Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is Your Flat Panel TV Safe in Your Home?

One of our favorite things to do as a family is grab some blankets and pillows, make some popcorn and put a good movie on the television. Like most families, our main television in the living room is a flat panel television. We bought the television as a house warming gift to ourselves when we bought our home three years ago. We also bought a tall television stand to keep the television on. 374 has an extensive DVD collection, so we needed ample space to house his collection. Also, at the time Bubby was four and Sassy was a year and a half old and we wanted a stand that would keep the television out of the reach of sticky little fingers. 

At the time, the one thing we didn't consider was the television being top heavy. Perching the 42'' device atop the television stand may not have been the wisest choice looking back. There were days the drawer was yanked open in a fitful attempt to retrieve a remote and days when Sassy was sure there was no harm in swinging ON the doors of the stand. At any moment there could have been enough movement to cause the television to come toppling over on top of them. 

After 374 joined the department and started answering fire and EMS calls, we became even more safety conscious around the house. We checked ourselves last year with the Kidde Home Safety Audit, and fared pretty well. However, for a while now one of the changes we have wanted to make in our home is to get rid of the television stand and mount our television on the wall. We have recently started shopping around for a wall mount and have been playing with layouts of the furniture and wall decor in the living room. Much to my surprise last week, I opened my email to find a message from SANUS. They have offered our family to review one of their television mounts. We are currently readying our living room - including new paint! - while we await it's arrival. 

Consider these stats - 

A 2011 US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report on flat panel TV safety revealed:·         A child is killed every three weeks from an unsecured TV·         Every 45 minutes a child visits an emergency room due to a TV tip-over related injury·         Between 2000 and 2011, 215 fatalities have resulted from TV tip-over·         An estimated 17,000 people each year, the majority of which are children, are treated for injuries from TV tip-overs·         Reported cases have increased almost 25% from 2006  to 2010, and over the last 10 years, injuries have increased by 31%

Televisions continue to get bigger and thinner each year. These thin designs allow for the units to easily be bumped off a stand and topple over onto a child. Mounting your television to a wall is just as important as mounting a dresser or bookshelf to a wall. We all know the dangers of big, heavy furniture toppling over onto a child causing injury or death. What everyone needs to become aware of is the dangers with our televisions as well. SANUS, the leading designer and manufacturer of flat panel television wall mounts and Safe Kids Worldwide has embarked on a campaign to educate consumers to help keep families safe while enjoying quality time in the comforts of their homes.

If your television isn't already on a wall mount, I urge you to take a few minutes to browse the Safe Kids site, and check out the many versatile options SANUS offers. Also, I recommend EVERYONE take a minute to visit the Kidde Home Audit site, it just may open your eyes to a safety issue that as been overlooked in your home. Preventing injury, death and property damage in your home is worth the few minutes it takes to complete the audit!


Watch the Memorial Service for the 19 Firefighters killed in the Yarnell Hill Fire LIVE now. Starts at 2pm Eastern time. FOX 10's Breaking News Live Stream

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Twitter Thursday!

Tweet Tweet!

I'm making a concious effort starting TODAY to use my Twitter account more. I read my Twitter feed daily, but I don't Tweet. Why? I have no idea, really. 

So in honor of my pledge, I'm sharing my Twitter here with you all! Follow me. Tweet me! Leave me a comment with your Twitter account so I can follow you back.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sometimes a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words...

I snapped this picture last night with my cell phone and uploaded it to my Instagram on my way to bed last night. Something about the way 374's helmet was thrown on the couch alongside everyone else's random belongings from the day caught my eye. At first I wasn't sure what made me stop and grab my phone to take the picture, but then I realized it was the perfect symbol of the volunteer fire lifestyle.

When you really look at this picture, you see the basket of clothes I washed and folded, the Tractor House magazine Bubby grabbed at the gas station on our way to visit friends yesterday. There's also the necklace Sassy wore yesterday and the case to the Game Boy that kept her occupied on the previously mentioned trip  to visit friends. There's a water bottle the kids were drinking from while playing outside, and the shoes I wore while we ran errands.

