Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where Has It Gone??

Tonight we put our Bubby to bed for the last time as a six year old. We were so wrapped up enjoying the wonderful weather today, celebrating Mother's Day with friends and family that I absolutely spaced the fact that today was the last day of six.

We came home this evening, did the normal Sunday routine of baths and getting ready for the next school week. I took extra time to lay with Bubby tonight at bedtime. We sang a few extra songs, and talked about the day I went into the hospital to have him. Ironically, as we laid in bed talking about that Friday May 13th, 2005, it was the exact same time as 374 and I were arriving at the hospital seven years ago as I was in labor.

The last seven years have been filled with good times, and hard times. Neither that we'd trade for anything. Bubby was born with a cleft palate, so the past seven years have been scattered with various doctors appointments, cleft clinic appointments and three surgeries - two on his mouth, the most recent being August of 2011 and ear tubes being put in at five months old.

So this Mother's Day has had a little more sentiment to it. Reflecting on the child that made me a mother and how proud we are of the young man he's becoming. He's kind, considerate, and so willing to be helpful. He puts others before himself, and it makes my heart beam with pride. I hope you have an extraordinary day tomorrow Bubby, because you are an extraordinary boy. Mommy, Daddy and Sassy love you so much. We couldn't ask for a better son!

Bubby - Winter 2005

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