Sunday, June 17, 2012

Volunteer Firefighter Convention Parade

One of our neighboring towns was hosting the annual convention for our local Volunteer Firefighter's Association. Since 374 works third shift, we were unable to make the festivities Friday evening. However, we were all excited to head over Saturday afternoon for the parade.

We went over a couple hours early. We decided to take the kids to lunch at a restaurant near the parade route. The plan was to park in their parking lot, eat, and then walk to the parade route. When we arrived at the restaurant, Bubby was excited to find older fire trucks parked in the lot. He was coming out of his skin when he read the side of the fire truck with his name on it. The truck was from a township that shares a name with Bubby. He thought that was the neatest thing, until we walked in and he saw his name plastered all over the firefighter's shirts.

The four of us enjoyed a nice lunch. Usually we are in a hurry to get somewhere else, but today we had time to spare. It was very nice to be able to eat and talk and not worry about the time. 374 and the kids were distracted many times while we ate as fire trucks drove by to line up for the parade. It was so cute to see the big guy just as excited about the whole thing as the kids were.

When we were done, we walked a block to the portion of the parade route we were going to watch from. We were excited to see a Postal Museum across the street from where we were going to sit. It was a very hot afternoon, and we still had about 45 minutes until the parade started so we decided to take the kids in and walk around.

They really enjoyed seeing all the stamps, postal vehicles, and old mail boxes, etc. Much to my pleasure the building was air conditioned. Very nice when it was nearing 100*.

After we made our rounds in the museum, we headed out to take our spot along the street. The kids, and when I say kids I am including 374 too, were very anxious for the parade to begin. I didn't take into account that we were half way down the parade route, so the kids got a bit antsy when they realized it was after 1:30 and there were no fire trucks to be seen. 

About five minutes later we heard a distinct noise in the distance. 

What a better way to open the parade than a fly over by Life Flight. Bubby and Sassy were so excited to watch it fly low over the parade route.

The parade was full of all different kinds of fire trucks and ambulances, old and new,  from many different departments in the area. There were also marching bands mixed in. My favorite part of the parade were the old fire trucks.

It was a great family afternoon. 374 repeatedly stated that he's bringing some of our trucks to the parade next year. Because what's more fun that watching a parade full of fire trucks?? Driving YOUR fire truck through the parade!

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