Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elf on the Shelf - Week 3

I know it looks like all I've been doing the past few weeks is moving this dang elf around my house, but that's far from the truth! Our Auxiliary at 374's station and I put together a craft and vendor show that was held December 1st. Not only did I help plan it, but I had a booth for my Gold Canyon candles. On top of some health problems in the family and all the regular holiday buzz, it's been super busy around here!

However, every night Elfie has made his way around the house no matter how busy we were during the day. I know this is a few days late, but here's a peek at his third week in our house.

Night Eighteen - Elfie decided to build a bed in front of the tv. He took all the cushions off the couch and piled them up high so he could see the tv. He grabbed a blanket and the remote and fell asleep watching a show.
Night Nineteen - This was the last night the kids were off for Thanksgiving break. The next morning they would be returning to school. Elfie wanted them to know he'd miss them so he hung out in Bubby's backpack that night.
Night Twenty - Elfie had a hot date this night. He and Barbie went horseback riding. 
Night Twenty One - Elfie snuck into Bubby's room and had a sleepover. He turned Bubby's Perry the Platypus slipper into a cozy bed!
Night Twenty Two - Elfie was caught sneaking into the fridge for a late night snack. He was hanging out on the door handle...
Night Twenty Three - Sassy found Elfie waving out the window of her dollhouse. Elfie's been making friends with a lot of the other toys in the house this week!
Night Twenty Four - My sister spent the night this night. Elfie was found the next morning sitting on the couch wearing her glasses. He was looking through a store ad. Maybe he's getting ready to do his Christmas shopping? The kids said he should get to the eye doctor if he needs to borrow glasses!
Night Twenty Five - Elfie made friends with our dog Blaze's favorite toy. They were found hanging out in my snowman basket under the tree. Not quite sure what they were planning, but the kids think they were trying to peek at the presents already under the tree!

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