Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Your Children and Medical Issues - No Fun.

We are no stranger to doctors' offices, medical procedures and hospital stays when it comes to our offspring. Our oldest, Bubbie, was born with a cleft palate. The roof of his mouth did not fuse together in utero causing his mouth to be open to his nasal passages. At five months old he had tubes put in his ears, at 18 months he had his first palate repair and hospital stay, and again last August he had a second palate repair. Sassy has always been fairly heathly, but in the past year we noticed some things that were concerning.

Sassy has always been a snorer. We joke she gets it from 374. However, as she has gotten older the snoring has gotten progressively worse. Most nights you'd swear a big hairy bear is asleep in her room, not the sweet sugar and spice ballerina we love more than life itself.

About six months ago I was laying with her in bed sometime around 2am attempting to get her back to sleep. I was dozing in and out of conciousness, dreaming of being back in my kind size bed rather than squeezed in on her twin when I was startled back to reality. It sounded like she had quit breathing for a split second. When I say split second, in mommy-land it felt more like a good five minutes. She did it again once more while I laid with her. I really didn't want to leave her sleeping alone, but I knew if we both slept together in her bed no one would get any sleep. I thought maybe it was because she was snoring while laying on her back, so I rolled her on her side and watched her for a few more minutes. No more gasping and snorting, so off to my bed I went.

I've noticed more episodes since then. They seem like sleep apena type episodes. We've also come to realize she's a mouth breather, and a heavy one at that. She is a very fit and active kid, so this was kind of concerning as well.

At her four year (I seriously just typed four month - I have no idea how this kid is four YEARS old already!) check up last month our family doctor gave us a referral for an ENT. Today was the first appointment at the ENT. I knew the removal of her tonsils and adnoids was probably on the horizon at some point, but I figured we'd keep an eye on her and see how things progress. Much to my suprise, we scheduled the surgery today at the appointment. Even more surprising is the fact that it's less than three weeks away. Mid August she will have her tonsils and adnoids removed. The ENT does not want to wait or prolong the removal, as any sleep apena type situations deplete her oxygen levels. That's nothing to mess around with.

So you'd think that after three surgeries with Bubbie, I'd not be so nervous. However the thought of letting your children go off in the hands of doctors and nurses, completely out of your control is terrifying. Almost as terrifying is the thought of this whole process with a dramatic child. In Sassy's world, small scratches are equivilant to pulling off toe nails, and bandaids have magic pain relieving properties. Bubbie's last surgery was on his soft palate at the top of his throat, so I'm assuming this surgery pain will be much the same with Sassy.

I'd better take stock in popsicles, ice cream and tylenol.

Anyone have children who've had this procedure? Any do's, don'ts or stories you'd care to share? Please and thank you!

First World Problems

I have a list a mile long of post topics I'd love to write on, but nothing cramps your style like not having internet.

I'm currently in a war with my internet provider. I have had no internet service at my house for a week now. A week. A long, dreadful week. I've really enjoyed starting this blog and keeping up with it. I have found some other great fire wife and firefighter blogs that I follow and enjoy. That's all very hard to do with no web access. Not to mention my cell phone's service has been spotty at best since the storm on June 29th.

I've been using the internet at the fire station, and at my grandfather's house to blog. Thank heavens for the scheduler feature on Blogger. I've been able to blog to my heart's content at home, and then able to come post them all on a schedule once I have a free minute to hunt down internet access.

So if I'm sparse, or it's been a few days between a post that's why.

I hope they wave their white flag soon...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Firehouse Funny

Sassy thinks it's funny when the guys hang their pants to dry after a run. She thinks it looks like half a body. Silly girl...

Christmas in July at Black Helmet Apparel

It only happens once a year, and when it does you surely don't want to miss it!!

Tonight starting at midnight is Black Helmet Apparel's Christmas in July Sale!

Black Helmet Apparel's sale is an amazing two day sale that gives you an opportunity to pick up their amazing products at great prices.

If you've never checked them out before, now's your chance. You won't be disappointed!

Sunshine Blogger Award

I've recently received my first ever blogger award. To say I'm excited is an understatement. Thanks to Crazy Mama, I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, and happily accept.