In the middle of all those items from the various activities of the day is his fire helmet. Being the wife and kids of a volunteer firefighter means at any given time of day or night you know the tones could sound. It doesn't matter if we are at a party, having a family movie night, or we have just sat down to a much anticipated meal together - all those things could be, and routinely are, interrupted by a fire call. It amazes me how routine this life has become after three years. Most times neither the kids or I bat an eye as he runs out the door. Sure, some times are harder than others but no one complains anymore. We all know where he's going, what he's doing, and why. Through our firefighter we all have learned to be a little less selfish, and take a minute to remember that someone else is in a far worse situation and that's why our husband, our Daddy, our firefighter runs out the door.

This may not be the highest quality picture - after all it's a cell phone picture snapped in poor lighting at midnight, but to me it's a symbol of everything our life has become.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Highlight of Our Summer

A few weeks ago we camped out alongside the railroad tracks behind our house to welcome our friend - Nickel Plate 765 - home from it's trip east. The kids wanted to make signs. We spent 3.5 camped out in the back hatch of my car. The kids did not want to miss this. The crew was in the windows, and on top of the coal car waiting for the kids and their signs. I had tweeted them the day before with our location and they said they'd be sure to be on the lookout. This is probably one of the best highlights of their summer so far.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review - Foxfury Command 20 Fire Helmet Light

When my husband joined the fire department, one thing became clear. Gift giving got a whole lot easier. Whether it's a new t-shirt, or a new toy tool, firefighting related gifts are always welcomed by 374.

One of the first gifts I bought him was a helmet mounted LED flashlight. At the time he was still going through fire class and really didn't get the opportunity to go in a fire until his live burn training at the end of class. He responded with his department to calls, but he never went inside a working fire. Now that he's put adequate time in as a certified firefighter, the side mounted LED flashlight just isn't giving him the illumination he's looking for.

One of his major complaints is that the helmet mounted flashlight is a single beam that is off centered. He would have to turn his head and point his light where he needed it, and at times it was not producing wide enough coverage. 374 is usually one of the first firefighters on scene to any given call. Being one of the first on scene, he is usually one of the first in a building to perform a search and with a hose line. His single beam, off centered light was not working as effectively as he'd like during searches. In thicker, denser smoke he really had no light front and center where he was currently working. Additionally, most of the calls he runs are at night, and a good majority of them are motor vehicle accidents. There as been many occasions where he's assisted EMTs looking for victims who've been thrown from vehicles into fields. We live in a very rural area, and they are usually searching in complete darkness, with some light coming from the trucks parked on the road. Again, his current light was not giving him enough illumination in front of him, or covering a broad enough area.

As you may recall, we attended FDIC 2013 in April. 374 walked in the doors with a list of toys tools he wanted to check out. One of them being a light that would be more effective for him. One light that really caught his eye was at the FoxFury booth. He was really impressed with the headlamp design and the light it put out even under the bright lights of the Indianapolis Convention Center. He added their lights to his ever growing wishlist of items.

Luckily for him, Foxfury sent us a light to test out and review. 374 has had the pleasure of testing out the Foxfury Command 20 Fire Helmet Light for the past few weeks. He has used this light on a number or runs - fires and motor vehicle accidents as well as using in during search and rescue training - the one area where he really needed a better performing light. He has been happy with this light from the first use. It's been everything he was hoping it would be.

One of the first calls he used it on was a motor vehicle accident. A patient had been ejected from a truck along a county road. After they had all the patients loaded and were leaving the scene, everyone who responded with him was asking about his light. Everyone, including 374 was very impressed with the brightness and broad range the Command 20 put out. It was much more effective and helped him cover more ground quicker than his previous light.

