Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Update to Our West, TX T-shirt Fundraiser

I am crazy excited to write this blog post!

On April 19th , a group of amazing women banded together to help others in need. I am honored to say I am a part of that very group. The group decided after the West, TX explosion that we needed to do something to help. Maybe it's because we watch our husbands and significant others give so selflessly every day. Maybe because it takes a special woman to live the lifestyle we do. Maybe it's because the tragedy hit so close to home. Firefighting isn't just about the brotherhood between the firefighters, it encompasses their families as well.

It was this drive to give and to offer support that birthed our t-shirt campaign. T-shirt fundraisers are very common in the fire service. It just made sense. Our initial goal with Teespring was to sell 150 shirts. If we sold 150 shirts, we would raise a little over $800 to send to West, TX Volunteer Fire Department. We exceeded that goal in just about 24 hours. Each day the numbers kept rising.

Today is day eleven of the sale. As of this afternoon, 852 shirts and hoodies have been ordered. That's a $7315.50 profit that goes straight to West, TX Volunteer Fire Department. We still have 12 days left in the campaign.

In the last few days, the wonderful members of our group have been sending a press release to their local media outlets. We have reached out to huge names in social media in the fire service field. We are sending information anywhere that we can spread the word of our fundraiser. I've currently done one on camera television interview, as well as an over the phone interview tonight with my local newspaper. I would love to get this out to as many people as I can. I want people to realize you don't have to be a fire wife to order a shirt and help this community. There is an option to "pick up from seller" when ordering your shirt or hoodie. Choosing this option lets you purchase a shirt or hoodie and have it sent to a fire wife from West, TX. We wanted this fundraiser to be open to more than just fire wives ( the shirt reads "FireWife Strong"). Purchasing a shirt even if you aren't connected to the fire service and sending it to a wife in need helps her remember that there are people out there thinking of her, and that she has the strength to get through this tragedy.

I can't wait until the campaign closes and we get final numbers. This has been an absolutely amazing experience for us all. This fundraiser took off in ways we didn't even imagine when the group was brainstorming ways to help. I am honored to be a part of this sisterhood that supports the brotherhood. I am honored to be able to help this community.

If you would like to order a t-shirt or hoodie, please visit the Teespring website. Orders will not print and ship until the close of the campaign on May 12th. You can expect your shirt to arrive sometime around May 26th or a few days after.



  1. Such an amazing group! Can't wait to get my shirts :)

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