Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just When You Think You're Getting It...

Just when you think you are getting the fire wife thing under control, you get thrown a curve ball.

A couple nights ago we were sitting here enjoying some quiet family time on the couch watching a show with the kids. The pager goes off, and out the door he flies. The sheriff was requesting a truck at a residence. I thought that was kind of odd, but maybe someone called the sheriff for an illegal burn in town or something. The kids and I continued with the evening.

As I was poking around online while the kids played on the living room floor, I heard some traffic on the radio. They weren't at a fire, they were at a meth lab bust. I know the dangers of these labs, and know that extreme caution is taken when they bust one however it never crossed my mind that it would be something he'd be called to.

Lately I had been doing better with the nerves of him going out to a fire call. I'm getting used to him being completely certified and going into burning structures. These kinds of calls are still new to me, with this being his first of that nature. My anxiety was through the roof for this one. I was texting with a good friend who's husband was also on the call. It helps to keep my mind busy and not sit and dwell on the situation.

He wasn't gone very long - much to my relief. Although, when he got home he was pretty banged up. He followed the officer in the house with an extinguisher for the retrieval  while others were posted outside with hoses. On his way out behind the officer, he lost traction in full gear on the icy front steps. He went down hard behind the officer. He was very lucky he didn't take the sheriff who was holding the bottle out with him when he went down.

It's times like these that I really would rather not know the details of the call. I'd rather keep it in my mind that he's safe and not in a dangerous situation. He's just standing next to the truck running the pump, or his on a hose outside the burning structure.

Situations like this also make me respect him and his job even more. When those tones go off, he is immediately in go mode. It doesn't matter what the scene is he's driving to. Someone needs help and it's his duty to respond. A car accident, a burning barn, landing zone assistance, or a meth lab - he has to be prepared for any and all of it at the drop of a hat, at the beep of his tones. It makes me respect him so much more knowing my own apprehension as I sit here safe at home.

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  1. Wow. A meth lab! Holy shit! Thankfully, my husband has never had to go out on a call like that as a rescue tech. You, your husband, and your family are in my prayers!