While responding to structure fires, he has found his instincts were correct - this light would perform better in  smoke filled environments than the side mounted flashlight. Even though the smoke is thick and dense, he says his peripheral vision is increased with the Foxfury light. Rather than having as single stream illuminate one object across the room, he is now able to see more clearly what is right in front of him. Where he could have missed something off to his left side before with the beam of light cast off in the distance in front of him, he now has a broad range of light around him one either side.

This became much more apparent when he could test the lights in a controlled environment back to back. At 374's department search and rescue training, he used the previous side mounted flashlight first. They took turns searching for dummies hidden around a house filled with smoke. After 3 or 4 trips inside with the previous light, he switched on the Command 20. His times were significantly decreased with the Foxfury light. He was able to locate the dummies quicker and maneuver through the house more efficiently than with the single stream light. He actually found a closet that he didn't know was there before when searching a room he had previously searched when using the flashlight.

Again, everyone present at the training wanted a peak at his light. His helmet was passed around and everyone was equally impressed as he was with it's performance. One comment that was echoed multiple times was how slim the light is on the front of the helmet, and between the light and the battery pack there is not a noticeable change in weight of the helmet. They even set his light on the front step of the house while packing up their equipment after the training was over because the light covered such a broad area and provided ample light.

The only downfall 374 has come across with this light is it has taken him some practice to find the on/off push button with gloves on. The first few times he used it he had to pull his gloves back off to find the button. With thicker gloves, the button doesn't protrude up enough to be located quickly. He has also on more than one occasion forgot that his light was now at eye level, and whipped around to someone standing behind them and caught their eyes with the light. He has since learned to tip his helmet up a bit to avoid doing so now that he's used to the light being front and center where he needs it instead of off to the side.

So now you're probably wondering about the details of the Foxfury Command 20. The light features 72 lumens on high, 52 lumens on medium and 31 lumens on low. The push button switch is located on the left side of the light. Push one to turn it to low, again for medium and a third time for high, The fourth time you hit the button the light turns back off. While the light is on, there is also a blinking red LED light that aids in accountability. The light produces a 38* wide field of vision - allowing you to see up to 120 feet in front of you and casting it's illumination 48 feet wide. All this is produced with 20 LED lights, 18 white and 2 green. The use of white and green lights enhances depth perception and color rendition.

The Command 20 is made up of a Nylon housing and a polycarbonate lens cover. It is silicone coated and features a 1'' wide silicone strap with a high temperature nylon buckle. Another added bonus is 374 has found a way to use both his Foxfury light AND his MN8 Foxfire illuminating band at the same time. It took some wiggling and a couple different tries, but he was able to effectively install both at the same time on his helmet. He's a happy camper!

The Foxfury light is made from durable and high quality materials, allowing it to be rated fire resistant up to 500* for 30 minutes, and waterproof up to 20 feet. It is also impact resistant. The light runs on 4 AA batteries. Depending on the mode you use it in, it's rated for 8-16 hours. 374 has yet to need to replace the batteries, so we have found this is an accurate estimate.

The light retails on the Foxfury website for $95.99 plus shipping. Given 374's positive review of the light, I would comfortably say this light is definitely worth it's money. I have also passed the link on to fellow fire wives who were in the market for Father's Day gifts in the last few weeks. Putting a price on our firefighter's safety and their ability to return home to us safe in one piece after a call is priceless to us family members waiting at home.

Overall, the Foxfury Command 20 Fire Helmet Light has proven to be a light weight, durable and highly effective light for structural firefighting use. 374 is very happy with the broad range and power of the light that this product produces. He feels that this light enables him to perform his job more efficiently, while providing another tool to aide in his and his crew's safety.

Here's a run through of the different settings on the light -

A comparison of his single beam side mounted light (shown first) and then the wider reach of the Foxfury -

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Review - Firefighters A to Z

Books and reading are a big thing in our house. Bubby enjoys reading on his own these days, he's so proud of himself for blazing through chapter books half way through this past school year. Sassy always has a stack of books close by, they really are like her "lovies".