As a recipient of this award, there are some rules. (There are always rules, aren't there?!)

Rules for acceptance:

1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog page.
2. Answer (10) questions about yourself.
3. Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.
4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.
5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

1) What would you most like to change about yourself?
I wish I was able to speak my mind more without caring what others think of me. I'm a people pleaser, sometimes to a fault.

2) What's your theme song?
Hmm, that's a tough one. I'll go with Dig by Incubus.

3) One part of your life, a memory, action etc. that you wish you could have surgically removed from your brain?
Watching my son wake up from both his palate surgeries. The terror and pain on his face was nothing I'd like to see again.

4) What generation do you wish you'd been a part of?
Any time around the turn of the 20th century.

5) What was your favorite childhood toy?
My bicycle.

6) What is your favorite housekeeping chore?
If I were to list a favorite, I think most people would find me crazy.

7) Do you Twitter?
Yep. Follow me at 374sWife

8) Any goals?
I have a lot of goals for this blog. I would like to do more product reviews and giveaways.

9) Do you really drink margaritas all the time?
I wish.

10) What is the ugliest car you've ever driven and were you embarrassed to be seen in it?
Fortunately I've never drove an ugly car.

And now for MY nominees...

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our First Family Camping Trip

We were able to cross one thing off our Summer Bucket List this week. We had our first family camping trip! While it wasn't a hard core pitch a tent, no running water to take a shower let alone brush your teeth camping trip - it was a camping trip. We rented a cabin along a near by lake. It was a great way to introduce the kids to camping.

The last few days before we left for the trip were filled with questions and non stop talk about the trip. The kids were so excited, and each day it was a little harder for them to contain.

We left late Sunday morning. The entire hour drive was filled with their sweet little voices repeatedly singing "We're going camping, we're going camping!" Just when we thought they had their fill, they'd start back up again. It was funny as we approached the lakeside town. For whatever reason, they had it in their heads we were camping in the woods. Even though we had told them 4,385 times before we left that we were staying in a cabin along a lake, they thought we would be hiking up some mountain and braving the wild. As 374 announce we were almost there, Bubby yells from the back seat "BUT WE ARE IN A TOWN!! WHERE'S THE WOODS??"

As we pulled up to the cabin, there was not one shred of disappointment ove the lack of woods. The lake was literally FEET from our cabin porch. Before we had everything unloaded from the car, the kids were attempting to bait their fishing poles and cast out.

Days were spent fishing, playing at the playground and renting bikes. Nights were spent cooking hot dogs over the fire, followed by smores over the fire. The left rings around the tub in the cabin before bed. They played long and hard and fought every minute of sleep once they were tucked into the bunk beds. They were up at the crack of dawn. Forget vacation for 374 and I, we get more sleep at home on any given day than we got during our camping vacation.

Taking the heat, the lack of sleep and the nasty nasty bugs into consideration I would do it all over again. To see the joy on their faces was worth it. I know there will be many more trips spent along that lake in those cabins. We all had so much fun. The highlights of the trip for me were the afternoons I sat in the porch swing watching my three loves fish, and the sticky, hot lazy afternoon we all spent in the cabin just napping.

Unfortunately there hasn't been many big items we've been able to cross off our Summer Bucket List this year. I'm very grateful that this was one of them that we've had the opportunity to complete.

What big things have you cross off your family's list? What things do you have left you'd like to accomplish before the weather turns cool and the school bell rings?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Confessional Friday


Confessional Friday

Say what? It's Friday again? That can only mean one thing. It's time for Round 2 of Confessional Friday!

I CONFESS... to being obsessed with trashy reality tv. 374 and I have very different tastes when it comes to what we watch on the television. He will put on a movie nine times out of ten. Even if we are watching cable tv, he will find a movie over a sitcom or reality show every time. I, however, can not turn down a reality show. I've watched every single season of The Real World. I've seen every season of The Jersey Shore. I've watched trashy, less popular shows like Temptation Island years ago. I've always had a fascination with watching people whether while we are out in public, or on television. 

