Monday, January 28, 2013

Why Do They Have to Grow So Fast?

Sassy will be starting kindergarten in the fall. In the next couple months we will have to schedule her kinder screening. At the end of this school year I will undoubtedly sit, with a box of tissues in hand, through a sappy photo montage put on by her preschool teachers and cry my eyes out.

Sassy's my last baby. I refuse to believe the last statement holds any truth. Yes, I'm in denial that my child bearing years are over. I have no idea where the last five years and two months have went. I swear to everything holy that she was just a little nine month old taking her first steps, and then I blinked. She grew up. Way too fast. Faster than I ever remember it seeming for Bubby.

Sassy goes to preschool in the afternoons. Getting ready for school, or to leave the house for any reason really, is a process with her. She has always been a ball of energy, easily distracted by something more interesting than the previous task. She never remembers where she leaves her shoes, misplaces a sock from the pair I've given her to put on, and always HAS to finish which ever episode she's watching on Netflix at the given time. Two skips around the room are required before she brushes her hair, she may have to practice her cartwheel ONE more time before she puts on her coat, and you better believe there will be some squirrel watching before climbing in the car.

It seems I'm always growling at her to "Hurry up!" I find myself wishing that she'd just get herself ready without me constantly having to hover and remind... and... and...

That was until tonight. Until we read "Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat,? Are You Waking Up" before bed. It's funny how one small thing like a book can put your whole world into perspective.

Sassy is my little kitty cat. From the time she was small she'd pretend to be a kitty. We gave her kitty personality a name - Sassy. Sassy still comes to visit once or twice a week to this day. I think that's why the book made things a little clearer.

"Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Waking Up?" by Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson is a story about a mama cat trying to get her little kitty out of bed and ready for school. Little Kitty doesn't want to get out of bed. She pulls all kinds of antics like practicing her purr, playing with her dish and chasing a mouse. Finally mother cat gets her baby off to school.

Sassy and I giggled our way through the book. Both of us agreeing this little kitty acts an awful lot like her. As I tucked her in, and started the music in her CD player it hit me. Pretty soon she is going to be able to get herself ready for school on her own. In less than seven months she will start school full time. She will learn to be more self sufficient. In less than 10 months she will be SIX. In no way, shape or form do I have babies, let alone toddlers. In a few short months I will have TWO school aged children.

This mama cat's not ready for that.


  1. I hear ya... I'm in denial about my childbearing years too. I want one more. But once I hit 30 I know I'm done so it feels like the next two years are going to go by too fast, that window growing ever smaller by the day... My 5 year old starts K in the Fall too. My 6 year old barely needs me in the morning to get her ready for school...she has an alarm clock, gets ready and I swear she'd make her own breakfast if she could reach the milk. The 5 year old is going to be a challenge to get up for school, I think...she sounds a lot like your Sassy. :)

  2. I feel you too I cried so hard at my oldest pre-k graduation (including slideshow) that people seriously turned around to look at me a few after even asked if I was ok... at that time I thought she would be my only baby ever and she was growing way to fast but now that baby # 2 is here and already over 1 I realize time really can pass in a blink of an eye. The only thing we can do is let them be little for as long as we can. :(

  3. That book is one of Cadence's favorite. I can't believe she's going to K in the fall! Cadence is there now... full day!

    1. I think it's a new favorite of Sassy's too. I stocked up on cheap book order books and they got a bunch new for Christmas. Nothing compares to her Llama Llama fascination thought! LOL Sassy will be full day too, I'm not looking forward to it at all!