Both kids are always on the lookout for fire related books. We actually stumbled across one all four of us are very fond of at Goodwill a few months ago. We have never come across a book with us rich, true pictures or one that uses in depth terminology before this book.

Firefighters A to Z by Chris L. Demarest is in the top 10 favorite books in this house. This book is written by a real, trained firefighter. The book alphabetically goes through a day in the life of a fireman. Terms like primary search, k-tool, and pickax are scattered through the book. Each line in the book rhymes with the previous one. Not only does it talk about the tools of the trade, but you also get lines like my favorite - "T is for teamwork. No one works alone."

The pictures in the book are very true life. They seem to be done with oil pastels or some other similar medium. They are bold and full of color. Bunker gear and masks, nozzles and smoke are all accurately depicted in each scene. The kids both like to just flip through the book and admire the artwork without even reading the story. You really do get a true sense of what a firefighter goes through from the time he wakes up in a fire station, until he pulls back in at the end of a call and climbs in bed for a rest.

At the end of the story is a three page author's note that explains some of the lesser known fire terminology used in the book. It talks about the dangers of being a firefighter, and how important it is to take fires and firefighting.

This book would be good for preschool to first or second grade. Bubby is now 8 and Sassy is 5, and they both read this book on a weekly basis. It's a great addition to anyone's family library, whether your little one wants to grow up to be a firefighter, or you have one in the family.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I have more great news for Life Between the Tones readers from TRIBAL Hollywood!

Yesterday I shared the news that TRIBAL Hollywood is donating a portion of your purchase to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation from now until June 16th in honor of Father's Day and all our fallen heroes. 

Today I share some even sweeter news. One of you lucky readers can win a $10 store credit towards a purchase from their website! 

I absolutely love their pieces. I have found quite a few things that would be perfect for 374. Their pieces are very unique. There's something for every man. They offer necklaces chains, rings, bracelets, and pendants. One of my favorite items is in the King Baby Rosary line. 

If you are looking for a quality, inexpensive add on to a Father's Day gift, or if you are on a tight budget this year, they have a whole line of pendants under $20. I let 374 make a wish list from the website, and quite a few of these pendants ended up on his list. 

Don't forget to use the promo codes to ensure TRIBAL Hollywood donates a portion of your sale to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation!

So what do you have to do to win the $10 credit? 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - YUM!

Our favorite local ice cream shack opened last weekend. Monday, us and the neighbors made our first of many trips for the summer. This little cutie enjoyed every last bite, errr... drip!

Online Men's Jewelry Retailer Honors Fallen Firefighters

Father's Day is fast approaching. I will admit I haven't even made one purchase for 374, let alone even decide what it the kids and I are getting him. If you are in the same boat, here's something to consider --

TRIBAL Hollywood is running a promotion from now until June 16th - they are offering two promotional codes that help benefit the National Fallen Firefighter's Foundation and honor fallen firefighters.

"Customers will apply one of two online promo codes toward Father’s Day jewelry purchases beginning May 20 through June 16. By using code FIRE1010 at checkout, customers will receive a 10 percent discount off their order, with 10 percent of the purchase total going to the NFFF. By using code FireAll20 at checkout, customers wave the 10 percent discount, and TRIBAL Hollywood will donate 20 percent of the purchase total to the foundation. All products across the site qualify for the promotion, including the most popular and ideal Father’s Day gifts of men’s necklaces, rings, leather bracelets, and King Baby and Scott Kay jewelry pieces."

What is TRIBAL Hollywood?

"TRIBAL Hollywood is an online men’s jewelry retailer that sells VIP jewelry designed to give guys a personalized style that reflects their individuality and attitude. TRIBAL Hollywood offers unique necklaces for men, chains, leather necklaces, bracelets and rings, including high-end designer jewelry from Scott Kay and King Baby. TRIBAL Hollywood was established in 2006 in Hollywood, California."

