Monday, August 13, 2012

RIP 38

When 374 came to me and asked me how I felt about him becoming a volunteer firefighter, I never envisioned just how involved the lifestyle would become. Not only do the kids and I have to deal with him leaving at the drop of a hat - or really the beep of his tones, I also have to be supportive. I am supportive of not only the choice he's made, but there's also emotional support to lend. I never really bargained for how emotionally attached to the lifestyle I'd become, and how quickly it would happen.

Last Thursday evening, 374's department was called out for mutual aid. While they were at the scene, the engine he took out would not draft water properly. They were not able to fix the problem on scene, and planned on testing it out the next day.

Friday morning the kids and I were laying on the couch, and saw the engine pass our house, heading towards the park along the river. They were going to test the pump in hopes of remedying the problem. I'm not sure of the events that took place after they reached the park, however I'm quite familiar with how the afternoon progressed. 

Fire trucks do not belong in the river. Unfortunately that afternoon 374's station lost an engine. No one is quite certain what happened. It's apparent that something malfunctioned with the engine, causing it to roll into the river. There was nothing anyone could have done. Very fortunately, no one was hurt. Things could have been much, much worse if there were any people injured. Everyone is very grateful for that.

It's been a somber time for the firemen and their families. There's a bit of a shock factor. You'd never dream of something like this happening. Bubbie and Sassy are sad to know that their favorite truck is probably a complete loss. It took the better part of the day to get it out of the river. As the wrecker pulled it past our house, the kids watched with glum faces. We've gone up to the station and showed them the engine. It's hard to think that it will probably never return to service. 

Even though we've only been a fire family for two years, we've had a lot of memories with this engine. We propped our dog up on the truck the day we got him when he was two months old and snapped pictures. The first time we took the kids up to the station to see the trucks, and see Daddy's gear, it was the truck they sat on and wanted their picture taken with. It was the backdrop for all the product and review pictures I've taken for this blog thus far. Our Father's Day 2012 picture was taken on this engine. It was the first engine I rode in, just 374 and I - we delivered fliers containing information about the station's services during the week long power outage in June. This was the truck that provided hours of relief and enjoyment for the children in the community during the power outage - they spent all afternoon that day running and laughing in the water streaming from it. We will be sad to see it go if the only option is to replace it.

Thank you for your service 38.

Who knew you could become so attached to an apparatus? 

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