Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Fun Day!

Today was a beautiful Sunday! We couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was amazing, as was the company.

374's station and EMS squad were invited today to a special church service at a local church. The service was followed by a wonderful luncheon put on by the ladies of the church. The service was very nice. It likened Jesus's compassion and mercy as a rescuer to sinners to that of the compassion and mercy of those who serve their community on the fire department and EMS. Each member of the crew was given a certificate of appreciation from the church, and pictures were taken. It was nice to see everyone honored for the sacrifices they make and commitment to their community when sometimes this can be a thankless job.

It was also extra nice to see 374 in his dress uniform. It's the first time he's had the chance to wear it, and boy it sure fit him well! I think one of my favorite sayings that pertains to firefighters, or any uniformed worker is "The uniform does not make the man, the man makes the uniform." So very true of all these men and women who put their lives and schedules on hold to offer aid to those in need.

On the home front today, the kids spent their first afternoon in our new pool. Having a firefighter as a husband and daddy has it's perks sometimes! In this instance, it made filling the pool easy as pie. Especially when you add in the fact that we live four houses from the station! This picture was taken yesterday while Bubby and Sassy supervised 374 filling the pool. The enjoyed the three truck rides to and from the station to the house too!

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