Friday, July 13, 2012

I Confess Friday


I'm participating in my FIRST EVER Friday confessional. You can link up by clicking the link above. I found this wonderful gem via Janice. Janice is awesome. Go see for yourself.

*Ahem* On to my confessions. 

I CONFESS... to having a Pepsi tonight. I decided to give up soda again for good three days ago. In my defense, it was only one can - that 374 had a few swigs of and I have not completely finished myself. *pouts*

I CONFESS... to talking to my pets in "the voice." 374 rolls his eyes at me every time. I think he's just jealous I don't use "the voice" on him.

I CONFESS... to still having Channing Tatum on the brain a week after seeing Magic Mike. He even visited me in my dreams last night. SHHHH, don't tell 374!

I CONFESS... to saving the pickle juice, even after the pickles are gone, and taking swigs of it over the next few days until it's gone. 374 refuses to kiss me after I drink pickle juice. 

What are your Friday Confessions?? Leave me a comment with a confession of yours!

1 comment:

  1. OMG are you serious on the pickle juice??? I have never met or had anyone admit to doing that but I love it especially the dill pickle juice!! In my 20's I was a bartender and I invented the vodka shooter with pickle juice chaserI am serious chill the vodka and of course your pickle juice is chilled yum I haven't done those in 20 yrs though I just drink the juice straight LOL
    So what is "the voice"?
    Thanks so much for the kind words that is so sweet to mention me so kindly and I am glad you are doing the hops they are alot of fun especially if you are having trouble sleeping which being a fire wife I think you probably do so this will be SUPER therapy to help maybe take your mind off his call of duty :} i hope so anyway.