If you are not familiar with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the are a non-profit foundation that helps the families and department mates of fallen firefighters from all over the the country, while honoring those lost. This is a win/win situation for everyone. Your father, husband, brother - whoever that special man is in your life receives a unique Father's Day gift, and an exceptional foundation receives funding. Purchasing from TRIBAL Hollywood this Father's Day helps you give a double gift!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tornado Party!

Today we celebrated Bubby's 8th birthday. His actual birthday is not until Tuesday, but the party was today. As I've mentioned before Bubby is obsessed with all things weather and tornado related. I came through with a tornado cake and some tornado decorations. It was just a small family and close friend get-together. Just like we like it.

Funnel clouds on the ceiling fans - we turned the fans on and they even spun like real tornadoes!

Tornado cake - It ripped through the road and flipped the car!

This year's birthday marked a new step in his little life - he read each and every birthday card by himself, unassisted. I tried not to cry. I failed.

These three pics are a series that shows what happens when you tell a brother and sister to "Act like you love each other!" I couldn't help but laugh when I pulled them off the camera!

Tuesday my first born will be eight. It seems so unreal!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Trust Their Training

Running into a burning building is not something that you could pay me enough money to do. Even putting on a SCBA mask and air pack is not something that you could ever entice me to do. I really, truly believe that working in the fire service is a calling. It's not a job just anyone signs up for.

374 has definitely heard the call. It's something he enjoys immensely. This was absolutely apparent this weekend when wiggled his way into a training session for the Fire I class that is being held at his station currently. A good friend of his is going through the class. He was aware of their live burn trainings this weekend for the class, and after talking to the instructor he was granted permission to attend and participate with them.

Running into a building to help save property and life is one thing - you know that someone is in desperate need of your skills and help. However, to willingly volunteer to walk into a burning structure because it's something you ENJOY doing is something I can not fathom. The night before I was so nervous. He's putting himself in this situation willingly. It's not even his training. I couldn't comprehend WHY. Then it hit me - THIS IS WHAT HE'S CALLED TO DO. He's doing this to better prepare himself for those situations that are not a controlled environment. If there was ever a time to NOT be nervous about him donning his gear and walking through fire, it's now. I had to remind myself of this again that next morning as he left, but the rest of the day it was not something I worried about.

As a family member of a firefighter, especially when you are new to the lifestyle, it can be scary and unnerving whether they are running off to a call, or attending a training. In your mind fire is fire whether it's planned or not. It's true that things CAN go wrong during trainings - the are not fool-proof, but it's these trainings that help keep them safe when it's a fully involved structure fire. It's these trainings that you want to keep in the back of your mind when the tension is high when he's out on a long call. Just as they learn to trust their training and knowledge, YOU have to learn to trust his training and knowledge.

This has been a hard lesson for me to learn, but it's one I'm beginning to feel a lot more comfortable with. This fall will mark his third year on the department. He attends any training he can fit into his schedule. He has attended weekend long trainings at a college that are put on each year for any firefighter in our region. The trainings and search for more knowledge never stops. I've realized it's a very fluid thing - they are always finding new and better ways of doing things. There's always room for improvement. New products come out on the market. When training and the desire to grow is gone, safety is not in the forefront of their mind. Things can go wrong at any time, whether they train every day or twice a year - but if they are not constantly honing their skills there's a bigger gap for error.

If there's one thing I can feel secure with it's his desire to learn and grow and improve as a firefighter. Not only to ensure his safe return home to us at the end of a call, but also to provide the best service he can for his community. With all that said, I can assure you that I will have to remind myself of this post from time to time. It's a hard thing to remember when you hear the tones drop. I may just have to print this post out for myself and hang it on my refrigerator. I encourage you to remind yourself of this post if you are new to the fire life, if you are considering entering the lifestyle, or if you are a seasoned wife who may just be nervous over a call that may be out of the ordinary. They trust and live by their training - you can too.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another Rave for MN8-Foxfire!

