Sunday, November 25, 2012

Elf on the Shelf - Week 2

Wow! I've been scarce this last week. As most were, I was elbows deep in Thanksgiving prep. Thanksgiving Day, and Black Friday were the only two days 374 had off. He works now straight through until Christmas. We spent lots of family time together. 374 even got to participate in Elfie hi-jinks while home with us at night. Here's what Elfie was up to this past week.

Night Nine - Elfie was found sick on the couch. Sassy had come down with a rotten cold the day before, and our best guess is she passed it on to Elfie. Poor guy was sleeping on a rolle up tissue for a pillow, and one covering him for a blanket. He took a dose of Sassy's meds and called it a night!
Night Ten - Elfie must have still been feeling a little under the weather. He took a hot shower and wrapped up in a toilet paper towel. Hopefully he's on the mend.
Night Eleven - The kids were particularly naughty on Day 11. They seemed to be infected with sassy mouths. Elfie stayed put on the tree. He believes if he doesn't have anything nice to say, he won't say anything at all. So there was no good report for Santa this night. Hmm, maybe my kids should adopt Elfie's motto! Since he remained on the tree that night, there is no picture.
Night Twelve - Elfie was pretty offended when he found some lingering fall decor. We forgot about our jelly leaf window clings that were still on the front door. He removed them for us.
Night Thirteen - Elfie picked up some snowflake ornaments for us from the North Pole. He decorated our tree with them. The kids love them!
Night Fourteen - Elfie wanted to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving. Or, "Turkey Day" as he called it. He left us a message on the calendar.
Night Fifteen - Elfie was found hanging out on top of the t.v.
Night Sixteen - Elfie made his way into Bubby's room and was perched atop his alarm clock.
Night Seventeen - Elfie left another message for the kids. He changed their chore chart from all the week's chores to "Feed Elfie Candy". Hmm, we'll see about that Mr. Elfie.

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