Sunday, November 4, 2012

LBtT is Featured on!

I am excited to announce that Life Between the Tones is partnering up with 10seventyfive for a series of  guest blogger posts! You will find a link for this blog in my Mutual Aid sidebar.

10seventyfive is a blog written by Mike. Mike is a volunteer firefighter. A lot of the firefighting related blogs out there are written by full time guys and gals. You don't get a whole lot of volunteer content. Mike is looking to bridge the gap in the blogging world with 10seventyfive.

He is currently running a series of posts about becoming a volunteer firefighter. Because Mike is not married nor has kids, he was looking for someone to share the family perspective of the volunteer lifestyle. He approached me about a week ago on offering some posts for his series. I was honored and excited.

I sent my content to him late Friday night, and tonight you can catch the first installment! There will be three other posts from me featured on 10seventyfive in the very near future. Please bookmark Mike and support him as his blog grows! Stop by and check him out. Leave him a comment saying LBtT sent you!

You can read Part 1 of my series HERE

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