Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our First Family Camping Trip

We were able to cross one thing off our Summer Bucket List this week. We had our first family camping trip! While it wasn't a hard core pitch a tent, no running water to take a shower let alone brush your teeth camping trip - it was a camping trip. We rented a cabin along a near by lake. It was a great way to introduce the kids to camping.

The last few days before we left for the trip were filled with questions and non stop talk about the trip. The kids were so excited, and each day it was a little harder for them to contain.

We left late Sunday morning. The entire hour drive was filled with their sweet little voices repeatedly singing "We're going camping, we're going camping!" Just when we thought they had their fill, they'd start back up again. It was funny as we approached the lakeside town. For whatever reason, they had it in their heads we were camping in the woods. Even though we had told them 4,385 times before we left that we were staying in a cabin along a lake, they thought we would be hiking up some mountain and braving the wild. As 374 announce we were almost there, Bubby yells from the back seat "BUT WE ARE IN A TOWN!! WHERE'S THE WOODS??"

As we pulled up to the cabin, there was not one shred of disappointment ove the lack of woods. The lake was literally FEET from our cabin porch. Before we had everything unloaded from the car, the kids were attempting to bait their fishing poles and cast out.

Days were spent fishing, playing at the playground and renting bikes. Nights were spent cooking hot dogs over the fire, followed by smores over the fire. The left rings around the tub in the cabin before bed. They played long and hard and fought every minute of sleep once they were tucked into the bunk beds. They were up at the crack of dawn. Forget vacation for 374 and I, we get more sleep at home on any given day than we got during our camping vacation.

Taking the heat, the lack of sleep and the nasty nasty bugs into consideration I would do it all over again. To see the joy on their faces was worth it. I know there will be many more trips spent along that lake in those cabins. We all had so much fun. The highlights of the trip for me were the afternoons I sat in the porch swing watching my three loves fish, and the sticky, hot lazy afternoon we all spent in the cabin just napping.

Unfortunately there hasn't been many big items we've been able to cross off our Summer Bucket List this year. I'm very grateful that this was one of them that we've had the opportunity to complete.

What big things have you cross off your family's list? What things do you have left you'd like to accomplish before the weather turns cool and the school bell rings?


  1. How fun! We'd like to do some tent camping this year, but so far the heat has kept us from scheduling it. That, and we don't REALLY want to, it's just cheaper, LOL

  2. Cabin camping is my favorite :)

    Looks like y'all had a blast!
    LOL, I usually end up needing a vacation after our vacation.

    Due to unforeseen medical bills, our bucket list is pretty empty this summer. But before that happened I got a good deal on tickets to an amusement park about an hour from here. I bought three deals, so we need to go three times before it expires in October.
    So far, between FF working as much extra as he can, and not having any extra to spend on fun things, we've just not been very excited about going.