Thursday, November 15, 2012

Elf on the Shelf - Week 1

I've always wanted to do Elf on the Shelf with my kids. Up until this year we never participated in the tradition in our home. One reason being I never wanted to shell out the money for the kit. Who wants an elf that looks like everyone else's elf? I've been hunting for a cute little elf that would be the perfect fit for our family.

Last week we ran into Meijer to look for Bubby's yearly Christmas ornament. I hadn't had luck in any other stories I'd browsed so Meijer was next on the list. Not only did we find an ornament, but we also found an adorable elf for $3.99! Can't beat that price!

Sassy was with us, and asked about the elf purchase. We explained that he's one of Santa's helpers. When you bring him home from the store, you have to name him so Santa knows who he belongs to. Then each night we put him on the Christmas tree. Over night he travels back to Santa to report on the children's behavior from that day. The next morning he comes back to our house to keep watch again. We explained it all again when Bubby came home from school.

It didn't take long for them to name him. I figured this would be a long, drawn out process with tears and arguing. Much to my surprise, he was named within minutes - Elfie. How original.

That afternoon they set Elfie on the Christams tree. He kept watch all evening, and was bid farewell for the night with a "Goodnight Elfie!" from each child. When the kids woke up in the morning, they were in for a real surprise.

Not only did we bring home an adorable little elf. We brought home one very mischievous elf.

*Insert evil elf laugh here*

For the last week Elfie has humored us with his over night antics. I'm not sure if I have more fun coming up with the night's trick, or watching the kids react in the morning. Each night after Elfie is set for the night, I snap a picture. 374 gets a sneak peak at the Elfie happenings each night. He enjoys his nightly text with the picture I've taken.

I realize most people don't start their Elf on the Shelf tradition until the first of December. However, due to my love of all things Christmas, and the fact that this is our first year and Bubby is getting pretty old for the "believing" crowd, I want to take full advantage of our time with Elfie.

Each week I'll share the Elfie Hi-jinks from the week before. Hopefully this will help some of you with ideas for your own tricky elves! Here is what Elfie has been up to since he joined our family last Wednesday!

Night One - Elfie T.P.'d the Christmas tree. He was found sitting beside the tree in a toliet paper tube.
Night Two - Elfie decided to hunt up a Christmas coloring book and colored a picture of an elf assembling a toy.
Night Three - Elfie managed to open up the clock, and lock himself inside. 
Night Four - Elfie was found hanging from the living room ceiling fan.
Night Five - Elfie was very ornery this night. He made the milk turn green. Bubby was the only one who would drink the green milk. Sassy, and even 374, turned up their noses.
Night Six - Elfie used a dry erase marker to color on the pictures of the kids hanging in the dining room. 
Night Seven - Elfie climbed into the candy dish and gouged himself on chocolate. He was found with a half eaten Hershey's Kiss and chocolate all over his face.
Night Eight - Elfie hit the Christmas tree again - this time with socks and underwear. He's currently camped out in the sock basket next to the tree waiting for the kids to wake up tomorrow morning.

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