anticipate it, but somewhere between Mother's Day and the kids getting out of school someone hits fast forward and before I know it I'm scrambling.

374 still loves to receive anything fire related, as most firefighters do. This is why I am very excited to bring you this giveaway. YES! I said GIVEAWAY!

Recently I came across an up and coming firefighter owned company - Leatherhead Moustache Co who offers a line of men's grooming products. Among the products currently offered are beard oil, moutsache wax, shave soap, aftershave, body wash and bar soap. There are many more exciting products in the works as well.

What do these firemen have to say about their products?

"At Leatherhead Moustache Co. we offer high quality hand made products at reasonable prices. Our products are firefighter inspired and firefighter created. All products are tested by active firefighters. We know, being firefighters ourselves, what punishment we put our skin through on a daily basis. So, now there are products that have been engineered with the conditions of our job in mind."

Leatherhead Moustache Co and Life Between the Tones are teaming up to offer you a customized Father's Day Giveaway! One lucky winner will be chosen to win THEIR choice of not one, but FOUR products from the current line. We realize not everyone has the same grooming needs so this prize will be catered to you!

So how do you win? A few simple steps will get you in the running. We are asking that you share a picture of your firefighter father, firefighter husband, or whichever firefighter you celebrate Father's Day with. You can enter on either Twitter or Instagram, but please only use one platform. You MUST follow both Life Between the Tones and LeatherheadMoustache Co on whichever site you are entering. Accounts will be verified before the winner is announced. Use the hashtag #LHMoustacheDadGiveaway when posting your photo and tag both Life Between the Tones and LeatherHeadMoustacheCo. Contest info can also be found on my Instagram. Winner will be announced on Father's Day (June 21st) at 8pm Easter. OPEN TO US RESIDENTS ONLY.

Life Between the Tones on Twitter: @374sWife
Leatherhead Moustache Co on Twitter: @LHMoustache

Life Between the Tones on Instagram: @lifebetweenthetones
Leatherhead Moustache Co on Instagram: @leatherheadmoustache

Also be on the lookout for a review of their full current line in the next few weeks. I am very excited about these products. I love supporting firefighter owned businesses and sharing them with my readers!

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