Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Etsy Seller LiCa Hawaii Firefighter Helmet Hats

About a year ago, I stumbled upon the cutest hats made for children and babies. Little knit hats that are made to look like fire helmets, complete with a badge on the front - and sometimes a badge number. I am not one who is at all artistically inclined, therefore I would have to find someone to make them for me.

If you saw my previous Etsy seller review, you will know I'm a big fan of all things handmade. I had periodically searched Etsy for a seller who could make two of these hats for Bubby and Sassy. I understand that you will always pay a bit more for handmade items, but I could not afford to pay $50+ for one hat, when I needed two. 

When I found out my dear friend Stacia was opening her own Etsy shop - LiCa Hawaii, I was thrilled! She's an amazing crafter, and I knew I would get amazing items from her. I enlisted her help with the fire helmet hats. I wanted them personalized with 374's number. Much to my pleasure her prices are extremely reasonable, even with shipping from Hawaii.

The turn around time for our hats was great. We received them in great time. Her products are amazing. The material is not light weight, these were perfect hats for them to wear this past winter. The stood up to daily use, and still look brand new. 

We got so much great feedback on our hats. All the firemen at the station loved them - and the other fire wives wanted to know exactly where I got them. My kids love having a hat with Daddy's number on it. They can remember Daddy's badge number better than they can remember their house number! Priorities, priorities!

I have since ordered other items from LiCa Hawaii - both for us and my new baby nephew. I'm always very pleased with the items I receive from Stacia. She always hits the nail on the head. If you are ever in need of a custom item, she can meet your needs! She does more than just hats. Her store usually has items like coffee cuffs, headbands, bracelets, etc. She comes up with new items every now and then too!

Thanks Stacia for sharing your wonderful talent! You will always have a repeat customer in us!

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