Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who Said the "D" Word??


I never, I repeat NEVER, want to hear that awful word again. Here's a map of the storm that blew through our area last Friday afternoon. It's the reason that we've let the Fourth of July holiday come and go like it was just another day, the reason my husband and I have not slept in the same bed for almost a week, the reason my pets think they've been abandoned alone in our house while we take shelter at my Grandpa's. (We do go home numerous times a day to check on them and care for them.)

We have just completed day six without power. It was probably the most peaceful day we've had since the storm. The main reason being I asked 374 to spend the day with us. If his pager went off for a run, that was fine. However, the kids and I just craved some sense of normalcy with our firefighter at home with us. 

We spend the day doing mundane things. We took the kids to lunch at DQ, got some groceries and spent the afternoon lazily hanging around my Grandpa's house. It was just too hot to do anything else. The heat index topped out somewhere around 102. Not to mention, yesterday we nursed Bubbie through a fever and today was Sassy's turn.

I made a comment to 374 over dinner, "You know you've been out of power for too long when the way we've been living is almost starting to seem normal." The idea of being able to sit in MY house with the AIR CONDITIONER ON, snuggling with our pets and watching my children play with their toys as they please seems so close, yet just out of grasp. 

It may be closer than we thought. About 6pm this evening, my neighbor texted me to say that our street was a buzz with line trucks. About an hour later it was confirmed that one street in our town was now lit up. 

I'm hoping with every fiber in my body that our lights will be back on tomorrow. The inside of my house looks like the winds swept through it, too. It's been so warm in there that when we come home, it's a hurried rush to find what you're looking for and get back into the cool car. There's a wreckage of bags and piles of things that were taken with us when we slept at the fire station. Now that we are staying with Grandpa we don't need to bring as much with us, so everything else is strewn all over the house. 

Which raises another issue - once we are back in our cool, lit house I'm not going to have the energy to clean it. All I'm going to want to do is sit on my couch and soak up the cool. The past week has been exhausting. Not really because of the heat, but all the running back and forth from the house to the station to the house to  the store to the house and then to Grandpa's. 

Speaking of heat, tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day since the storm. I'm really hoping that we are able to have the a/c on for our pets. I've felt so guilty that we've left our fur-children in the warm house while we've sought shelter elsewhere. However, there just wasn't anywhere for us to take them. We have them corralled to the linoleum floors, so we know they are staying cool laying on them. The kids really miss them too. Leaving them behind probably ranks in the top three hardest factors of the whole situation.

My main cat Hitch. In his kitty days. He's three times as big these days.

Hopefully tomorrow I can share a post with a much different tone. Hopefully that post will be written from my comfy couch, with two favorites buddies laying on either side of me. I really, really miss them. More than the a/c. 

Our fire dog, Blaze. This was last February when he joined our family. He's about three times as big these days, too!

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  1. I can't imagine going 6 DAYS without power! :( Wow. What an ordeal!!