Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another Rave for MN8-Foxfire!

One of the things 374 picked up at FDIC last weekend was tets from MN8-Foxfire. Zach and the crew were selling special FDIC 2013 tets in their booth all weekend. He grabbed a couple for him and his buddy for their helmets. 374 already has the illuminating/reflective tet package (as well as the helmet band) from MN8, both of which he absolutely loves and raves about to anyone who will listen.

I saw MN8-Foxfire post on their Facebook Friday during FDIC about the commemorative tets. I shared the pic with 374, who immediately put it on his wishlist of things to pic up while we were in Indy.

He applied the tet to his helmet this evening. I snapped a pic to share with the owner, Zach. Of course in true  MN8 fashion, it illuminated amazingly for the picture.

If you haven't experienced MN8 products for yourself, they are a must have item in my opinion for firefighter safety. They add another element of accountability beyond the reflective tets and strips on their gear. 

I think the picture speaks for itself.

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