Thursday, August 16, 2012

I just want my service back!

Since the storm blew through our area the end of June, knocking power out for a week, our Verizon service has been minimal. This has been an ongoing saga for the past month, and I've reached my breaking point. 

We live in a low lying area, and our service has never been the best. However, Verizon is the best cell provider for our area. I never had an issue making calls, or sending texts from my home. With the amount of money we pay for our cell phones, we dropped our land line. It was a choice we were comfortable making, given the service we had at home via the cells. 

Mid July, after power was restored, we got back into our home, and life resumed as normal we noticed one thing had not. Our cell service. We now fight to make a phone call. Sometimes it takes me upwards of 25 minutes to get a call to even DIAL OUT. Texts will not go through. I ROAM. I've never had these issues with Verizon from my home. I made the first call to Verizon right around the third week of July. They assured me they'd look into it, and I'd hear back. I never did hear back from the representative as he'd promised.

A week later I made my second phone call to Verizon. The representative I spoke to this time explained that the issue I called in about previously had be resolved. I stopped her in her tracks. Resolved? No. I informed her I was still having the same issues. Issues that I never had before in our area. Again, I explained I am fully aware of the service issues in our area. I don't expect to have 4G coverage out here, but I do expect to have the service I previously experienced, up until the storm. I also informed them that I know at least a dozen other people who are having the exact same issue, which started at the exact same time. Because they were experiencing heavy call volumes, and I did not have time to sit on the phone and wait for what could have been an hour I had to call back a THIRD time to request a trouble ticket.

Round three. Third time's a charm. Unfortunately not. I finally talked to tech support and had a trouble ticket made. The results of the third call? There are issues in our area, and they appear to be issues that we had before the storm. She mentioned a network extender being available. I did not even explore that option. Why would I pay more money for a device to get me the service I used to have?

Fast forward my story to last night. My nerves are high. 374 went into work last night at 10pm. This left me home alone with no car, and two kids. One of those children just had surgery earlier in the day. What was I supposed to do if she declined and had to be taken back to the hospital? You are probably thinking I could just call a friend or family member, or 374 home from work. That's where you're wrong. I had NO service last night. It took me 25 minutes to make a phone call or get a text through to 374 last night. I walked around my driveway searching for service. It was straight out of a commercial. Only it wasn't funny in the slightest. 

After I finally reached 374, I was on the phone with Verizon. Again. He took a very detailed trouble ticket and submitted it with a higher priority. He informed me I should hear from him today, as the priority bump meant faster service. Too good to be true. I had not heard anything as of an hour ago. So I spent the last half hour relaying the story AGAIN to someone who really can't do a dang thing for me. All I can do is wait for an answer back from the service people.


None of those words even begin to touch my emotion about this issue. I am tired of feeling like I'm being blown off. I feel like they are using the excuse that we live in a less than optimal service area to explain the problem. I refuse to believe that with everyone's problems being identical and starting on the same day is a direct result of "just the area you live in." Tonight the representative even had the courage to AGAIN offer me a network extender "that usually runs around $250.00 and plugs right into your home internet" to fix my issue. He assured me it was just like having a tower in my home. 

What part of "I just want to experience my service as it was PRIOR to JUNE 29th!" can't they understand? Dropping Verizon is not an option either. They are the best provider for service in our area. So I sort of feel stuck between a rock and a hard place and it's becoming very tiring. Tonight's representative assured me I should be hearing from them by Monday. If I do not hear from them tomorrow, I will make YET another phone call. However, I will be requesting someone higher up. I can not believe it's been just about a month and they can not tell me what's going on. I really feel like their service department is lacking in a big way. I do not understand why they can not figure out what's going on and fix this issue, or at least make me feel like they are making a decent effort. 

If I had to rate their efforts to date: D- Verizon. D-.


  1. Ugh. I understand why you chose Verizon considering the range issues where you live, as they are known for having the best range, but after experiencing their so-called customer service firsthand several years ago, they are one of very few companies who are on my list of never-patronize-again.

    Your story makes me wonder if they lost a tower in the storm. Although you'd think they'd have some record of that & be able to explain to customers what happened, and it will be "X" number of weeks until a new one can be built. Or something.

    Good luck!

  2. A friend of ours was having issues with AT&T, and in the past I've ran across websites dedicated to sharing troubles with cellphone and other business, where someone posted the companies' CEO's name and contact info.
    I know our friend got resolution with his problem calling the higher-up.
    I also just remembered my cousin fought with Toyota and found the contact info for some really higher up, I can't remember, though, if it was someone with Toyota or the car place they bought the car. At any rate, he got what he wanted.
    Oh yes, and just recently another friend was angry with a local camper/RV place that had did some damage to their camper while repairing something else. She emailed and complained on Facebook and kept getting ignored and deleted until she finally found someone higher up to get in touch with.

    So anyway, if you can, maybe try and google and find the higher up person contact yourself, because who knows who they are really connecting you to when you ask for someone higher up.