Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Has Your Firefighter Filled out the 2012 National Firefighter Census??

The National Firefighters Endowment is currently conducting a census for 2012. According to their Facebook page:

"Information collected through this census will be used for statistical purposes to allow National Firefighters Endowment to expand it's scope of coverage to members of the fire service in the United States of America. Information will not be sold or rented for any purpose. By completing this form you will also be entered to win a brand new Phenix TL-2 leather helmet."

 All you have to do is visit the National Firefighters Endowment's Facebook page and click the link on their wall. Fill out the form and you're not only counted in the census, but also entered to win an awesome helemt.

Please make sure all the firefighters in your life have filled out this form. This information is very important to their work. The National Firefighters Endowment is a non-profit public charity whose main goal is to protect the lives of firefighters.

mage from the National Firefighters Endowment website

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  1. It's unfortunate they're doing it this way. My firefighter refuses Facebook.