Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Lessons for Fire Kids

One of the things that I love most about 374's station is the family atmosphere. Whether it's during clean up after a fire or on a work night or training, the kids are always welcome (with adequate supervision) at the station. I love the exposure they get to this lifestyle and the lessons they can take from the experience.

I love that my kids do not have a fear of fire trucks or firefighters in full gear. It's so much a part of their day to day life that it's not scary. I like knowing that they know all these guys personally, so that heaven forbid anything ever happened at our home they would know who's coming to help them and that the gear they are wearing is not bad.

sorry for the poor photo quality, these were taken with a cell phone

Another plus to the exposure is they are learning how to work as a team. They see all these guys pitching in together to get a job done. For them to see the responsibility that it takes for Daddy to jump up from a family dinner or rush of from an event when his pager calls is a great life lesson. They see him pop out of bed in the middle of the night to run off in aid, but that the job doesn't stop there. They see all the work it takes to clean up the gear and hoses and gas up trucks and maintain them. Bubby and Sassy see the team work - all the guys working together and staying until the job is complete. A lot of the time, the kids jump right in and start helping with the work. I know at this age it's fun for them, but over time as they get older it will be a character builder.

I've always wanted to teach my kids selflessness and to be kind and helpful to others. Having a volunteer firefighter as a father is really helping to teach them that lesson. They know when the tones go off that these men and women are rushing off because someone is in need, and they are willing to help. They know that no matter what Daddy's doing, if someone needs help he will be there. The pride they have in their eyes when he returns home from a call makes all the worry and nervousness I feel as a wife worth it.

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