Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tornado Party!

Today we celebrated Bubby's 8th birthday. His actual birthday is not until Tuesday, but the party was today. As I've mentioned before Bubby is obsessed with all things weather and tornado related. I came through with a tornado cake and some tornado decorations. It was just a small family and close friend get-together. Just like we like it.

Funnel clouds on the ceiling fans - we turned the fans on and they even spun like real tornadoes!

Tornado cake - It ripped through the road and flipped the car!

This year's birthday marked a new step in his little life - he read each and every birthday card by himself, unassisted. I tried not to cry. I failed.

These three pics are a series that shows what happens when you tell a brother and sister to "Act like you love each other!" I couldn't help but laugh when I pulled them off the camera!

Tuesday my first born will be eight. It seems so unreal!

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