I CONFESS... to being a litle bit OCD. I have to put my shampoo and soap bottles back in the exact same places in the shower. If I get into a routine of doing things the same way every day, I have to continue. Since 374 has been on third shift, I've slept on the couch every.single.night. Until Wednesday night. I slept in our bed for the first time. Not without a fit of anxiety. I feel if I don't do these things exactly the same way every day, something bad will happen that day. Irrational, I know. If I keep admitting to these things, you will all know how crazy I really am! :)

I CONFESS... to having seen Top Gun more times than I can count. I would watch it daily as a child. I had dreams of becoming a Naval Aviator. I know the movie word for word. 374, or anyone really, has a hard time watching it with me because I will quote lines before they are even spoken. I throw out Top Gun quotes daily. Eye rolls ensue. 

Share your confessions! Leave me a comment with one of your own! I'd love to hear from you!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Storm, Storm Go Away

I hate storms. I have all my life. I can remember as a kid, and up until a few years ago, hiding under the covers when it stormed at night. I wouldn't look out a window in fear of seeing a flash of lightening. A roll of thunder was enough to make the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I've not always lived in Ohio. When we would come back to visit family, I can distinctly remember being here in the summer time and being petrified of the storms. I was really worried about tornadoes. My grandma would always tell me you know when they are coming because the sound like a train. She was trying to calm my nerves, except that backfired. My grandparents' house is less than a half mile from train tracks. Trains roll through town all hours of the day and night. I would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a train - covers drawn over my eyes and sweat beading on my brow.

This fear continued throughout my childhood, and into my adult life. We lived many different places. Most places were not known for tornadoes, but my fear of storms was just as strong. The anxiety that I experienced over storms would leave my heart pumping in my chest and my body almost paralyzed. I cannot remember one specific instance that produced this fear, but I cannot remember a time that I didn't experience it.

Nine years ago, 374 and I moved back to Ohio. Having never really experincing a storm in his presence, he never really believed the severity of my fear. The first storm that rolled through our area left him speechless. He'd never known anyone to react the way I did to a storm. Call it an irrational fear, but it was just something I could not control. As a grown adult, I'd bury my head in his chest, cover my face with a blanket, and more times than not plug my ears. He'd get a good chuckle at my behavior, but learned to take my fear seriously.

Since having children, we've experienced a few storms that were quite severe. We've been very fortunate to not have any experiences with a tornado, however. When Bubby and Sassy were babies if I was anxious and worked up, they really had no clue what was going on. As they've got older, I've had to learn to keep myself in check. I did not want to pass this fear on to my children. I did not want them to see their mother, someone who is supposed to be a rock for them, panic over the weather. I hate living this way. It's embarrassing, quite frankly, especially when I'm around people that are not family or that I do not know well. I've come to the point where I can see lightening through the curtains or blinds, or hear thunder without having to dive to cover my face. However high winds, as well as thunder and lightening still get my heart beating rapidly and my anxiety to kick in.

June 29th when the Derecho (didn't I say I didn't want to hear that word ever again??) rolled through, I was so scared I couldn't react. My anxiety had kicked in to a point where I was almost numb to the siutation.  I do have some residual anxiety. Yesterday a storm made it's way through our area while I was at work. I had to keep myself busy and away from the windows because I was having flashbacks of that Friday afternoon.

However, there was someone else in my presence that had anxiety that surpassed mine today. Sassy. Since the storm that Friday afternoon, she has been anxiety ridden over a simple rain storm. 374 was not with us when the Derecho powered it's way across our area. Sassy was so upset that her Daddy was not with us. She had no idea where he was, or if he was okay. All she knew was he was not with us to keep watch over us. It was too much for her.

I noticed the fear a little bit last week when we were outside playing with friends and it began to rain. She flew up on the porch where we were sitting with terror in her eyes and ears wetting her hot cheeks. We had to assure her it was not a big storm, rather just some rain to help the flowers and grass grow. It took a few minutes of coaxing, and then she was out dancing in the rain.

Yesterday when the storm thundered in, that same terror welled up in her eyes and she began pacing. With each clap of thunder, her bottom lip pouted out even more. After about five minutes, she was in a full out fit. Hysterical crying and begging for her Daddy. Luckily my co-worker was on her way out the door to pick up the girl who was relieving us. She offered to run Sassy home to 374, as she was driving passed our house anyhow.