One of the things 374 picked up at FDIC last weekend was tets from MN8-Foxfire. Zach and the crew were selling special FDIC 2013 tets in their booth all weekend. He grabbed a couple for him and his buddy for their helmets. 374 already has the illuminating/reflective tet package (as well as the helmet band) from MN8, both of which he absolutely loves and raves about to anyone who will listen.

I saw MN8-Foxfire post on their Facebook Friday during FDIC about the commemorative tets. I shared the pic with 374, who immediately put it on his wishlist of things to pic up while we were in Indy.

He applied the tet to his helmet this evening. I snapped a pic to share with the owner, Zach. Of course in true  MN8 fashion, it illuminated amazingly for the picture.

If you haven't experienced MN8 products for yourself, they are a must have item in my opinion for firefighter safety. They add another element of accountability beyond the reflective tets and strips on their gear. 

I think the picture speaks for itself.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Update to Our West, TX T-shirt Fundraiser

I am crazy excited to write this blog post!

On April 19th , a group of amazing women banded together to help others in need. I am honored to say I am a part of that very group. The group decided after the West, TX explosion that we needed to do something to help. Maybe it's because we watch our husbands and significant others give so selflessly every day. Maybe because it takes a special woman to live the lifestyle we do. Maybe it's because the tragedy hit so close to home. Firefighting isn't just about the brotherhood between the firefighters, it encompasses their families as well.

It was this drive to give and to offer support that birthed our t-shirt campaign. T-shirt fundraisers are very common in the fire service. It just made sense. Our initial goal with Teespring was to sell 150 shirts. If we sold 150 shirts, we would raise a little over $800 to send to West, TX Volunteer Fire Department. We exceeded that goal in just about 24 hours. Each day the numbers kept rising.

Today is day eleven of the sale. As of this afternoon, 852 shirts and hoodies have been ordered. That's a $7315.50 profit that goes straight to West, TX Volunteer Fire Department. We still have 12 days left in the campaign.

In the last few days, the wonderful members of our group have been sending a press release to their local media outlets. We have reached out to huge names in social media in the fire service field. We are sending information anywhere that we can spread the word of our fundraiser. I've currently done one on camera television interview, as well as an over the phone interview tonight with my local newspaper. I would love to get this out to as many people as I can. I want people to realize you don't have to be a fire wife to order a shirt and help this community. There is an option to "pick up from seller" when ordering your shirt or hoodie. Choosing this option lets you purchase a shirt or hoodie and have it sent to a fire wife from West, TX. We wanted this fundraiser to be open to more than just fire wives ( the shirt reads "FireWife Strong"). Purchasing a shirt even if you aren't connected to the fire service and sending it to a wife in need helps her remember that there are people out there thinking of her, and that she has the strength to get through this tragedy.

I can't wait until the campaign closes and we get final numbers. This has been an absolutely amazing experience for us all. This fundraiser took off in ways we didn't even imagine when the group was brainstorming ways to help. I am honored to be a part of this sisterhood that supports the brotherhood. I am honored to be able to help this community.

If you would like to order a t-shirt or hoodie, please visit the Teespring website. Orders will not print and ship until the close of the campaign on May 12th. You can expect your shirt to arrive sometime around May 26th or a few days after.


Monday, April 29, 2013

FDIC 2013

For months now four letters have been uttered in this house on an almost daily basis.


374 has been BEGGING to go since FDIC 2012. We were not able to go in 2012, even though it's only a two and a half hour drive from us. He swore we would make it this year - and we did.

The end of February he started a job with a new employer, leaving him with no vacation time. We wouldn't have been able to make it down before all the festivities were over for Friday, so we decided to just drive down early Saturday morning.

We left at the crack of dawn. Getting me out of bed that early is a feat. I hope he knows just how much I love him. It was EARLY. We got down there just before the exhibits opened, and spent all day making our way through each and every booth.

The kids spent a lot of time checking out all the different trucks and engines. We spent a considerable amount of time talking to the great people in the Black Diamond booth. 374 is sold on their boots. I'm hoping to be able to surprise him with a pair by Christmas.

