Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day Five and Counting...

Well this has been an experience. This will be night five without power. I can safely say I'm beyond the frustrated point. I'm now at the point where I want to throw myself on the floor and have a fist banging, leg kicking, spit spewing tantrum complete with waterworks.

The last report on AEP's website is that we will have power back by Saturday night at midnight. Just the thought of it being Tuesday makes Saturday seem so far away. The heat doesn't help. The humid, make you feel like you need a shower ten seconds after you get out of the shower, heat that just doesn't let up.

Last night was the first night the kids and I slept at the house. 374 went back to work last night and I just wanted my own space. After he left for work, I got my laptop out (which I was so thankfully able to charge at the station) and put a DVD in it for the kids. After a DVD and half of another they were out cold. Well, out warm in our case. I fell asleep shortly after. I slept until 374 called at 6am to say he was on his way home from work, and the kids both slept until after 9am. The cats and dog were all over us, they were so happy to have people in the house.

Even though the night ended as good as it could have, the day didn't start that way. 374 spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights manning the station over night. So because he works third shift, he had to call in to work. There is a law in Ohio that covers volunteer firefighters who are out on runs. They cannot be fired or held accountable attendance wise for being on a run. We were under the impression that because his chief required the station to be manned 24/7 after the storm, the law would cover him. Apparently his work did not agree. He ran out of attendance points because of the call ins. Yesterday morning we went over to his employer to turn in all his stuff around 9am. We came back to the station and filed his unemployment. We were prepared to start job hunting ASAP.

Around 5pm yesterday we got a notification for a voice mail on his phone. It was his (previous) employer. We were confused. After listening to the message, we learned the decided to take all circumstances into consideration and not charge him with any points. After the way they've treated him regarding fire related stuff in the recent weeks, this was a small miracle. That's another post for another day.

Before the voice mail, my nerves were about shot. Between living without power, trying to entertain the kids because we can't spend the day time hours at home, and then thinking we were out of an income. Talk about topping out your stress level.

Today was a better day. When 374 got home from work, he climbed in bed with me and I slept until the kids woke up. When they were up for good, I cleaned out the fridge and freezer and made a list of all the food we lost to give to the insurance company. The kids and I then squealed through showers before we woke 374 up to come to the station for lunch.

All afternoon the firefighters have had a truck out running guns and hoses for the kids to keep cool. They have had a blast. Hopefully it means they will go right to sleep for me tonight, despite the heat. We were debating sleeping at the station again tonight while 374 is at work, but it seems a lot of other families are staying here as well. I think the thought of my own quiet space trumps sleeping in the a/c.

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  1. I can't even imagine. I'd be totally bonkers by now.

    Glad your hubby didn't lose his job. I know he didn't like it, but this is a bad time to be out of a job. Maybe it will get better for him.