Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kindergarten, What?

Friday was rough. ROUGH rough. I took my baby to kindergarten registration.

We walked in and got signed in. They weighed her, checked her eyes and ears. We came to the second to the last station where they tested her readiness. She knew everything they asked her - shapes, colors, letters in her name, writing her name, etc. When it came time to counting they were very surprised and told her she was the highest counter they had so far that day. I sat in my chair behind her and held back the tears. My little Sassy can't be this old already. At the very end, we met with one of the kindergarten teachers who went over her scores. She sat beaming in her chair, clutching her packet of goodies she had earned - a Corduroy book, crayons, a fruit snack, a pencil, bookmark and school supply list. We both listened as the teacher went through each area individually. The only marks she received were for not being able to recite her birthday (Really, child! She KNOWS this, it's just hard to get her to tell you. Stubborn I tell, ya!) and not drawing a nose on her person. She scored an awesome 68/70.

We took a picture outside in front of the school after she was done with her goody bag and score card for 374 since he was at work and couldn't make it with us. Daddy texted back to tell her he was so proud of her. He also asked if I had flooded the house with tears. Haha, funny guy he is. I did very well. I did have tears well up in my eyes, but I did not fully cry. I'll save those tears for her first day of school.

I can not even bring my brain to comprehend that in 4 short months I'm going to be leaving her at school all. day. ALL DAY. I don't know what I will do with myself on the day I drop them both off in the morning, backpacks slung on their little bodies, lunchboxes in hand. The thought of waving goodbye to both of them as they race into the doors while I drive off alone is enough to bring on a full on ugly cry as I type this. Everyone tells me I will learn to enjoy my time alone. I'm not so sure this is true. I will miss snuggling with her in the mornings after we drop Bubby off. We come home every morning and snuggle up and watch Curious George together.  I can envision those first few mornings I will come home and sniffle and snort my way though Curious George alone. For now I'm going to soak up our mornings together during the school week.

Maybe it's time to have another...

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