We also made a special stop at the MN8-Foxfire booth to visit Zach and his crew. The kids were decked out in Foxfire shirts that Zach had given them previously on our trip to the office. They enjoyed a trip through the trailer with Willie Wines from Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen Blog. Zach snapped a picture of the kids with his son - all three were wearing the infamous shirts. I got to say a quick hello, and update him on our t-shirt sales before he had to get back to work. His booth was the most busy booth by far Saturday. At one point I couldn't even make my way through the people to walk up and see what he had for sale! If you aren't familiar with his illuminating products, check them out. 374 LOVES his helmet band and tets. I'm not sure love is even the right word! He picked up a couple illuminating FDIC 2013 tets for his helmet, and his buddy's.

One of our last stops was at the Black Helmet Apparel booth. 374 picked up one of their new Fire 3D Flex Fit Caps in Charcoal on Black. This is his first hat from Black Helmet. I'm going to give him some time to break it in, and then you will see a review on that in a few weeks/month.

We had a great day. The only thing we'd do differently will do differently next year is make it a two or three day trip next time. Even though we walked in the doors as they opened Saturday, we still felt rushed for time to make it through all the exhibitors. We also would like to see things like the stair climb and other events that take place during the week.  I'll also remember to put the SD card in my camera so I can take a FEW more pictures than I was able to squeeze on my internal memory of the camera. Talk about a buzz kill.

Here's a few pics that I did manage to get Saturday.

We spent a good amount of time in the Braun booth. 374 showed the kids his handiwork on the ambulances they brought down to show.

374's handiwork up close...

The kids posing with an ambulance from 374's plant. See, Sassy gets her name naturally!

Bubby in the driver's seat of another Braun ambulance.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Get Ready Tooth Fairy!

About a month ago, we noticed Bubby had an adult tooth coming in on the bottom in the front behind his baby teeth. He's two weeks shy of turning 8, and none of his baby teeth are even remotely loose. We had been previously assured by a dentist that he would probably lose them late because he didn't start getting teeth until he was a year old.

We recently decided to switch dentists, mainly for location and convenience. I shopped around and finally settled on a new office. I did so just in time, a day before his appointment, the other front tooth had popped through. The new teeth are not pushing on the babies, nor are they causing them to loosen. So obviously, we are now scheduled to have both front lower teeth. Tomorrow.

I called last Thursday to set up the appointment with the specialist we were referred to. I figured it would be a few weeks before we could get an appointment. Much to my surprise, they gave me an appointment time for Monday afternoon. He has a few other things he needs taken care of that are much more urgent that the pulling of these two teeth (thanks to the other dentist - it ended up being for the better that we switched offices), so waiting for a date after Monday really wasn't the best choice. I agreed to the appointment Monday.

I picked Bubby and Sassy up from school Thursday. He came out grinning because he passed his practice spelling test, which meant he wouldn't have to take the actual test Friday. It hit me like a ton of bricks looking at him grinning - no more baby teeth smile. He now has two adult teeth behind these baby teeth. The minute these baby teeth come out, he won't have a gummy smile. We won't have to wait for adult teeth to grow in - THEY ARE ALREADY HERE.

I don't know why it's bothering me so much. I guess because he's two weeks shy of turning eight. He's my first baby, that's not really a baby anymore. Losing his teeth and having adult teeth in his smile makes that much more apparent. I can't even think about it without tearing up.

I took him outside today for a mini photo shoot. I like to pretend I know what I'm doing behind the camera even though I don't. Even thought it was rainy and dreary, I enjoyed the walk around the neighborhood with him. We giggled and laughed. I got some pictures I love. Today is his last baby teeth smile day. I'm gonna miss his baby teeth smile. Here are a few of those pics. I promise to not over load you with pics. Well, I promise to try.

Pointing to the two teeth that will be gone after tomorrow...

Such a goofy boy. Caught him being silly...

Be still my heart...