According to 374, Sassy came barreling in the house in hysterics over the storm. He was out on the porch looking towards the sky as she screamed at him with big alligator tears to get in the house. Bubby, being the wonderful big brother he is, got her a blanket and offered up his beloved stuffed elephants to help her calm down. Finally they wre able to talk her out of her panic.

My heart just breaks for her. I know the panic. I know the fear. I'm hoping it'll pass as time moves on from the Derecho. I'm praying with every fiber in me that she'll get over it, and next summer won't be as traumatic for her. Then there are parts of me that know that this is probably how it started with me as a child. We try to talk her through these situations. We explain that most times it's just rain, or some rain and thunder. 374 and I have tried to explain that a storm like on June 29th is very rare. That it won't always be that way. However, a four year old brain doesn't always understand things like that.

Do you or your children fear the weather? What have you done to help yourself or them over come their fear?

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Items from Black Helmet Apparel

I was skimming through my Facebook feed tonight when I came across a post from Black Helmet Apparel. They shared some pics of two new hats that will be launching very soon, and are currently available for pre-order.

374 has been eyeing hats from Black Helmet Apparel for a while now, but hasn't been able to decide on one. He's had it narrowed down to a few, but I'm pretty sure one of these new ones will take the cake. I can pretty much guarantee he will be ordering this bad boy very soon:

Also available for pre-order is the:

These hats are hot. I love a good hat on my man, and either of these will look nice. I love that they give you the option to pre-order. At $24.95 these hats are at a great price point for the quality you get from Black Helmet Apparel

If you would like to be the first to know about hot new products and deals from Black Helmet Apparel then like their Black Helmet Facebook page!

Stay tuned, next week you can read Part 2 of the Bunker Gear wallet review!

Web Find - Volunteer Firefighters

This is probably one of my favorite images that I've found on the web since becoming a fire wife. There's really nothing else to say, it speaks for itself.

I Confess Friday


I'm participating in my FIRST EVER Friday confessional. You can link up by clicking the link above. I found this wonderful gem via Janice. Janice is awesome. Go see for yourself.

*Ahem* On to my confessions. 

I CONFESS... to having a Pepsi tonight. I decided to give up soda again for good three days ago. In my defense, it was only one can - that 374 had a few swigs of and I have not completely finished myself. *pouts*

I CONFESS... to talking to my pets in "the voice." 374 rolls his eyes at me every time. I think he's just jealous I don't use "the voice" on him.

I CONFESS... to still having Channing Tatum on the brain a week after seeing Magic Mike. He even visited me in my dreams last night. SHHHH, don't tell 374!

I CONFESS... to saving the pickle juice, even after the pickles are gone, and taking swigs of it over the next few days until it's gone. 374 refuses to kiss me after I drink pickle juice. 

What are your Friday Confessions?? Leave me a comment with a confession of yours!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just Another Summer Afternoon...

This afternoon was spent hanging out river side.

My little outdoors man. He's got an amazing tan going on this summer. The kid is the epitome of summer.

It was a warm afternoon and we stopped by my grandpa's house. My mom lives there with him. One of their projects this summer was to clear the trees on my grandpa's property that leads down to the riverbank and build a camping area and dock for their boat. It's coming along quite nicely, and today was the first day 374, the kids and I had been down there. The kids really enjoyed being back there, they love being outside. We had our Chihuahua, Blaze, with us as well. He was not quite as fond of the outdoors. He's more an indoor fella. It was funny to watch him bolt back towards the house when we were making the trek back to the car.

Would someone just get me back inside? It's dirty and hot out here! 

We were entertained by 374 and my mom's boyfriend clearing some brush and trees away from the dock area to make parking easier. The improvision (is that even a word??) of country folk never ceases to amaze me. Who knew you needed nothing more than a pontoon boat and a little nylon rope to clear out some trees?? I like how I was able to catch the planning and execution in the pictures.

You can hear the gears turning...

Good thing he passed the ropes and knots section of Fire I with flying colors!


This afternoon got me pumped for our camping trip this weekend. I can't wait to be able to sit back and not have a worry in the world for a few days. After dealing with the power outage two weeks ago, and getting life back together after it came back on this trip is much needed. I'm definitely ready to have nothing to do and no where to go. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Just another day in the life...

