Monday, August 6, 2012

Where Has Summer Gone?

"Three weeks?! THREE weeks?? Mom are you KIDDING?"

This is the response I got when Bubby over heard 374 and I discussing the fact that school starts again for our kids in three weeks. I've got to agree with him though, I have no idea where summer went.

We had such a list of things we wanted to do as a family this summer. Some of them have been completed and crossed off, others are going to have to be put off until next year. It didn't help that we lost a whole week of time to the power outage after the storm on June 29th. All the lost wages that week really added up.

Camping was probably the highlight of the summer. We had never been as a family, and it was so nice to get away and not have to worry about anything, including those tones that send 374 flying out of the house.

One of my favorite accomplishments of the summer is Bubby mastering riding his bike sans training wheels. He was so so shaky last summer, and even at the beginning of this summer. He is such a confident rider now, he begs to ride up the street to the station when he knows 374 is back from a call.

Another big accomplishment has come from Sassy. She's always been a very headstrong child, and whenever I'd sit down with her to do any kid of practice on her letters and numbers she'd act like she had no idea what I was trying to get her to do. We have been working in her preschool workbooks, and someone seems to be a math whiz these days! She will sit down with me, and can write and identify all her numbers. She's becoming interested in wanting to learn her letters now too. I'm hoping to have her start reading in this last year of preschool. I know she's a very smart kid, she just wants to do things on her own terms - even more so than most children her age.

We wanted to take the kids to the Indianapolis Zoo this year, but I think that's going to be one for next summer. We also had plans to take a trip to Montana meet our new little nephew, and witness 374's sister marry her best friend. Not being able to make that trip was a huge bummer for all four of us. Hopefully we will get to see them in the near future. The kids can't wait to meet their first cousin!

The end of summer vacation is bittersweet for me. I hate to see my kids go back to school full time (Can someone remind me of this tomorrow when I'm at my wits end?) I can't believe Bubby will be in first grade, and it's my last year with Sassy. She attends half day preschool for the last year this year. Next year is Kindergarten for her!

The start of the school year means fall is on it's way. There's the sweet part for me. I love fall. I just can't believe it's already almost here...

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  1. I have always homeschooled, but feel that the Lord is asking me to put them in school this year. I am dreading it. I will miss them so much. I will have to give up control that I thought I once had (really an illusion) and send them off with a wing and a prayer. I am so nervous. I think it takes more strength to send them to school them to keep them home.

    Life has changed so much since January. I need God's strength and courage to keep up with it all.

    We have not done everything we wanted to do, due to lack of funds. But we have made some fun memories. I am enjoying being with them more since I know the time is short. I am thankful that they go back after Labor Day.

    Blessings my Friend!