Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eenie Meanie Miney Mo - Should We Give EMT Class a Go?

When 374 started his fire class last fall, it seemed like it would never end. Class was twice a week 30 minutes from home. At that time he was working first shift, and wouldn't get home from work until 4pm some days. He'd have to turn around and leave at 5:15pm to make it to class on time. It was rough spending the winter months cooped up in the house with the kids alone some days. Monday night Sassy had dance class, so they wouldn't even get to see him on those days. I'd have to wait until 10:30pm when he got home from class to see him. At that point he was a walking vegetable, and most days just came home and went to bed.

The day he passed his state certification was a glorious day. The end had come. We found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. HALLELUJAH!

If it was such a rough six months, why are we considering class again? Why have we been debating putting him into another class? They are offering an EMT class at his station beginning in November. He already makes squad runs as a driver. A lot of times the EMS is short handed. They don't run on a schedule, people just show up - or not. When he hears them having trouble getting enough people to make the run, he will go up and drive. He loves it.

The convenience of this class makes it almost impossible to turn down. We live literally three houses from the fire station. It takes him all of 10 seconds from driveway to station parking lot. The only downfall is he is now on third shift. He leaves the house at 10:15pm to get to work on time. So depending on the hours of this class he could very well have to leave directly from class to go to work. I hope that wouldn't be the case, because I know that would deter him a little more than it should.

The class could open some doors career wise. It's very possible that any other classes in the future may be at a different location much farther from home. However, it's also a 180-200 hour class. That's at least another six months depending on how they schedule the class.  What else do we have to do in the middle of the winter though?

I think it's time to sit down and make a pros and cons list and see exactly what other doors this may open for us.

Bubby taking a peak into the back of the squad one night when Samaritan was at the station for landing zone training.