Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review: Pixie Pies Baby Boutique

When I tell most people in my area that I cloth diaper, I am usually met with shocked faces and comments such as "You WHAT?" or "You wash those yourself?" When you say the words "cloth diaper" to most people, they think of prefolds, diaper pins and those noisy plastic covers that generations past used.

I used cloth diapers on Bubby and Sassy, but not until they were a year old. We had some pretty cute prints for them, but most of their diapers were solid color. We had enough to get through the day, maybe a day and a half with them. My purpose was really to save money, as we had two in diapers for a short period of time, and I hated seeing that money fly out of our bank account.

Sister Bear's diapers, well that's a whole other ball game. So many things have changed since I last used cloth diapers, there's a whole realm of work at home moms who have their own diaper making businesses. These diapers are beyond cute, very functional and high quality. Addicting, did I mention addicting? Sister Bear's diaper stash is borderline embarrassing. I didn't know how many we had already until I had them all washed at one time and laid out in front of me. 374 just shook his head and said I needed help.

We do have some diapers from bigger companies, but I much prefer work at home mom made diapers. They take so much care and pride in their product. They aim to please their customers, and each diaper is made specifically for you. My favorite diaper maker is Pixie Pies Baby Boutique. I came across her Facebook page through word of mouth from other cloth diapering moms. I was not at all disappointed when I ordered my first diaper from Janna. Her products are well sewn, and can be customized with almost any fabric choice of your liking.

Our Pixie Pies stash currently consists of two Hybrid Fitteds, an AI2 and a OS Pocket. For those of you who aren't familiar, a Hybrid Fitted is a diaper that usually has a woven or knit outer fabric. It has a lay in liner for absorption. If you are using this diaper for an extended period of time a cover is needed because there is no waterproof material in this diaper. Since Sister Bear is still little, we can get away with a Hybrid without a cover. An AI2 (this stands for All in Two) is made just as a fitted, except there is a waterproof layer added to the diaper. In diaper production, PUL is used for this. Both the Hybrid and the AI2 from Pixie Pies fits a range of sizes. It is not a OS with a adjustable rise snaps, but Janna does include fold down rise snaps. With these, you fold the top of the diaper down to expose another layer of snaps that allows for a shorter rise. A OS Pocket is a one sized diaper with adjustable rise snaps to accommodate a wide range of sizes. Pockets get there name because of the opening in the back of the diaper. You stuff a pocket with the material of your choice for absorption. Pockets also have a layer of PUL, requiring no cover. I love all three of these diapers for different reasons. A pocket can be stuffed with any material of your choice. You can add a little more to the pocket for over night or long naps. AI2 are helpful if you do use prefolds. An AI2 can be used for a cover as well as a diaper on it's own. Hybrid Fitteds are made of breathable material - because there's no hidden waterproof layer, air can get through the fabric to your baby's bum. I like to use these on warm days.

We have used all three types of diapers on Sister Bear. She is nearing three months old. A little over a month ago she was just an ounce off ten pounds, and was over 22 inches. As with most OS diapers, they are a bit bulky on her because she is still smaller, but they do fit and do the job. When we have used the fitteds on her, we have not experienced her soaking completely through the diaper. She can go 2-3 hours in one without much dampness at all to the touch on the outside of the diaper. Pixie Pies fitted really are absorbent and go the mile. Her AI2 and Pocket hold up nicely as well. We don't experience any leakage from the leg holes. We get a good fit with the adjustable snaps and they fit her legs well, even as a smaller infant.

One of the awesome features Janna offers with her diapers is embroidery. Her mother takes care of this part of the business, and Shelly does a wonderful job! We JUST received our first embroidered Pixie Pies last week and we get asked all the time where we got it. I wanted to surprise 374 with a special diaper, you know, to try to woo him to the dark side. Maybe then he'd stop rolling his eyes at me every time I ooh and ahh over a new diaper design. He swears it's all out of love though. At my request, Janna and her mom crafted an amazingly soft Pocket diaper from black minky, with red embroidery. They embroidered a maltese cross, with 374's station and badge number underneath. It's absolutely gorgeous. Hands down the favorite diaper in our stash. The embroidery is top notch.

We did a little impromtu photo session with 374 and Sister Bear in her diaper the day we got it. It looks a little more bulky than it is. I had to hurry because she wasn't thrilled with being topless... so the angle isn't the greatest and is misleading. Her fire hair bow is from ~Topped with a Bow~.

Another complete custom Janna made for me is a Hybrid Fitted with a flannel outer in a firefighter themed print. Since it's nearly impossible to find any fire fabric that is girly, Janna added a removable ruffle to the back of this diaper. It adds just enough "girly" to the diaper and we love it.

So how do you get your hands on an amazingly crafted, adorable Pixie Pies diaper? Pixie Pies opens up their shop to custom spots. Janna offers them in a variety of ways. A draw to buy (DTB) where she randomly draws numbers and hands the spots out to those chosen. Sometimes it's a quick comment with your PayPal address to grab a spot. She also offers already made diapers in stockings - on Hyena Cart or on the Pixie Pies group page. Again, sometimes it's just one or two diapers offered up on the page, or a whole list of diapers offered on Hyena Cart for purchase. Pixie Pies also offers more than just diapers. Underwear, swim diapers, and burp cloths are some of the other products offered!

I'm absolutely certain there will be many, many more Pixie Pies added to our stash. My dream would be an entire stash of all Pixie Pies! Janna and her mom are very easy to work with. Communication is quick and detailed. They contact you to clarify your order if there are any questions, and lots of times post or send you progress shots if they have time. I love watching the group page when these shots are posted, even if they aren't my diaper! They are all gorgeous as can be!

I will leave you with a shot of all four of our diapers. I can't wait to add more!

Top Left: Hybrid Fitted with removable ruffle
Top Right: Embroidered Pocket
Bottom Left: AI2
Bottom Right: Hybrid Fitted


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