Thursday, June 21, 2012

Could You Love a Firefighter?

I found this on the web tonight. Really some good things to think about if your significant other is thinking about becoming a fireman, or if marrying a fireman may be in your future.

Could you love a firefighter through their ups and downs?
When visions of accidents leave their emotions spinning around?
When their pager goes off, would you just let them leave?
Or would you ask them not to go, begging them, “Please.”
Would you stress yourself out worrying about their safety?
Or would you convince yourself they might quit for you, just maybe?
Could you deal with the heartache and unknowing pain
Of whether or not you’ll see your loved one again?
As courageous firefighters they understand
That death is a card dealt in their hand.
A card they hope they never play
But one they hold there anyway.
They do what they do with love in their heart.
They don’t really know how it happens or where it gets its start.
But it’s here to stay, it isn’t going anywhere.
Before you love a firefighter, decide if you think it’s fair.
Could you deal with the life that they choose to live?
When they feel they’re down to nothing, they’re still asked to give.
Each time they go out, they might lose their life.
Would you change your mind? Or could you deal with the strife?
Could you stand by their side when things aren’t going well?
When they need to be rescued, is it you who they can tell?
Will you hold their hand and say it’s all right?
Would you listen and comfort them through the night?
Could you deal with their silence, after a horrible call?
Or knowing after the fire, they almost didn’t come back at all?
Could you provide them comfort after a small child dies?
And help them through memories of the small feeble cries?
Could you help them deal with having to roll back the dash
To recover the bodies of a family killed in the crash?
It’s not an easy job that we choose to do.
But we do it to save innocent people like you.
So think about that, if you’re falling for me.
Could you deal with my life? Could you see what I see?


  1. Honestly? I don't think I could. Now, I didn't fall in love with a firefighter, either. So if Patrick had been one, I might be telling a different tale. But I cannot imagine the daily stress that firefighters and their families have to deal with. But I am so, so grateful.

  2. I worry enough about my husband travelling to customers, I can't imagine the stress if he risked his life daily for others! :) Danica Martin