Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Your Children and Medical Issues - No Fun.

We are no stranger to doctors' offices, medical procedures and hospital stays when it comes to our offspring. Our oldest, Bubbie, was born with a cleft palate. The roof of his mouth did not fuse together in utero causing his mouth to be open to his nasal passages. At five months old he had tubes put in his ears, at 18 months he had his first palate repair and hospital stay, and again last August he had a second palate repair. Sassy has always been fairly heathly, but in the past year we noticed some things that were concerning.

Sassy has always been a snorer. We joke she gets it from 374. However, as she has gotten older the snoring has gotten progressively worse. Most nights you'd swear a big hairy bear is asleep in her room, not the sweet sugar and spice ballerina we love more than life itself.

About six months ago I was laying with her in bed sometime around 2am attempting to get her back to sleep. I was dozing in and out of conciousness, dreaming of being back in my kind size bed rather than squeezed in on her twin when I was startled back to reality. It sounded like she had quit breathing for a split second. When I say split second, in mommy-land it felt more like a good five minutes. She did it again once more while I laid with her. I really didn't want to leave her sleeping alone, but I knew if we both slept together in her bed no one would get any sleep. I thought maybe it was because she was snoring while laying on her back, so I rolled her on her side and watched her for a few more minutes. No more gasping and snorting, so off to my bed I went.

I've noticed more episodes since then. They seem like sleep apena type episodes. We've also come to realize she's a mouth breather, and a heavy one at that. She is a very fit and active kid, so this was kind of concerning as well.

At her four year (I seriously just typed four month - I have no idea how this kid is four YEARS old already!) check up last month our family doctor gave us a referral for an ENT. Today was the first appointment at the ENT. I knew the removal of her tonsils and adnoids was probably on the horizon at some point, but I figured we'd keep an eye on her and see how things progress. Much to my suprise, we scheduled the surgery today at the appointment. Even more surprising is the fact that it's less than three weeks away. Mid August she will have her tonsils and adnoids removed. The ENT does not want to wait or prolong the removal, as any sleep apena type situations deplete her oxygen levels. That's nothing to mess around with.

So you'd think that after three surgeries with Bubbie, I'd not be so nervous. However the thought of letting your children go off in the hands of doctors and nurses, completely out of your control is terrifying. Almost as terrifying is the thought of this whole process with a dramatic child. In Sassy's world, small scratches are equivilant to pulling off toe nails, and bandaids have magic pain relieving properties. Bubbie's last surgery was on his soft palate at the top of his throat, so I'm assuming this surgery pain will be much the same with Sassy.

I'd better take stock in popsicles, ice cream and tylenol.

Anyone have children who've had this procedure? Any do's, don'ts or stories you'd care to share? Please and thank you!


  1. My 10 yr old is an open mouth sleeper as well but it stops as soon as she moves onto her side, never went thru the surgery part myself but I will be saying some prayers for you all and on a positive note GETTER Done!! I am glad Dr.'s aren't dragging it out :]

  2. My oldest had his tonsils, but not adenoids, out when he was 5.
    My cousin and FF had their adenoids out as kids, but I wasn't with them after recovery so I can't say how that went. As far as my son, everything went fine and he snapped back pretty quickly. Kids are really pretty resilient.

  3. None of my children have had it done, but I had my adenoids removed (and tubes in my ears) when I was pretty young (4? 6?). My mom said the most unsettling thing was suddenly she couldn't HEAR me sleep and it took a few weeks for her to get used to it.