374 had a structure fire yesterday a few blocks from our home. The kids always get so anxious if he's been out on a call for a while. After trying all my tricks, the only thing that was going to suffice was seeing him in person. So we walked down and waited until he waved us over. Then we headed back to the station to hang out while they cleaned up.

All of these were taken with a cell phone, I really need to start carrying my point and shoot again!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Kidde Home Safety Audit

A few weeks ago, I shared a link to Kidde's Facebook page where they were giving away one Kidde 10 Year Sealed Battery Smoke Detector every day in June. Guess who won one for herself? Yes, we will have one arriving in our mailbox very soon and I couldn't be more excited!

This morning I received an email from Falhgren Mortine, Kidde's public relations agency. They sent me a link to participate in a Home Safety Audit. The audit takes 10-15 minutes to complete and helps ensure that your home is as safe as possible from potential hazards, including fires. It helps bring awareness to hidden dangers in your home that you may not be aware of.

I completed the audit in just around 10 minutes. Our home scored an 88% on the audit, ranking us as a Home Safety Gold Medalist. Most of the topics the audit covered are precautions we've taken in our home. We have smoke detectors in every room of our home, hazardous chemicals and medicines are kept put up, we have a fire escape plan and we practice it with the kids. There are many more topics the audit covers including the temperature at which you keep your water heater, the location of cords in your home and if there is at least one window in each room that can be used as a fire escape.

There were a few things on the audit that we were lacking. Previous to entering the contest for the 10 Year Sealed Battery Smoke Detector we, even as a fire family, were unaware of smoke detectors needing to be replaced every 10 years. We bought our house 3 years ago and have no idea how old the existing smoke detectors are that came in the house. By the looks of them they are probably close to the 10 year mark, so I had to answer that our smoke detectors may be older than 10 years. Additionally, we DO have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, however it asked if they were also located in bedrooms. It never occurred to me to place them in bedrooms, so that question was deducted from our score as well.

This audit is a great tool to help ensure the safety of your home. It has the potential to open your eyes to hidden dangers you may have been unaware of, especially if you have small children in your home.

I hope you take a few minutes to participate in the audit. Once you do, come back here and share your score! If there were things you were unaware of, share those too! Those few minutes the audit will take may help you correct a hidden danger that could save you your home or your life!

If you would like more information on home safety, especially for homes with children, please visit this link:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who Said the "D" Word??


I never, I repeat NEVER, want to hear that awful word again. Here's a map of the storm that blew through our area last Friday afternoon. It's the reason that we've let the Fourth of July holiday come and go like it was just another day, the reason my husband and I have not slept in the same bed for almost a week, the reason my pets think they've been abandoned alone in our house while we take shelter at my Grandpa's. (We do go home numerous times a day to check on them and care for them.)

We have just completed day six without power. It was probably the most peaceful day we've had since the storm. The main reason being I asked 374 to spend the day with us. If his pager went off for a run, that was fine. However, the kids and I just craved some sense of normalcy with our firefighter at home with us. 

We spend the day doing mundane things. We took the kids to lunch at DQ, got some groceries and spent the afternoon lazily hanging around my Grandpa's house. It was just too hot to do anything else. The heat index topped out somewhere around 102. Not to mention, yesterday we nursed Bubbie through a fever and today was Sassy's turn.

I made a comment to 374 over dinner, "You know you've been out of power for too long when the way we've been living is almost starting to seem normal." The idea of being able to sit in MY house with the AIR CONDITIONER ON, snuggling with our pets and watching my children play with their toys as they please seems so close, yet just out of grasp. 

It may be closer than we thought. About 6pm this evening, my neighbor texted me to say that our street was a buzz with line trucks. About an hour later it was confirmed that one street in our town was now lit up. 

I'm hoping with every fiber in my body that our lights will be back on tomorrow. The inside of my house looks like the winds swept through it, too. It's been so warm in there that when we come home, it's a hurried rush to find what you're looking for and get back into the cool car. There's a wreckage of bags and piles of things that were taken with us when we slept at the fire station. Now that we are staying with Grandpa we don't need to bring as much with us, so everything else is strewn all over the house. 

