Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Never Win Anything...

But last week I won a sticker pack from Fireman Up on Facebook. I chose the Couples Pack. I have been eyeing these for a while now. 374 likes to collect fire related stickers on his toolbox at work. Not only does he work for an ambulance company, but a lot of his co-workers are volunteer firefighters and EMS members.

Obviously his half of the sticker pack went to work with him today. He even swiped the cartoon that came with the stickers! Mine will eventually go on my car -- if I ever have time to wash it.

When we were at FDIC in April, my friend Heather and I stopped and chatted with the Fireman Up booth. I really enjoy Darrell's cartoons - my favorite being the Twerking one. If you've ever spent any time on a fire or training scene, you fully understand the little dance they do to quiet their PASS Device.

Fireman Up is not all about being the biggest, the best or the most popular. They are about quality products. Much like the attitude of a firefighter. Fireman Up offers a number of apparel items, hats, as well as their stickers. You can also purchase prints from Darrell as well. Check out all their amazing products on their Fireman Up website.

374 snapped a couple pictures of his toolbox at work this morning. He loves his stickers! I think they look great on his box. Thanks to Darrell and Candy for the chance to win!

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