Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Update to Our West, TX T-shirt Fundraiser

I am crazy excited to write this blog post!

On April 19th , a group of amazing women banded together to help others in need. I am honored to say I am a part of that very group. The group decided after the West, TX explosion that we needed to do something to help. Maybe it's because we watch our husbands and significant others give so selflessly every day. Maybe because it takes a special woman to live the lifestyle we do. Maybe it's because the tragedy hit so close to home. Firefighting isn't just about the brotherhood between the firefighters, it encompasses their families as well.

It was this drive to give and to offer support that birthed our t-shirt campaign. T-shirt fundraisers are very common in the fire service. It just made sense. Our initial goal with Teespring was to sell 150 shirts. If we sold 150 shirts, we would raise a little over $800 to send to West, TX Volunteer Fire Department. We exceeded that goal in just about 24 hours. Each day the numbers kept rising.

Today is day eleven of the sale. As of this afternoon, 852 shirts and hoodies have been ordered. That's a $7315.50 profit that goes straight to West, TX Volunteer Fire Department. We still have 12 days left in the campaign.

In the last few days, the wonderful members of our group have been sending a press release to their local media outlets. We have reached out to huge names in social media in the fire service field. We are sending information anywhere that we can spread the word of our fundraiser. I've currently done one on camera television interview, as well as an over the phone interview tonight with my local newspaper. I would love to get this out to as many people as I can. I want people to realize you don't have to be a fire wife to order a shirt and help this community. There is an option to "pick up from seller" when ordering your shirt or hoodie. Choosing this option lets you purchase a shirt or hoodie and have it sent to a fire wife from West, TX. We wanted this fundraiser to be open to more than just fire wives ( the shirt reads "FireWife Strong"). Purchasing a shirt even if you aren't connected to the fire service and sending it to a wife in need helps her remember that there are people out there thinking of her, and that she has the strength to get through this tragedy.

I can't wait until the campaign closes and we get final numbers. This has been an absolutely amazing experience for us all. This fundraiser took off in ways we didn't even imagine when the group was brainstorming ways to help. I am honored to be a part of this sisterhood that supports the brotherhood. I am honored to be able to help this community.

If you would like to order a t-shirt or hoodie, please visit the Teespring website. Orders will not print and ship until the close of the campaign on May 12th. You can expect your shirt to arrive sometime around May 26th or a few days after.


Monday, April 29, 2013

FDIC 2013

For months now four letters have been uttered in this house on an almost daily basis.


374 has been BEGGING to go since FDIC 2012. We were not able to go in 2012, even though it's only a two and a half hour drive from us. He swore we would make it this year - and we did.

The end of February he started a job with a new employer, leaving him with no vacation time. We wouldn't have been able to make it down before all the festivities were over for Friday, so we decided to just drive down early Saturday morning.

We left at the crack of dawn. Getting me out of bed that early is a feat. I hope he knows just how much I love him. It was EARLY. We got down there just before the exhibits opened, and spent all day making our way through each and every booth.

The kids spent a lot of time checking out all the different trucks and engines. We spent a considerable amount of time talking to the great people in the Black Diamond booth. 374 is sold on their boots. I'm hoping to be able to surprise him with a pair by Christmas.

We also made a special stop at the MN8-Foxfire booth to visit Zach and his crew. The kids were decked out in Foxfire shirts that Zach had given them previously on our trip to the office. They enjoyed a trip through the trailer with Willie Wines from Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen Blog. Zach snapped a picture of the kids with his son - all three were wearing the infamous shirts. I got to say a quick hello, and update him on our t-shirt sales before he had to get back to work. His booth was the most busy booth by far Saturday. At one point I couldn't even make my way through the people to walk up and see what he had for sale! If you aren't familiar with his illuminating products, check them out. 374 LOVES his helmet band and tets. I'm not sure love is even the right word! He picked up a couple illuminating FDIC 2013 tets for his helmet, and his buddy's.

One of our last stops was at the Black Helmet Apparel booth. 374 picked up one of their new Fire 3D Flex Fit Caps in Charcoal on Black. This is his first hat from Black Helmet. I'm going to give him some time to break it in, and then you will see a review on that in a few weeks/month.

We had a great day. The only thing we'd do differently will do differently next year is make it a two or three day trip next time. Even though we walked in the doors as they opened Saturday, we still felt rushed for time to make it through all the exhibitors. We also would like to see things like the stair climb and other events that take place during the week.  I'll also remember to put the SD card in my camera so I can take a FEW more pictures than I was able to squeeze on my internal memory of the camera. Talk about a buzz kill.

Here's a few pics that I did manage to get Saturday.

We spent a good amount of time in the Braun booth. 374 showed the kids his handiwork on the ambulances they brought down to show.

374's handiwork up close...

The kids posing with an ambulance from 374's plant. See, Sassy gets her name naturally!

Bubby in the driver's seat of another Braun ambulance.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Get Ready Tooth Fairy!

About a month ago, we noticed Bubby had an adult tooth coming in on the bottom in the front behind his baby teeth. He's two weeks shy of turning 8, and none of his baby teeth are even remotely loose. We had been previously assured by a dentist that he would probably lose them late because he didn't start getting teeth until he was a year old.

We recently decided to switch dentists, mainly for location and convenience. I shopped around and finally settled on a new office. I did so just in time, a day before his appointment, the other front tooth had popped through. The new teeth are not pushing on the babies, nor are they causing them to loosen. So obviously, we are now scheduled to have both front lower teeth. Tomorrow.

I called last Thursday to set up the appointment with the specialist we were referred to. I figured it would be a few weeks before we could get an appointment. Much to my surprise, they gave me an appointment time for Monday afternoon. He has a few other things he needs taken care of that are much more urgent that the pulling of these two teeth (thanks to the other dentist - it ended up being for the better that we switched offices), so waiting for a date after Monday really wasn't the best choice. I agreed to the appointment Monday.

