Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Recital Time!

We are coming up on my daughter's favorite time of the year. Recital time.

Sassy is in her second year of dance. It's what she lives for. It makes me so proud, and my heart so full to see this little girl love something so much at such a young age. We knew from very early on that this child was born to dance and perform. She's not proved us wrong yet! If she could have her way she'd be in dance class seven days a week. She wakes up in the morning asking if it's dance day, and twirls her way through the day until she finally passes out at bedtime.

Her recital is on Sunday, June 3rd. Tomorrow, Saturday, is dress rehearsal. I have some last minute things to do, mainly baking for the bake sale and gluing flowers on a hair clip, but other than that we are most definitely ready. This year she is in two numbers - a ballet number and a tap number. She's so excited to get up on that stage and perform her dances. You'd think it would be daunting to a four year old to get up on a stage in front of an auditorium full of people, but not her!

I'm excited to share some pictures with you tomorrow night after dress rehearsal. There's no photography during the recital, so all parent pictures are taken at rehearsal. I'm so proud of my tiny dancer!

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