Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thank Goodness for his Fire Nose!

Today was one of those days where I really could have done without dinner. I just have not had an appetite lately. After 374 woke up this afternoon we were discussing dinner options. He threw around some ideas, and I told him if any of them were what he really wanted he was doing the cooking tonight.

Without any grief he agreed. He retreated to the kitchen and cooking commenced. I walked into the kitchen to give him a hand making the kids' plates when I noticed a smell that was present when I cooked dinner the night before. I thought it was just something in the drip pan under the burner, and made a mention of needing to clean them.

As we were plating up dinner, 374 commented that he didn't think drippings were the culprit - but in fact melting wires. He said that was the reason he didn't leave the kitchen while cooking because he was trying to figure out what was going on. He said he would check the stove over after dinner. Thank goodness dinner didn't require much cooking, just some reheating!

We checked the wires under the cook top and everything looked fine. 374 then pulled the stove out from the wall to give it a more thorough go-over. It was a good thing he decided to pull it out from the wall because it became glaringly obvious what the problem was.

The outlet had an obvious short. A short that had burned through the outlet cover and started to melt the cord from the stove. Thank goodness I sent him into the kitchen to cook tonight. This time of year my allergies are a raging mess and I can't smell correctly anyhow. His fire nose knew right away what the problem was. I'm grateful it happened when he was home, and it wasn't as bad of a situation as it could have been. Since becoming a fire wife, it's now my fear that we will end up having to call his department to our house. Oh the shame! *insert paranoid laughter here*

So our night ended with a trip to two home improvement stores. I say two stores because we couldn't be so lucky as to find both the outlet AND the cord IN STOCK at the same store.

374 slapped the new stuff in before he headed out to work for the night. It's times like these I'm super grateful for a handy husband!

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