Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - All Things Sassy

Sassy had a ear ache that started the beginning of the last week. By Wednesday we were at urgent care. Despite feeling under the weather, the kid still has spunk. This picture speaks for all things Sassy. Llama Llama is her favorite story book character, and her lovie. She doesn't go many places without him. The tutu - she's a dancer. She dances and twirls and spins from the time she wakes up until the time her eyes shut tight for the night. The black sparkly bow flats are her signature shoe. I really need to find a replacement. She wears these all the time. As you can see by the scuffed toes. 

She was hiding from me behind the curtain while we waited for her script. She didn't want me to take her picture. I love the way I caught the "all things Sassy" all at once in this pic.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!!! (Mine are never quite wordless, but I digress.)


  1. Love the sheep-tutu combo :) jessica

  2. They are the most amazing, they can be sicker than anything but still up for a party. http://homemom3.com

  3. Poor Sassy! My kids always have more energy than I do, even when they're sick. Thanks for sharing!

    Would love to have you stop by http://www.kidsenroute.com/blog!