Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Dress Hunt Begins...

Every Labor Day is our little town's Homecoming celebration. It's a little "festival" of sorts that the entire community pulls together to put on. There's food stands open all weekend, small rides and games for the kids, various games like Price is Right, a scavenger hunt, and a photo contest just to name a few.

One of the biggest events is the pageant. The pageant is broke down into categories for Little King and Queen for Kindergarten, First Graders and Second Graders. There are girls only categories for older girls. It's just the girls in nice dresses with their hair done. Nothing over the top like spray tans, fake nails, etc. Just about every kid that has ever lived in our town has done the pageant one year or another. I can remember seeing pictures of my mom and other family members on stage all fancied up.

Last year was Sassy's first year in the pageant. She was so excited to pick out a dress, and find a boy to escort her. It was an obvious choice, her best friend M was excited to join her. They were absolutely adorable together. I found the PERFECT dress for her. It wasn't huge and poofy and over the top like some kids wear. The pageant is always done under a tent and Labor Day is always hot and humid. I had visions of her melting into a puddle in a dress that was drowning on her. We got so many compliments on her dress, it was exactly a "Sassy" dress.

Now that it's summer, I've started the dress hunt for this year. M is accompanying her again this year. My fear is we loved last year's dress so much we won't find another. What a problem to have, right? #firstworldproblems I've been looking with the same company we bought her dress from last year. I found one that is just similar enough that I really like it, but it's also different enough that it won't seem like she's wearing the same dress just in a different color.

Here are a couple pics of her from last year. Sassy and M took first runner up, and of course she had to take a picture at the station in her sash. #firekidproblems -- right???

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