Which raises another issue - once we are back in our cool, lit house I'm not going to have the energy to clean it. All I'm going to want to do is sit on my couch and soak up the cool. The past week has been exhausting. Not really because of the heat, but all the running back and forth from the house to the station to the house to  the store to the house and then to Grandpa's. 

Speaking of heat, tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day since the storm. I'm really hoping that we are able to have the a/c on for our pets. I've felt so guilty that we've left our fur-children in the warm house while we've sought shelter elsewhere. However, there just wasn't anywhere for us to take them. We have them corralled to the linoleum floors, so we know they are staying cool laying on them. The kids really miss them too. Leaving them behind probably ranks in the top three hardest factors of the whole situation.

My main cat Hitch. In his kitty days. He's three times as big these days.

Hopefully tomorrow I can share a post with a much different tone. Hopefully that post will be written from my comfy couch, with two favorites buddies laying on either side of me. I really, really miss them. More than the a/c. 

Our fire dog, Blaze. This was last February when he joined our family. He's about three times as big these days, too!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day Five and Counting...

Well this has been an experience. This will be night five without power. I can safely say I'm beyond the frustrated point. I'm now at the point where I want to throw myself on the floor and have a fist banging, leg kicking, spit spewing tantrum complete with waterworks.

The last report on AEP's website is that we will have power back by Saturday night at midnight. Just the thought of it being Tuesday makes Saturday seem so far away. The heat doesn't help. The humid, make you feel like you need a shower ten seconds after you get out of the shower, heat that just doesn't let up.

Last night was the first night the kids and I slept at the house. 374 went back to work last night and I just wanted my own space. After he left for work, I got my laptop out (which I was so thankfully able to charge at the station) and put a DVD in it for the kids. After a DVD and half of another they were out cold. Well, out warm in our case. I fell asleep shortly after. I slept until 374 called at 6am to say he was on his way home from work, and the kids both slept until after 9am. The cats and dog were all over us, they were so happy to have people in the house.

Even though the night ended as good as it could have, the day didn't start that way. 374 spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights manning the station over night. So because he works third shift, he had to call in to work. There is a law in Ohio that covers volunteer firefighters who are out on runs. They cannot be fired or held accountable attendance wise for being on a run. We were under the impression that because his chief required the station to be manned 24/7 after the storm, the law would cover him. Apparently his work did not agree. He ran out of attendance points because of the call ins. Yesterday morning we went over to his employer to turn in all his stuff around 9am. We came back to the station and filed his unemployment. We were prepared to start job hunting ASAP.

Around 5pm yesterday we got a notification for a voice mail on his phone. It was his (previous) employer. We were confused. After listening to the message, we learned the decided to take all circumstances into consideration and not charge him with any points. After the way they've treated him regarding fire related stuff in the recent weeks, this was a small miracle. That's another post for another day.

Before the voice mail, my nerves were about shot. Between living without power, trying to entertain the kids because we can't spend the day time hours at home, and then thinking we were out of an income. Talk about topping out your stress level.

Today was a better day. When 374 got home from work, he climbed in bed with me and I slept until the kids woke up. When they were up for good, I cleaned out the fridge and freezer and made a list of all the food we lost to give to the insurance company. The kids and I then squealed through showers before we woke 374 up to come to the station for lunch.

All afternoon the firefighters have had a truck out running guns and hoses for the kids to keep cool. They have had a blast. Hopefully it means they will go right to sleep for me tonight, despite the heat. We were debating sleeping at the station again tonight while 374 is at work, but it seems a lot of other families are staying here as well. I think the thought of my own quiet space trumps sleeping in the a/c.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reporting Live From the Fire Station!

We are on night three at the fire station. Friday afternoon we had some really bad storms roll through our area. We had lots of rain, and 90+ mph winds. Our town has been out of power since. We live a few houses from the fire station, so it's been easy for us to run back and forth between the two.

We will be staying here until the power is back on. 374 is helping man the station for those who need to come in and use electricity for medical needs and to get in out of the 100* heat. The kids and I are enjoying the electricity, air conditioning and internet.

I can't wait to be back home, though. Working on some posts to kill time while we are here.