I picked Bubby and Sassy up from school Thursday. He came out grinning because he passed his practice spelling test, which meant he wouldn't have to take the actual test Friday. It hit me like a ton of bricks looking at him grinning - no more baby teeth smile. He now has two adult teeth behind these baby teeth. The minute these baby teeth come out, he won't have a gummy smile. We won't have to wait for adult teeth to grow in - THEY ARE ALREADY HERE.

I don't know why it's bothering me so much. I guess because he's two weeks shy of turning eight. He's my first baby, that's not really a baby anymore. Losing his teeth and having adult teeth in his smile makes that much more apparent. I can't even think about it without tearing up.

I took him outside today for a mini photo shoot. I like to pretend I know what I'm doing behind the camera even though I don't. Even thought it was rainy and dreary, I enjoyed the walk around the neighborhood with him. We giggled and laughed. I got some pictures I love. Today is his last baby teeth smile day. I'm gonna miss his baby teeth smile. Here are a few of those pics. I promise to not over load you with pics. Well, I promise to try.

Pointing to the two teeth that will be gone after tomorrow...

Such a goofy boy. Caught him being silly...

Be still my heart...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kindergarten, What?

Friday was rough. ROUGH rough. I took my baby to kindergarten registration.

We walked in and got signed in. They weighed her, checked her eyes and ears. We came to the second to the last station where they tested her readiness. She knew everything they asked her - shapes, colors, letters in her name, writing her name, etc. When it came time to counting they were very surprised and told her she was the highest counter they had so far that day. I sat in my chair behind her and held back the tears. My little Sassy can't be this old already. At the very end, we met with one of the kindergarten teachers who went over her scores. She sat beaming in her chair, clutching her packet of goodies she had earned - a Corduroy book, crayons, a fruit snack, a pencil, bookmark and school supply list. We both listened as the teacher went through each area individually. The only marks she received were for not being able to recite her birthday (Really, child! She KNOWS this, it's just hard to get her to tell you. Stubborn I tell, ya!) and not drawing a nose on her person. She scored an awesome 68/70.

We took a picture outside in front of the school after she was done with her goody bag and score card for 374 since he was at work and couldn't make it with us. Daddy texted back to tell her he was so proud of her. He also asked if I had flooded the house with tears. Haha, funny guy he is. I did very well. I did have tears well up in my eyes, but I did not fully cry. I'll save those tears for her first day of school.

I can not even bring my brain to comprehend that in 4 short months I'm going to be leaving her at school all. day. ALL DAY. I don't know what I will do with myself on the day I drop them both off in the morning, backpacks slung on their little bodies, lunchboxes in hand. The thought of waving goodbye to both of them as they race into the doors while I drive off alone is enough to bring on a full on ugly cry as I type this. Everyone tells me I will learn to enjoy my time alone. I'm not so sure this is true. I will miss snuggling with her in the mornings after we drop Bubby off. We come home every morning and snuggle up and watch Curious George together.  I can envision those first few mornings I will come home and sniffle and snort my way though Curious George alone. For now I'm going to soak up our mornings together during the school week.

Maybe it's time to have another...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Help Support West, Texas Volunteer Fire Department!

I am a member of a great group of women - fire wives. We are part of an online community from many different locales. We may not have ever met each other in person, but one thing binds us together - the support and love we have for our firefighters - for all firefighters. 

Keeping in true FireWives fashion, we have started a fundraiser on Teespring. All proceeds will go to the West, Texas Volunteer Fire Department. T-shirts are $16 + $3.85 shipping. A minimum of $8 per shirt will be donated to West, Texas Volunteer Fire Department. The more t-shirts sold, the higher the donation! Share this with any fire wife you know! Help us support this broken community!

CLICK HERE to order your shirt NOW!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Dust Has Settled...


It's a breath of fresh air to be typing a post into my blog again. Life got pretty crazy since the holidays. Our family has been ridden with head colds and the flu, 374 switched full time jobs and I've adopted a new hobby. Here's a peak into what has been going on in our house.

374 was beyond fed up with his previous employer. It's hard to go to work every day when you feel absolutely under appreciated. He now works for a company who builds ambulances from the ground up. He is in love with this job. He enjoys going to work every day, and is in a great mood when he gets home. No more working 6-7 days a week for weeks, even months, on end. He works first shift hours, Monday through Friday. We have a weekend life again - I'm pretty sure we forgot what that lifestyle is like!

I've been working on a project that has turned into a full blown hobby. I came across some adorable beaded necklaces for Sassy right around Christmas. I knew they'd be easy for me to make for her. I started buying the supplies online, before I knew it I was elbows deep in beads and wire and pendants. I had people asking for them, so I started making them and sharing them on a Facebook page. I enjoy making them for both my daughter, and those who want to buy them. I'm getting ready to share them at a Mom to Mom sale at Bubby and Sassy's school. I enjoy putting together combinations of beads and pendants. I never really ever considered myself good with pairing colors, or anything artsy but I really enjoy this. You can see more of my creations on my Sassy and Dapper Facebook page!

We are all counting down until summer vacation. The kids are done on May 22nd. I don't know who's more excited - me or the kids. They enjoy being outside as much as they can and I hate having to drag them in for baths and school bedtime. We've done some work around our yard and back deck, and we all have enjoyed some grilled dinners on the back deck and late weekend nights outside with our friends on the few nights it's been really nice and warm. I can't wait until we can do that every night.

Now that things have calmed down - 374 has settled into his new job, I've worked my new hobby into our daily schedule and the kids are outside with their neighbor friend more I have more time on my hands. More time to dedicate to this blog I've missed more than words over the last couple months.