Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Sassy!

I do not want to write this post.

I had to fetch a box of tissues before I sat down with the laptop.

This blog post has nothing to do with fire. Instead it has everything to do with the fact that my last child, my baby, is turning five. Today.

They say having children changes your life. This statement is very true. Whether it's your first child, or your eighth child, your life changes. My life couldn't have changed more than it did the day Sassy was born.

I am going to share something here that I don't really share with a lot of people. I'm always afraid that my words will be twisted into something I didn't mean. That someone will feel like I'm not appreciative of the gift I was given in my daughter. That's the farthest from the truth.

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted two boys close in age. I wanted to sit in a lawn chair sipping tea while I watched them wrestle in the dirt, drive dump trucks in the sand and play catch in the warm afternoon air. I was always some what of a tomboy. I was not very interested in fashion, really never knew how to correctly apply makeup, nor did I ever have many close girl friends. Boys just seemed natural to me.

You can imagine my panic at my 20 week ultrasound when we found out we were on Team Pink. A girl. What in the world do I do with a girl? Bubby had been such an easy going, quiet baby. He was now a rough and tumble toddler who drove trains across the floor and watched Cars on repeat every day. Now our world was about to be turned upside down with dresses, bows, and all things girly.

Ready to bust out of the hospital!

I won't lie. It took me quite a long time to adjust to having a girl. I don't mean that I moped and cried and mourned the fact that I would not have two boys in a row. We prepared for her arrival with just as much joy and enthusiasm as we did with Bubby. We dolled her up in pinks and purples and frills as soon as she was home from the hospital. I was never once unappreciative of the precious little life we so blessedly added to our family. However, it took almost until her first birthday for it to finally sink in. We have a daughter.

It was around that time she really started developing her little personality. What a personality it is! She's a performer. She always has been. She's independent and loves to express herself. Sassy always used to make us laugh with her crazy outfits. Most of the pieces were never her own. My heels, Daddy's tennis shoes or hat, Bubbie's shirt or socks. You never knew what she'd have on next - her outfits still change multiple times a day!            
One of her many outfits - Age 3
It was then that I realized just how much our life had changed. We could not have had two more different children. When Bubby was small, he'd sit quietly on the floor and play with the same two toys for hours, however Sassy was constantly into everything! She was a constant streak of energy from the time she woke up in the morning, until she finally passed out in the evening. She never sat still for more than a couple minutes, and was constantly running everywhere she went! Bubby always enjoyed sitting back and watching the world around him. Sassy? Sassy was not about to sit back and watch anything, she was and still is all about being center stage!

Pumpkin Patch 2008 - Almost 1

I can remember phone calls from 374 while I was at work in the evenings - once he had to call poison control because she ate a stick of deodorant while he was making dinner, shortly after that she dumped an entire bottle of liquid foundation on the bathroom floor and proceeded to finger paint herself AND the bathroom with it (again, while he made dinner). Coloring on walls,  climbing on tables, coloring all over herself with markers - you name it, this kid has tried it. She constantly keeps us on our toes and challenges us as parents daily.

Daredevil baby! She loved doing tunnel slides head first!! - Age 2

Now, five years later I can not imagine life without a daughter. I am glad someone knew better than I did. Sassy is such a light in our life. She's constantly making you smile - whether it's with a performance, a story or a hug when she knows you are sad. She was the missing piece to complete our family.

Lunch date with Mama - Fall 2011

Mommy, Daddy and Bubby love you so much Sassy! You are our beautiful, curly haired performer. You have given us so many laughs and smiles these last five years, I cannot wait to see what the next five bring. You are an amazing little girl Sassy, Happy Birthday!

Helping wash trucks at Daddy's station - Summer 2011

Sassy and Daddy playing firefighter at a local science center - Feb 2011

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