Saturday, April 5, 2014

Getting Back Into the Groove...

Oh! Hello again. I can't believe it's been nine months since I've wrote a blog post here. Wait, yes I can. Life has been filled to the brim with events, changes - both good and bad, and hectic schedules. I could go on and on about everything that's filled our calendar since I last wrote but most of it will bore you. Two really big changes happened, life changes that are near to my heart. They've taken up the most time and energy in the last nine months.

In October, my beloved Grandpa passed away. He was more like a father to me than a Grandpa. He was always there when I needed him. He was the most generous man I've ever known. He'd give you the shirt off his back even if he didn't know you. I know it sounds cliche, but it's the truth. He was an amazing man, and we miss him tremendously. He was a solid part of my children's lives. They were devastated to lose him. I've spent a lot of time and energy helping them navigate the rough road of grief, which hasn't left much time to do so myself. One of their favorite things to do is write notes on balloons and let them go at his house. We've done this a few times since October, every time it's heart warming yet heart breaking to watch. I'm glad that they have a way to still feel connected to him, it really helps them manage their pain.

Even through all the grief and sorrow surrounding Grandpa's passing, there was a light to hold on to. In July, previous to him getting sick, we found out we were expecting baby number three! Our due date was March 23, 2014. I really think us finding out a month before he got sick happened for a reason. It seemed to me it was the positive that we needed to focus on, to help us get through this rough time. 374 and I decided nothing was more fitting than naming this child after Grandpa. He had done so much for us over the years, he had been so accepting of 374 into our family from the get-go - it was just the right thing to do. We found out a few weeks after his passing that we were expecting a bundle of pink joy. It was hard to know that this child would never know the amazing love of her Great Grandfather, and that he'd never have the pleasure of hearing her giggle and watching her grow like he did with Sassy and Bubby.

My nine months of pregnancy flew by. Just three short weeks ago we welcomed Sister Bear into our family. She's been an amazing blessing. Our family is officially complete. Her big brother and sister are absolutely in love with her. She's the light everyone needed. She definitely fits right in around here. This proud Mama can ensure there will be more posts on her in the future. It's hard to not turn this little welcome back post into one that's only about her.

Now that life has settled down, and Sister Bear has settled into her place in the house I am so excited to take the time to blog again. I have really missed writing posts and sharing things here with you all. I figured what better time than now, especially the week before FDIC. We are excited to return to the exhibits again this year, with Sister Bear in tow. Yes, she will be sporting the adorable bunker gear she's wearing in the above pictures. My dear friend from Crocheted by Rae made this adorable set for us, complete with 374's number. She can custom make these in a variety of newborn and infant sizes, as well as colors and badge numbers! Will any of you be attending this year? Leave me a comment if you are! We will be there Friday and Saturday. If you can't make it this year, watch for my review post that will be up sometime the week after!

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