Thursday, September 27, 2012

I've Got My Work Cut Out For Me...

Sassy's birthday is coming up in about a month. We've been trying to get her to commit to a birthday theme so I can start planning. 374 and I were talking to her tonight over dinner about her choice, when Bubby chimed in.

"Mom, I want a tornado and Storm Chasers birthday! You can make me a cake with a big tornado and a TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) driving down the road into the tornado!"

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You can imagine the looks 374 and I exchanged.

Our son has been obsessed with weather for at least the last six months. He loves watching weather documentaries on Netflix. Recently he found the show Storm Chasers and watches it daily. He plays Storm Chasers at school at recess, as well as after school with his friend who lives next door. Most conversations with him revolve around weather, clouds, and storms.

I'm always one for unique party themes. I like to think outside the box and shy away from character themes. I've also always made all of the kids' birthday cakes with the exception of Bubby's first two. I enjoy the process of them picking their theme, and brainstorming the cake and decorations. Like I mentioned in my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday, birthdays are a big deal to me!

I'm actually pretty excited about putting this one together. I'm very glad he decided to tell us this now, six months ahead of time. He wants an actual funnel cloud standing on his cake. This is going to take some research and some practice, I think.

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  1. How awesome! I love that your son is expressing his unique identity in this way! And that as his parents, you are encouraging him! Wonderful!