Monday, August 20, 2012

Exciting News for Life Between the Tones!

You might notice things look a little different at Life Between the Tones. This is a sign of the good things that are about to take place here. Have you noticed something new to the side bar? Wonder what that's all about?

About two weeks ago, I came across a Facebook page for The Black Hat Radio Show. The Black Hat Radio Show is an online radio show done by a firefighter named Mike. It was a no-brainer to check this out, I was excited to pass it on to 374. A few days later I saw a post on my Facebook feed from Mike asking for pictures of firefighters and their families next to rigs or in their firehouses. He's putting together a "Pride, Ownership and Tradition" video with all the submissions. Since I had a picture of 374 and the kids on 38 handy after the accident, I emailed one right over to him. We had a quick chat about the fate of the truck. He thanked me for my submission.

Then last week, I saw another request in my feed from Mike. This time he was asking for websites that would be interested in embedding his radio show on their site. I had already heard a few of his podcasts, and knew this was something I'd like to do. I sent him and email, and was surprised with a quick response.

We chatted on the phone for a bit, and realized we have the same goal - to grow our projects. Mike's show is centered around family - a firefighter's brothers and sisters on the job and his or her family who supports them at home. These are all very similar to the things Life Between the Tones is centered around. We agreed that Life Between the Tones would be a great place to host the Black Hat Radio Show player. We will be in contact again very soon to bounce ideas off each other to help us both keep taking steps to achieve our goals.

Now you can listen to The Black Hat Radio Show right from Life Between the Tones! From now on, there will be an embedded player in the side bar that allows you to listen to not only the most recent podcast, but all previous shows as well. You will find product reviews, opinions, interviews of fellow firefighters, social media links in relation to firefighting - basically if it has to do with firefighting you will probably find it at one time or another on the show.

If you would like a direct link to the podcats, you can find them on The Black Hat Radio Show PodOmatic website. If you poke around his PodOmatic site, you will find a Paypal button. Mike is currently expanding his venture - more bandwidth, equipment, and maybe a website! All funds raised from supporters will be used directly for the expansion of the radio show. So if you love what you hear and look forward to future shows, send Mike a little love!

You can find Mike and The Black Hat Radio Show on Facebook. Click the link and "Like" his page, tell him Life Between the Tones sent you!

While you're here, let me know what you think of the show! If you are a firefighter, pass this on to your fellow jakes. If you are a fire wife, pass it on to your smoke eater! Either way, leave Mike and I some feedback here in my comments!

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