Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Web Find - Firefighter Anthem Video / Making Memories

I came across this Youtube video while looking through firefighter stuff online. I must say it's pretty cool!

With 374 being on a volunteer department, a lot of the time when they do trainings and have work nights, there are a few spouses and kids hanging out in the wings. If my kids catch wind of something going on at the station, they are always right there. I am usually snapping pics along the way because I run the station's Facebook page. I'd love to compile enough images to be able to set them to music in the future and have a video of memories for the guys at our station.

I think one of the coolest things my kids have gotten to experience so far was the night one of the air ambulances came and did landing zone training with the guys behind the fire station. Being that we live four houses from the station, the kids obviously heard the helicopter fly over the house. They blew out the front door - only dressed in pajamas and no shoes. They saw it land behind the station, and when they put that fact and the fact that they knew Daddy was at the station for training together - they all but drove themselves to the station. They ran out to the car - no shoes - and just expected me to follow suit.

They got to be part of backboard trainings, and even got to sit inside the helicopter and get a tour from the flight nurse. It's memories like this that I wouldn't trade for the world. They will have all these photos taken of them right along side the guys. I know this will be especially nice for Sassy because she was barely 3 when 374 joined the department.

I've also started saving newspaper clippings, pictures of them that have been published in local flyers, programs from the church service they attended last Sunday, etc for 374 to have in the future. I'd like to find a nice scrapbook album or picture album to start putting them in before the box I have them in gets misplaced. I guess you can say I'm sentimental. I say I just love to support those I love!

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